wisdom of the scrolls unlocking the mysteries of great chapter education n.
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Wisdom of the Scrolls: Unlocking the Mysteries of Great Chapter Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Wisdom of the Scrolls: Unlocking the Mysteries of Great Chapter Education

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Wisdom of the Scrolls: Unlocking the Mysteries of Great Chapter Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wisdom of the Scrolls: Unlocking the Mysteries of Great Chapter Education. Heather Hays, Education Director Siem Reap, Cambodia 28 March 2008. Today’s Agenda. Recapping the Sydney EOW Education Department Structure, Resources, Projects Online Tools Best Practices Discussion.

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wisdom of the scrolls unlocking the mysteries of great chapter education

Wisdom of the Scrolls:Unlocking the Mysteries of Great Chapter Education

Heather Hays, Education Director

Siem Reap, Cambodia

28 March 2008

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Recapping the Sydney EOW
  • Education Department Structure, Resources, Projects
  • Online Tools
  • Best Practices Discussion
the treasure map for a great education program
The Treasure Map for a Great Education Program
  • In Sydney, we debuted a new “curriculum” for the EOW
  • 5 major steps for designing and managing the education year
    • Mission & Strategy
    • Design & Plan the Education Year
    • Event Design
    • Event Execution
    • Program Management
mission strategy
Mission & Strategy
  • Each chapter education chair needs to define a few guiding principles in developing the education year
    • Personal goals and vision
    • Chapter goals/needs assessment
    • Understanding the membership
    • Leveraging YPO-WPO context
    • Developing a team
    • Selecting a theme
design plan the education year
Design & Plan the Education Year
  • The program design needs to reflect the needs and interests of the membership, relate to the theme, and deliver a balance of events
    • Topics
    • Audiences
    • Venues
    • Resources
    • Formats
design plan the education year1
Design & Plan the Education Year
  • The program plan brings the abstract ideas a dose of “reality”
    • Calendaring
    • Budget
    • Day Chairs
    • Project Plan
event design
Event Design
  • The most creative (and fun) part of the job!
  • Designing the details of an event is best done with a team, and with individuals who are passionate about the topic
    • The E-CODE
    • Take-Home Value
    • “Only in YPO-WPO”
    • “Wow!” factors
the e code

What makes an event “only in YPO”?

The goal is to have members leave each event saying, “Only in YPO-WPO would I have the opportunity to do, see, hear, or experience something like that.”

  • Extraordinary resources.
  • Content tailored to YPO and leadership perspectives.
  • Out-of-comfort zone, innovative, interactive formats.
  • Delivers change-inducing take-home value.
  • Employs activities and settings that help members connect.
designing a great event
Designing a Great Event





“Only in YPO” Event







e xtraordinary resources
Extraordinary Resources
  • Remarkable expertise and connection to the subject matter
  • Fresh, engaging perspectives – avoid “been there, done that” old hat names
  • The more current / of the moment, the better (tough but worth it)
  • When appropriate, match to the YPO age group with under 50 experts
c ontent tailored
Content Tailored
  • Not the same speech given to the local Chamber of Commerce, or your entire employee group
  • Work closely with resources to tailor content to the specific perspectives of highly successful, curious, aggressive young business leaders – YPOers!
  • Remember: high intellects, short attention spans, insider’s view, what’s-it-really-like
o ut of comfort zone
Out-of-Comfort Zone
  • Make members think and interact – don’t leave them as sedentary listeners
  • Avoid cocktails-dinner-speaker format unless specifically necessary
  • Think hard and be creative on venues, physical spaces, all look-and-feel elements
  • Use interviewers if resources aren’t good stand-alone speakers
  • Engage all five senses – not just sight and hearing
d elivers change
Delivers Change
  • Learning happens when change occurs – change in attitudes, actions, knowledge levels, sophistication
  • Articulate what take-home value will be delivered to members by the event
  • Tell members beforehand what you want to accomplish and ask them to rate you on your ability to deliver it
e mploys networks
Employs Networks
  • Exercises that foster member-to-member interaction on and around the topic
  • Settings that promote member-to-member discussion, idea exchange, deeper connections
  • Tap member networks for expertise, insight and introductions on appropriate topics
e code summary
E-CODE Summary
  • The E-CODE for Only In YPO-WPO events and education
  • It’s a noun!
    • “Did you use E-CODE on your event?”
  • It’s a verb!
    • “We E-CODEdthe Couples’ Retreat!”
  • Every event, every time
event execution
Event Execution
  • Bringing the concept to reality…
    • Contracting
    • Venue and vendor management
    • Catering
    • Logistics/SALT
    • Onsite/day of management
program management
Program Management
  • The ongoing work that connects the year, and keeps everything on track
    • Marketing and communication
    • Evaluations and feedback
    • Budget management
    • Crisis management
wrapping up the eow
Wrapping up the EOW
  • Successful program in Sydney – 3 tracks for YPO and WPO education officers
  • Also offered 8 elective topics
    • How I Won Best of the Best
    • Marketing Your Education Year: Delivering Brand, Buzz and “Butts-in-Seats”
    • Big Bang for Low Bucks: Stretching Your Chapter Education Budget
    • Strategic Education Alliances: Partnering with the Best in Your Region
    • Managing and Motivating Chapter Day Chairs
    • Fun for the Whole Family! Great Chapter and Regional Events for Parents and Kids
    • YPO Chapter Strategy: Perfecting Your Vision to 20/20
    • Sandbox Sessions: 1-on-1 consultation
ypo wpo education department
YPO-WPO Education Department
  • Who and where we are
  • Ongoing projects supporting chapter education
    • Hall of Fame
    • Newsletter
    • Resource Referral/Support
    • Education Awards
    • Officer Training and Support
  • Online Tools
education team
Education Team

