romantic era dance l.
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Romantic Era Dance

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Romantic Era Dance. Romantic Era Ballet. Brought the ballerina to new heights of glamour and popularity Male dancer's role decreased 1830-1840 - The Golden Age of Ballet. The Golden Age of Ballet. Ballet became supremely popular during the Romantic Era.

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romantic era ballet
Romantic Era Ballet
  • Brought the ballerina to new heights of glamour and popularity
  • Male dancer's role decreased
  • 1830-1840 - The Golden Age of Ballet
the golden age of ballet
The Golden Age of Ballet
  • Ballet became supremely popular during the Romantic Era.
  • The most important composer and ballet choreographer is Tchaikovsky
the nutcracker suite
The Nutcracker Suite
  • The Romanticism movement saw the Golden Age of ballet develop, as we see in Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. The ballet is a narrative fantasy, for it shows the toys of a child coming to life and having an adventure. Part of the Nutcracker Suite is the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," a fantasy of magic, whim, and emotion typical of the Romantic period. The Nutcracker shows two key elements of the Romantic Period:
    • a tendency to portray life as it is not; it may distort the real world in order to escape from it, and
    • reason came in second to feeling and intuition. Writers abandon the old rules and started using stylized methods.
the nutcracker plot synopsis
The Nutcracker Plot Synopsis
  • Exposition
    • A mysterious magician and toymaker once invented a trap that killed off half the mouse population.
    • In revenge, the wicked Mouse Queen cast a spell on Drosselmeyer's nephew, Hans-Peter.
    • Transformed him into an ugly nutcracker doll.
    • The only way to break the spell is for the Nutcracker to slay the Mouse King and for a young girl to love and care for him in spite of his awful appearance.
rising action
Rising Action
  • Drosselmeyer gives his nephew to Clara as a Christmas gift, hoping to end the curse.
  • At the end of the Christmas party, Clara goes downstairs and finds Drosselmeyer waiting to put her into a magical land
  • The magician summons the Mouse King and he and The Nutcracker fight.
  • The Nutcracker slays the Mouse King, but only through the intervention of Clara, who, out of compassion, saves the Nutcracker's life.
  • Hans-Peter is restored to his real self.
falling action
Falling Action
  • Clara and The Nutcracker (now Hans-Peter) travel to the Land of Snow, then the Sugar Garden in the Kingdom of Sweets, where they meet the Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Drosselmeyer honors them for their bravery.
  • Returning to reality, Clara runs out to Drosselmeyer, but sees the human form of The Nutcracker instead
  • Drosselmeyer prays that his efforts will be rewarded.
  • His nephew returns; the spell has indeed been broken.