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Communist China and in Vietnam

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Communist China and in Vietnam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jared Keyes. Communist China and in Vietnam. Thesis. What was China’s rol e in the Vietnam war and was it significant? Communist China had a fairly significant a ffect in the Vietnam Conflict. Direct Quote.

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What was China’s role in the Vietnam war and was it significant?

Communist China had a fairly significant affect in the Vietnam Conflict.

direct quote
Direct Quote
  • “Best turn it into a bigger war…I’m afraid you really ought to send more troops to the South…Don’t be afraid of U.S. intervention, at most it’s no worse than having another Korean War. The Chinese army is prepared, and if America takes the risk of attacking North Vietnam, the Chinese army will march in at once. Our troops want a war now” (Zedong).
direct quote1
Direct Quote
  • “Why have the Americans not made a fuss about the fact that more than 100,000 Chinese troops help you building the railways, roads and airports although they knew about it” (Zedong)?
direct quote2
Direct Quote
  • “So the more troops they send to Vietnam, the happier we will be, for we feel that we will have them in our power, we can have their blood…They will be close to China…in our grasp. They…will be our hostages”(Enlai).
direct quote3
Direct Quote
  • “It was having China as a secure rear and supply depot that made it possible for the Vietnamese to fight for 25 years and beat first the French and then the Americans” (Chang and Halliday).
  • China would continue; however, to provide substantial levels of military aid for North Vietnam to the tune of $106 million from 1955 to 1963, effectively giving the North the resources needed to begin the insurgency in the South (Ibid).
  • With the beginning of the Vietnamese conflict, China gave $106 million to the North so they could combat the South.
  • “…we will do our best to provide you with whatever you need and whatever we have” (Li).
  • China is dedicated to providing aid to North Vietnam in their fight against the south.
  • In addition to AAA forces the PLA also provided missiles, artillery and logistics, railroad, engineer and mine sweeping forces. These forces would not only man AAA sites but would also build and repair Vietnamese infrastructure damaged or destroyed by U.S. airstrikes (Ibid).
  • Along with giving supplies such as mines, artillery, and missiles, China also sent soldiers to help the NVA.
  • According to Qiang Zhai, during the period 1950-54, the PRC would provide enough weapons, 116,000 small arms and 4630 artillery pieces, to equip some 5 infantry divisions, one heavy engineering and artillery division, one direct fire anti-aircraft artillery regiment and one guards regiment (Zhai).
  • During the first years of the Indo-China conflict, China provided a lot of supplies to the Vietnamese; enough to fuel a small army.
china as a communist power
China as a Communist Power
  • With development of The Peoples Republic of China, China began providing military advisers and soldiers to the Vietnamese to fight the French
chinese military advisement group cmag
Chinese Military Advisement Group (CMAG)
  • Began attacking French posts near northern border
  • Caused French great amount of losses
  • 1951: 10-20 tons of supplies per month
  • 1952: 250 tons of supplies per month
  • 1953: 600 tons of supplies per month
  • 1954: 1,500-4,000 tons of supplies per month
post first indo china war
Post First Indo-China War
  • CMAG returns to China when Vietnam gains independence and splits in half
  • From 1955-1963, China gives financial aid to promote North to attack the south
post indochina war continued
Post Indochina War (continued)
  • Because of this, groups like National Liberation Front (NLF) and the People’s Liberation Armed Forces (PLAF)
  • More so referred to as the Vietcong or Vietnamese Communists
second indochina war vietnam war
Second Indochina War (Vietnam War)
  • With US use of aircraft, China sends support such as MIG jets
  • North Vietnam asks for anti-air support
  • China sends AAA guns, missiles, artillery, railroads, and other supplies
  • Helped stop U.S. air campaign
vietnam war
Vietnam War
  • Because Sino-Chinese relations broke down, China began withdrawing troops
  • China started providing better equipment such as trucks, tanks, Surface to air missiles, 130mm artillery pieces, 130mm mortars, and shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles to modernize forces
the end of the war
The End of the war
  • China continuously provided support for North Vietnam
  • With the U.S. out of Vietnam, forces assisted by the Chinese would take Saigon, thus ending the second Indochina War
works cited
Works Cited
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