An evolving picture…

hall of fame guiding principles
Hall of Fame: Guiding Principles
  • Best practices should be shared
  • Great chapter events should be repeated
  • New, small and struggling chapters need help with creativity, cost control and event execution
  • Excellence in Education should be a hallmark of every chapter experience
hall of fame plan
Hall of Fame: Plan
  • To create templates for events that are best practices and can be done in most chapters around the world
  • To “templatize” events that are experiential, employ activities that engage members, emphasize learning and take-home value, and are not dependent on an individual speaker
  • Each template provides information, recommendations and models that enables a chapter ed chair to take the template, customize to his/her chapter, contact past champions and execute an E-CODEd chapter event
  • Events are drawn from award-winning chapter programs and then “fleshed out” by YPO Management
hall of fame goals
Hall of Fame: Goals
  • Over 150 templates posted on MyYPO today
  • On track to complete Phase 1…
  • 200 templates by June 30
  • Enhanced features by June 30:
    • Each has complete Event History information
    • New search page lays out titles by category and sub-category
    • Templates are flagged by New, Most Popular, Forum, Regional, Networks
  • Phase 2 (GLC 2009) will include:
    • 50 more templates, including more Forum, Regional and Network events
    • Speaker/resource information tied into Speaker database
    • Further fine-tuning and editing of templates and event histories
chapter education newsletter
Chapter Education Newsletter
  • Bimonthly newsletter for incoming Education Chairs
    • Year 1 – 5 issues
    • Year 2, starting August-Sept 2008 – 6 or 7 issues
  • Ties together with EOW training to keep program planning “on track”
  • Articles:
    • Status Check: Where you should be right now…
    • Featured Event
    • Featured Speaker
    • Featured Strategic Alliance
    • Words of Wisdom
    • Education Department News
enhanced speaker referrals
Enhanced Speaker Referrals
  • YPO-WPO Premier Speakers Guide
  • Preferred Speakers Program
    • Negotiated speaker fees
  • Featured Speakers
    • New and most popular speakers, rotated quarterly
  • Members’ Speakers Bureau
    • YPO and WPO members available to speak to chapters and Forums
education site redesign
Education Site Redesign
  • Delivered by June 30
  • Updated materials on Education Officer Dashboard
    • Education Award Winners – full programs
  • Updated Toolkit
    • Full EOW Materials from Sydney
education awards
Education Awards
  • *New* Process for 2007-08
    • Collect and write-up event reports after each event – forms distributed in Sept 07
    • 100% Electronic submissions
    • Simplified criteria – 6 key elements
    • Overall submission forms distributed 1 May 08
  • Submission Deadlines
    • Regional winners submitted to International by October 30
    • Chapter Submissions due to your regional directors by ??? (plan on August 30)
officer training and support
Officer Training and Support
  • Primary point of contact is Regional Director and/or Regional Education Officer
  • Education Department will be directly supporting RDs and RECs through quarterly conference calls and enhanced online tools
  • Any direct questions/needs can be directed to education@ypo.org
  • Speaker questions can be directed to speakers@ypo.org
online tools what s on myypo education pages anyway
Online Tools: What’s on MyYPO Education pages anyway?
  • Education Home Page
  • Education Officer Dashboard
  • Education Hall of Fame
  • Speaker Database
  • RSVP Tool
  • Executive Survey Tool
education home page
Education Home Page
  • Links to:
  • 1. Support pages for Education Champions:
  • Chapter Ed Chairs
  • Regional Ed Chairs
  • Seminar, Conference and University Ed Chair)

