simple machines do work n.
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Simple Machines do WORK!!!

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Simple Machines do WORK!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Simple Machines do WORK!!!. Work, Force, Friction, and Gravity Teacher Answer Key. Work. What is it? The movement of a force through a distance.

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simple machines do work

Simple Machines do WORK!!!

Work, Force, Friction, and Gravity

Teacher Answer Key



What is it?

The movement of a force through a distance.


Mrs. Williams needs to move the Box from point A to point B. This is called work. What could she use to make it easier? (an inclined plane, Pulley)





What is it?

A push or pull


Mrs. Hall needs to move this chair from desk A to desk b. Can she push it? Can she pull it? What is that called? (she can push or pull it which is force)





What is it?

Force produced by the rubbing of one thing against another (causes heat).


Mrs. Russell is rubbing her hands together to warm them up. Rubbing them together creates friction which gives off heat. When rubbing two things together it can make it harder to do work. If Mrs. Russell needs to push a stove across the floor, what could make it difficult? (friction) Why? (the stove and floor are rubbing together) What could she use to make the work easier? (wheel and Axle)



What is it?

The natural force that causes smaller objects to move toward the center of the earth.


Mrs. Breland likes to throw her softball up in the air and catch it when it comes back down. Why doesn’t it stay in the air when she throws it up? (gravity)Mrs. Breland also needs to lift a heavy box up into her truck. What could she use to make the work easier? (inclined plane, pulley)


Mrs. Bales is walking her baby boy in a stroller. What is she doing? (work) What is she using? (force, she is pushing) What simple machines are making her work easier? (wheel and Axle)

what about the wedge lever and screw
What about the Wedge, Lever, and Screw?
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