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Julia Alvarez Biography

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Julia Alvarez Biography. By Sam Willsey. Her Roots and Origin. She was born on March 27, 1950 While being born in New York, USA, she quickly moved with her family back to the Dominican Republic.

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Julia Alvarez Biography

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    1. Julia Alvarez Biography By Sam Willsey

    2. Her Roots and Origin • She was born on March 27, 1950 • While being born in New York, USA, she quickly moved with her family back to the Dominican Republic. • While there, her father was working in an under ground union that was attempting more than once to overthrow the government under Rafael Trujillo • When she was 10 years old she and her family escaped the Dominican Republic after a failed attempt by her father. (Susan Walker)

    3. Scholarly Life • She was very well educated • She attended many colleges: • CT College, Middlebury College, Syracuse, and The Bread Loaf School of English • From Middlebury College she earned a degree in bachelor of arts • Then from Syracuse she earned her MFA, back in 1975 (Susan Walker)

    4. Why a Writer? • “What made me into a writer was coming to this country…all of a sudden losing a culture, a homeland, a language, a family…I wanted a portable homeland and that’s the imagination.” - Julia Alvarez • “Not understanding the language, I had to pay close attention to each word--great training for a writer.” - Julia Alvarez • She has a unique background to base her career on (Susan Walker, Julia Alvarez)

    5. Slow Start • Julia didn’t publish her first book until she was 41 years old - “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” followed thereafter by: • “In the Time of the Butterflies,” “¡YO!,” and “Once upon a Quincenera” • When asked about her writing and how much she does daily, she replied; “[I] didn’t get published until I was 41. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on it. I was so busy with my teaching that I could only do my writing in the summers” (Julia Alvarez-bio page)

    6. Still Working • While waiting to be published, she had to make a living through teaching • She taught poetry in multiple schools including; Kentucky, Delaware, and North Carolina • She taught creative writing at Andover, the University of Vermont, and the University of Illinois • Her writing has been published in many newspapers and magazines. (Susan Walker, Julia Alvarez Bio page)

    7. Julia Today • When asked if it was hard to quit her tenure position for writing she responded; “All my life I’ve been a teacher who writes on the side and now I’m a writer who teaches on the side.” • Julia and her husband (Bill Eichner) live on a large farm in Vermont • She is presently teaching at Middlebury college, giving up her tenure position for her writing, and is coming to visit the K-O school on December 6th, this winter. (Susan Walker, Julia Alvarez-about me, Julia Alvarez bio page)

    8. Work Cited • Walker, Susan . "Julia Alvarez." Julia Alvarez. 22 Sep. 1997. Used 27 Sep. 2009 www.English.Emory.edu/Bahri/Alvarez. Html • Alvarez, Julia. "About Me: author Julia Alvarez." Julia Alvarez: official author website. 22 Sep. 2008. Used 27 Sep. 2009 http://www.juliaalvarez.com/about/ • “Julia Alvarez - Bio” 1996-2009 http://www.bookreporter.com/authors/au-alvarez-julia.asp