Click on “Education” tab

  • YPO Members who want to learn:
  • Seminars and Exec Ed programs
  • Online learning opportunities (incl. Conference Call archives)
education home page1
Education Home Page
  • Links to:
  • 3. Common Questions:
  • YPO Speaker Database (Find a Speaker)
  • Recommend a Speaker
  • Speak at a YPO Event (for members who want to be speakers)
  • Champion a Seminar (for members who want to be involved in a seminar
  • Best Practices

Click on “Education” tab

education officer dashboard
Education Officer Dashboard

Click on “I am a current or incoming Chapter Education Chair”

education officer dashboard1
Education Officer Dashboard
  • Planning Tips / Day Chair Guide
  • EOW Files
  • Education Chair Rosters
  • Evaluation Guidelines
  • Education Award Submission Process
  • Program and Event Ideas
  • Speaker Tools
speaker database
Speaker Database

Search for Speakers 5 ways:

1. Speaker Last Name

(e.g., Feldman)

2. Company/


(e.g., Harvard, IBM, Army)

3. Drop Down List of YPO Regions, and then refine search by Country or State

4. Drop Down List of Tracks, and then refine search by Topic

5. By Keyword, free text search (e.g., teen, cars)

ypo speaker database
YPO Speaker Database
  • Advanced Search
    • By Region
      • Within your Region (By Country or State)
        • Example – Southern Asia, India
    • By Track and Topic
      • Tracks are major curriculum categories (e.g., Family and Personal Development)
      • Topics are subcategories (e.g., Children and Parenting)
    • By Keyword (e.g., teen, astronaut)
  • System Features
    • Saving
    • Sorting
  • Tips
    • Search Again
    • Questions? Email speakers@ypo.org
best practices discussion
Best Practices Discussion
  • Increasing Attendance
  • Maximizing Budget
  • Managing Your Champions
  • TRPs
  • Sponsorship/Alliances
going forward
Going Forward….
  • What Should Be on Our Project List?
  • What Support Do You Need from Us?
    • Where are you challenged right now
    • What’s looming on the horizon
    • What you want to do differently next year
    • How Education Dept can help

THANK YOU for your time and attention… Please continue to send feedback and ideas to the Education Department – you are our eyes, ears and feet on the ground!

