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Interesting Facts About Plastic | Newsifier PowerPoint Presentation
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Interesting Facts About Plastic | Newsifier

Interesting Facts About Plastic | Newsifier

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Interesting Facts About Plastic | Newsifier

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  1. Interesting Facts About Plastic The plastic world is very big. Nowadays plastic is being used everywhere. L4A hazards for plastic environments remain. Today we will tell you such interesting facts that you will find out how dangerous it is.

  2. The term plastic is derived from Greek language plastics, which means making. The invention of the plastic was done in 1862 by Alexander Parkes of England. Recycle a plastic bottle can save so much energy that a 60W bulb can burn up to 6 hours. Half of the plastics (50 percent) of things we throw at work only once. 8 percent of the world’s total oil is used in plastic production. Every year, so much plastic is thrown in the whole world so that it becomes the four corners of the entire earth.

  3. A plastic bag can lift 2000 times more weight than its weight. About 1 lakh animals die every year due to plastic bags. It takes about 1,000 years to finish plastic bags. In India every year approximately 9.7 kg of plastic is used by every person. While 109 kg per person in the US Rwanda is the only country in the world where plastics are completely banned. Most plastics are thrown into the sea, which can be very harmful in the future.

  4. Plastic2Oil is the only company, which claims to turn plastic into oil again. Starbucks Cups are never recycled Q. They are plastic in their inner part. Plastics used in cell phones are not real plastic, this is a type of cellulose which is destroyed in the ground then it is destroyed in 3 months. Whenever we take a new car, there is a strange smell of it. This smell is plastic plastics of plastic, which leaves the odor after using it in a lot of quantity. Our body absorbs plastic chemicals inside its plastic chemical BPA found in 93% of Americans above 6 years.

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