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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery. By Sophie Brown Orcutt Academy Frosh Core. Girl With Dory Nose.

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Plastic Surgery

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  1. Plastic Surgery By Sophie Brown Orcutt Academy Frosh Core

  2. Girl With Dory Nose A 17-year old girl named Shelby was a victim of intense bullying because of her nose. She had a deviated septum, which made her nose look like Doryfrom Finding Nemo. When Shelby was in eighth grade she moved to Tennessee. A group of girls started calling her “Dory”. At lunch people would throw bread at her and say “Eat it fish.” Since she was 17 her face was done growing. Shelby had no self-confidence because of her nose. She received plastic surgery and her new nose looked perfect. Her confidence boosted instantly.

  3. Background Information • Elective plastic surgery is not necessary • Medical plastic surgery is something someone receives if they were in a serious accident, burnt, or to help with health

  4. Thesis Even though it is not natural, people should get plastic surgery if they need it but not to the extreme because plastic surgery can boost your confidence, correct physical abnormalities. I believe that people with better confidence are happier.

  5. Main Idea • Plastic surgery can help your self-esteem, and make you more comfortable with your body. If you need plastic surgery you should receive it, but not to the extreme so that you look fake.

  6. Appropriate Ages Some people want plastic surgery when they are young and still growing but there are certain ages that doctors recommend for specific surgeries. Some of those ages are: • Forehead: 35+ • Eyes: 19+ • Nose: 20+ • Breast implants: 25; uplift: 45

  7. Graph

  8. Conclusion • In conclusion, Plastic surgery can boost your confidence in many ways. Whether or not you fix an abnormality is completely up to you. Both elective and medical plastic surgeries can make you more comfortable with your body, but you should not do it to the extreme.

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  10. Closing People receive cosmetic surgery for multiple reasons, but being bullied should not be a reason. If people don’t like something about themselves they should learn to love it not get bullied into changing the things that make them who they are.

  11. Brought to You By: Sophie Brown Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core

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