hall of fame exercise choose the best 15 mins
Hall of Fame Exercise: Choose the Best! (15 mins)
  • Choose a single event from the group of templates provided that you think would be the best event to put on in your chapter.
  • Each group will receive a selection of 10 Hall of Fame templates.
  • Pass the templates around the table, discuss and select one that the table would like to share with the entire room (criteria for selection are flexible: it’s the best, most intriguing, greatest number of people at the table would like to use it)
  • Each table shares their template and the reasons for selecting it.
what is a traveling resource program trp
What is a Traveling Resource Program (TRP)?
  • TRPs allow you to obtain international and regional speakers at a lower cost by involving multiple chapters
    • Chapters share travel expenses
    • Regional Education Chair/Regional Directors negotiate a favorable fee
    • In some regions, there is a subsidy for TRPs
    • There are two types of TRPs
      • Those initiated by a chapter
      • Those initiated by the Regional team
what is the role of the ca
What is the role of the CA?
  • To communicate between the speaker and the participating chapters’ CAs
    • Venue Logistics
    • Speaker requirements
    • Local travel coordination
    • Invoice information
  • To update the YPO speaker database with speaker info
evaluating the venue
Evaluating the Venue
  • Site Visit
    • Location
    • Weather
    • Meeting rooms
    • Cocktail Reception and Dining
    • Parking
    • Registration
    • Other?
      • Tour
      • Book signing
      • Break-outs
  • Pro-forma budget to estimate total costs
    • Figure out all the costs of the venue – exclusive caterer? Set-up or clean-up costs?
    • Rentals
    • Extra services (e.g., valet, security, coat check, etc.)
  • Book it!
    • But read the contract carefully – note deadlines on your calendar
venue set up
Venue Set-up
  • Education
    • Pick a seating arrangement that maximizes sightlines for the audience and creates a feeling of engagement
    • A low stage creates a great effect
    • If the space is too large, block off one section
    • Have extra chairs available
  • Dinner
    • Tables of 6-8 are ideal
    • Multiple food stations or buffet lines
day of management
“Day of” Management
  • Test run all the “technology”
    • Temperature and ventilation
    • Lighting – in room and outside
    • A/V systems
      • Microphone
      • Projector
      • Video/DVD player
      • Background music
  • Walk through
    • Pretend you are a chapter member arriving for the first time at the venue
    • Check positioning and arrangements for riser, podium, screen – are the sightlines good? Can the speaker move around?
    • Seating arrangements – comfortable aisle widths? Good sightlines?
    • Identify washroom locations – check that they are stocked
    • Signage – clearly direct members to meeting space; make sure event is listed on all venue directories
  • Get names and phone numbers for your onsite contacts – venue, A/V and catering – program numbers in your phone
venue final thoughts
Venue … Final Thoughts
  • If your venue isn’t perfect, that’s ok
    • Plan accordingly
    • Venue should suit event “mood”
    • Set expectations with your chapter
    • Add something extra to enhance experience
  • It’s better to be unusual than boring, but…
    • Don’t compromise on the integrity of your content – being able to see and hear speaker is priority
    • Respect your members’ time – locate events conveniently
  • Contract with one company for whole year
    • Save money and improves your negotiating power
    • Leverage caterers expertise
    • Sample meals
  • Have light options available during education
  • Only use premium liquors and beers
  • Choose cuisine that is in keeping with the program theme
  • Light, small portions for dessert are better
  • Be aware of special needs – vegetarian, diets, allergies
entertainment d cor
Entertainment & Décor
  • Entertainment
    • Have music playing
    • Consider entertainment options
  • Décor
    • Leverage your chapter – members and spouses
    • Coordinate centerpieces, flowers, table linens
  • Personalization and “Wow”
    • Place settings designed by local children / orphans
    • Children create centerpieces
    • Spouses attend flower arranging
marketing communication
Marketing & Communication
  • Your job – the “Big Picture”
    • Publish annual education brochure
    • Coordinate “presentation” of your year to the chapter
    • Set dates and publish them early
    • Set timing on events – maximize people’s ability to attend and be on time
    • Set attendance “goals” for your year – encourage attendance through reward or competition
  • Day Chair – event marketing
    • Creative invitations
      • You should proof-read all communication prior to printing/sending
    • Drive attendance to event
  • Chapter Administrator – communication management
    • Coordinate mailings and email
    • Manage RSVPs
  • Personalization / Innovation
    • SMS text message day on day of meeting
up the experience
Up the Experience
  • Folk Wisdom about YPO Events…
    • “If I make them laugh, I’ll get 8’s”
    • “If I make them cry, I’ll get 9’s”
    • “If I make them think, I’ll get 2’s”
  • Integrate the entire experience
    • Venue, music, food, beverages, décor
  • Look for the extra that will make it memorable
  • Make events exclusive, private, unique
  • Everyone wants to be part of something new and exciting
  • Communicate clearly with members to set expectations
  • Create a realistic schedule and stick to it
up the take home value
Up the Take-Home Value
  • Build in member-to-member interactions
    • Icebreakers
    • Breakouts
  • Include forum touches in your program
    • Panel of YPOers talking about the topic and their experiences
    • Forum-style break-outs after speaker to discuss the content and take home
    • Forum Fortune Cookies at dinner
  • Make it experiential
    • Focus on learning
    • No “talking heads”
  • Bring in the emotional and personal – incorporate member experiences and contrasting viewpoint
  • At end of education program, ask people to share take-aways with the group
event 101 final thoughts
Event 101 … Final Thoughts
  • Don’t rely exclusively on past experience – be creative
  • 5 P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
  • Think through all the details – this is how you get from good to great
  • Work with the speaker to personalize the experience for you and your chapter
  • Remember … you experience the whole journey, your chapter only experiences the last mile
increasing chapter attendance

