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电大英语听力教程 Book 3 Unit 15. PowerPoint Presentation
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电大英语听力教程 Book 3 Unit 15.

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电大英语听力教程 Book 3 Unit 15.

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电大英语听力教程 Book 3 Unit 15.

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  1. 电大英语听力教程 Book 3 Unit 15. Vocabulary (See Page 111.) • compulsory a. 被强制的,义务的 • reckon v. 估计,猜测 • sustained a. 持续不变的 • primarily adv. 主要的,根本的 • spit v. 一锹的深度 • groundsheet n. 防潮布 • nook and cranny n. 角角落落 • sprawl v. 四肢伸开地坐/躺 • smuggler n. 走私者

  2. 电大英语听力教程 Book 3 Unit 15. Vocabulary (See Page 111.) • back v. 支持 • ammunition n. 军火,弹药 • grenade n. 手榴弹 • bulletproof a. 防弹的 • marijuana n. 大麻 • raid n. 袭击 • extradite v. 引渡

  3. Part One Core Listening Dialogue: Safety First in England • do your seat-belt up: fasten your seat-belt. • Compulsory: put into force by law or order, required 被强制的,义务的。 • pointless: a. meaningless; 无意义的 • publicity: n. The act, or process of spreading information to gain public interest. 宣传 • Temporary: a. Lasting, used, serving, or enjoyed for a limited time 暂时的,临时的 • undo: v. To untie, disassemble, or loosen:解开,拆卸,松开 • I’ve made a point of wearing it: 我已经重视系安全带了。

  4. Part One Core Listening Passage 1 A Camping Holiday • Stretch: v. To lengthen, widen, or distend:加长,变宽, 伸长 • spit: v. a spade’s depth 一锹的深度 • plead (with): v. To appeal earnestly; beg 恳求 • nook and cranny: n. every corner 每个角落 • Watching Rock, Baby’s Bottom, the Spa: 嘹望石,婴儿屁股,温泉区… • Paddle: v. To row a boat with paddles or a paddle. 以浆划动 • Rapids: n. An extremely fast-moving part of a river 急流 • Cradle: v. To hold or support protectively: 紧抱, • Bosom: n. The chest of a human being: 胸部

  5. Part One Core Listening Passage 2 Mexico Drugs • smuggler: n. a person who takes goods from one country to another unlawfully. 走私者 • under arrest: being seized and held under the authority of law.被捕 • Gulf Cartel 卡特尔湾 • ammunition: n. bullets, bombs, explosives, etc. 军火 • confiscate: v. To seize (private property) for the public treasury. 充公, 没收 • marijuana: n. the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant used in cigarette form as an intoxicant (麻醉品) 大麻

  6. Part One Core Listening Passage 2 Mexico Drugs • cocaine: n. 可卡因 • raid: n., v. a quick attack on an enemy position, not to seize the place but to damage 袭击 • extradite: v. to send someone who may be guilty of a crime and who has escaped to another country back for trial 引渡 • illicit: a. Not lawful; illegal, against laws 非法的 • Drug trafficker: n. drug dealer 毒品贩子 • a war without mercy: 一场残酷的战争 • notorious: a. known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous声名狼籍的 notorious drug lord: n. .声名狼籍的大毒枭

  7. Part Two Self-Assessment Exercises • Listening Comprehension Dialogue An Accident • We’ll sort that out later: We’ll make that clear later. 我们过一会儿再搞清楚它。Sort out: to clarify; make clear; deal with 澄清; 解决;处理 • “Give Way” sign: “让路”标志 • Mini: mini car or mini van. 指微型轿车或微型旅行车 • Jam on my brake: v. To activate or apply brake suddenly: 突然制动, 急刹车 • Evasive: a. intended to evade 回避的 ~ action 回避动作。 • Loads of noise: a great deal of noise 巨大的噪音 • I wonder if you’d mind blowing into this bag: 我想知道你是否介意往这个袋子里吹气。(以检查呼吸中的酒精含量,看是否酒后驾车)

  8. Part Two Self-Assessment Exercises Passage College Basketball • Devil: n. A subordinate evil spirit; a demon. 恶魔 • Dominate: v. To control, govern, or rule by superior authority or power: 支配; 以权威或力量控制 • Making their 13th appearance in the Final Four round of National championship: 第13次跻身国家锦标赛的前四名决赛。 • Roster: n. A list, especially of names.花名册,登记表 • Senior: a., n. A student in the fourth year of high school or college. 四年级生, 中学或大学的四年级学生

  9. Part Two Self-Assessment Exercises PassageCollege Basketball • Sophomore: a., n. A second-year student in a U.S. college.美国大学第二年的学生; A tenth-grade student in a U.S. high school.美国中学十年级的学生 (大学四年级:freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) • Adapting to change: 随机应变 • That also keeps you refreshed as a coach: 那也使你作为教练不断更新自己。 • Scorer: n.得分运动员 II. Dictation • Caravan: n. A company of travelers journeying together, as across a desert or through hostile territory. 旅行队

  10. Part Three Supplementary Listening Dialogue Traffic Problem • Furious: a. being extremely angry; raging. 愤怒的 • Imbecile: n. A stupid or silly person; a dolt.蠢人;傻瓜 • Idiot: n. A foolish or stupid person. 白痴,傻子 • Highway code: traffic law • Positively dangerously: certainly dangerously • Speedometer: n. An instrument for indicating speed.速率计, 里程表 • Built-up area: n. a region filled with buildings; developed: 建筑物多的,发展的 • Dent the bumper: 撞凹了保险杠

  11. Part Three Supplementary Listening Dialogue Traffic Problem • Terrify: frighten; scare • Nevertheless: In spite of that; nonetheless; however r’然而,不过 • Due: a. appropriate and sufficient e.g. with due care 如果小心的话 • What’s more: in addition; moreover; 而且,此外 • Irresponsible: a. Marked by a lack of responsibility:不负责任的 • Plain cloth duty: on duty wearing plain cloth rather than uniform 穿便衣值勤。

  12. Part Three Supplementary Listening Passage 1 Christmas • Impatience: n. The quality or condition of being impatient. 不耐心,不耐烦 • Saddle: n. A leather seat for a rider, secured on an animal‘s back by a girth. 鞍 • Forehead: n. The part of the face between the eyebrows, the normal hairline, and the temples.前额 • Splutter: v. To utter or express hastily and incoherently. 语无伦次地说 • Scarcely: adv. Almost not; hardly:几乎不

  13. Part Three Supplementary Listening Passage 2 Corvette Rumors • Prestige: n. A person‘s high standing among others; honor or esteem.声望,威望 • Cadillac: a famous American luxury car 卡迪拉克轿车 • Exclusive product: 专营/专卖产品 • Roadster: sports car for racing. • Spate: n. A flash flood.洪水 • Faction: n. A group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious(有争议的) minority within a larger group. 派别,小集团 • Extreme performance enthusiasts: persons who are crazy about achieving the best performance of certain equipment. 极佳性能狂

  14. Part Three Supplementary Listening Passage 2 Corvette Rumors • Et cetera: and so on. 等等 • Legendary: a. Extremely well known; famous or renowned.极其著名的 • Flex: v. To contract (a muscle, for example).收缩(如肌肉)To exhibit or show off the strength of: 显示或炫耀…的力量 • To flex those mechanical “muscles”: to show off those optimal mechanical performance 炫耀那些机械‘肌肉’ • Unleash: v. release 释放 • Hamper: v. To prevent the free movement, action, or progress of. 妨碍,阻碍