Increasing Chapter Attendance

Heather Hays, Education Director

why market
Why Market?
  • We are competing for the time of our members and you must convince, entice and motivate them to participate!
  • The value of the network is only realized if members SHOW UP
  • Chapter health and member satisfaction are driven by quality events and good turn-out
marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy
  • Scheduling/Calendaring
  • Cultural Norms
  • Education Year Announcement
  • Event Promotion
  • At-Event Marketing Activities
  • Post-Event Wrap-up
  • Getting dates published EARLY
  • Being reliable/consistent over time
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Preferred start times/good schedule for members and spouses
cultural norms
Cultural Norms
  • Chapter Attendance Policy
  • Chapter RSVP Policy
  • Tracking Attendance
  • No Show/Impoliteness Fees
  • Enforcement
  • New Member Charter
  • Print
  • Email
  • Home and Office
  • Spouse and Asst.
  • Outlook meeting request
education year announcement
Education Year Announcement
  • Goals
    • Get your dates on everyone’s calendar
      • Member, spouse, kids, personal assistant
    • “Sell” the overall year and individual events
  • Process
    • Education Brochure
    • Presentation at chapter meeting
      • Video overview
      • Trade show approach
    • Promotional / “Save the Date” items
      • Refrigerator magnet
      • Mouse pad
      • Wallet Card
  • Timing
    • May 2008

****Choose dates by checking calendars for YPO, schools, major religions, national holidays, sports / entertainment / civic events, major local fundraisers, major industry conferences – anything that might compete for your members time!****

event promotion
Event Promotion
  • At chapter meeting (1 month before)
    • Day chair(s) and spouse(s) present their program
  • Hard copy invitation (3 weeks before)
    • Mail to home and office
  • Email (1 week, day before)
    • Member, spouse, kid, personal assistant
  • Phone (as needed)
    • SMS / Text message reminders
    • Personal calls
promotion media
Promotion Media
  • In person
    • Singing telegram
    • Hand or special delivery
  • Invitations
    • Reinforce theme / brand through consistent design elements
    • Be clever – use non-traditional items as marketing pieces
      • 3 dimensional items
    • Vary invitation look and feel to be event-specific and reflect the topic, venue, and/or audience
promotion technology
Promotion Technology
  • Email
    • Send Outlook meeting announcements
    • RSVP tracking software (e.g., E-vite)
      • Send different messages with different frequency
    • Don’t overload graphics
  • Web site with streaming audio (music, or your voice) and/or video
  • SMS / text messages
at event marketing activities
At-Event Marketing Activities
  • Use theme in event design, but don’t overdo
  • Give-aways
    • Personalized gifts
    • Door prize / raffle
  • Compelling events
    • Something unique at every event, e.g., food, music, decoration, venue
    • Have a “surprise” at each event, task another member, not the day chair, to do 1 thing that adds sparkle to the event and will be a complete surprise to everyone!
    • Deliver and articulate take-home value before and after the event
post event wrap up
Post-Event Wrap-Up
  • Newsletter
  • Photos
  • Thank you letter
  • Follow-up personalized gift or article about speaker or venue
  • Calls to no shows
  • Solicit direct feedback
    • How to be better next time
    • Contact forums or members and spouses
    • Modify timing or format, as necessary
  • Respond to event evaluations – show you listen, care and will take action
managing event attendance
Managing Event Attendance
  • Set Attendance Policies / New Member Expectations
  • Top Attendance Competition
    • Forum
    • Individual
    • Personal assistants
  • Manage the RSVP list – send different messages with different frequency
  • Record attendance at events
    • Penalties for no shows or unexpected attendees?
  • Have some limited attendance events
  • Ensure appropriate number of events and convenient scheduling of events
  • Consider Location of Events / Transportation / Commute
low turn out crisis management
Low Turn-Out Crisis Management
  • Personal phone calls
    • Your forum
    • Executive board
    • Spouse phone “tree”
  • Add and announce a special “extra” at the event
    • Musical entertainment
    • Give-away
    • Double bonus points for attendance contests
  • “Downsize” the event to fit attendance
    • Room size
    • Structure of event
    • Dinner seating
champagne marketing on a beer budget
Champagne Marketingon a Beer Budget
  • Survey your members – who can deliver marketing goods or services
  • Give-aways from member companies
  • Multiple chapter purchasing power
    • Professional design services - share a design, no one will know!
    • Promotional items
    • Give-aways
misc marketing best practices
Misc. Marketing Best Practices
  • Hold a new member event, and preview all the events in your year.
  • Make sure the first event is a real ‘Wow” – set the tone for the year.
  • Send a thank you gift to everyone who responds to the invitation.
  • For family events, have kids serve as assistant day chairs and send invites to other children.
  • Send hard-copy invitation to the home; email invitation to the office.
  • On day of event, send email message to members: “Looking forward to seeing you tonight.”
  • Use email technology to make it easy for members to respond to invitation
  • Have a regional contest, and the Chapter Administrator with the highest member attendance wins a prize.
  • If attendance starts to lag, have the executive committee agree to make personal phone calls to demonstrate importance.
  • Have forums schedule their meetings directly before the Chapter Meeting.