Seventh grade 5 bar lev junior high school
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Seventh Grade ?5 Bar Lev Junior High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seventh Grade ז5 Bar Lev Junior High School. Becoming Epals. Epals Project.

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Seventh grade 5 bar lev junior high school

Seventh Grade


Bar Lev Junior High School

Becoming Epals

Epals project
Epals Project

  • Language learning is most effective when students use the language for meaningful communication, and when they relate to personal experience ... from "Take Action"Our pupils collaborate with students from other countries and by doing so, they use their knowledge of English to practice social interaction, appreciation and application of English but mainly, the establishment of cross-cultural relationships. They are linked through in the exchange of ideas, values and customs with other pupils from other cultures. To further these cross-cultural links, there is a project on postcards from different countries and even a teddy bear from Arlington,WA. U.S.A which travels around the world to learn about other cultures.The pupils write in an enclosed diary about the city of Kfar-Saba and send it to a school in another country

  • which is also participating in the postcard exchange

Introducing epals
Introducing Epals

  • ePALS Classroom Exchange is internationally recognized as the leading provider of school-safe emailTM and collaborative technology. Used in classrooms in 191 countries, ePALS's multilingual network has made it possible for more than 5.5 million students and educators to employ the Internet as the ultimate communication and cross-cultural learning tool.ePALS is committed to offering safe, innovative ways for all learners to make contact with other cultures. In 1996, ePALS began as a simple idea to create a place where teachers and their students could connect with other classes interested in using technology to assist collaborative learning. The site began with just four schools, all located in the same city, emailing back and forth. Since then, we've helped people of all ages become active members of the global community by giving them access to our tools, our resources and each other. ePALS has allowed learners to broaden their horizons, work together and form new friendships by developing and offering barrier-breaking resources such as the Internet's first built-in webmail language translation. You can read some of the letters exchanged between members of the ePALS's community here. Our safety innovations have helped to make ePALS the leading provider of email technology in schools worldwide. This success was recently recognized when EdNET announced that ePALS is among the finalists for the EdNET HERO award.

Seventh grade 5 bar lev junior high school

Our service has expanded to not only connect people, but to provide the tools they need to make the connection productive and enriching, including the ePALS-to-ePALS messaging tool with built-in profanity filters and instant language translation. Our database of classroom profiles makes it easy for our members to find partners for their projects, discussions and international friendships. In addition to providing the tools and meeting place needed to create a worldwide community of learners, ePALS offers ideas to get the most out of our community. Whether you want project ideas for your class-to-class partnership, or discussion areas where you can contribute your views on a matter, ePALS strives to make it easy for members to make meaningful connections with each other.We are constantly welcoming new members to our community - more than 25 new classrooms join the ePALS Global Network on an average day. Every day, we are flattered by the support that we receive from members around the world, who not only use ePALS to make new connections of their own, but who then go on to share ePALS with their friends and colleagues. For ePALS, the future includes the opportunity to connect an ever-increasing number of users in our global community. We are also positioned to make the most of the leaps and bounds being experienced in technology.

Seventh grade 5 bar lev junior high school

. provide the toolsePALS seeks to continue its role as an industry innovator of safe technology solutions for education and a facilitator of online collaboration and communication. With this focus, ePALS has developed a suite of products to meet today's learning needs, including ePALSSchoolMailTM, the leading student-safe email solution. ePALSSchoolMailTM, ePALS Safe BrowserTM and ePALSeMentoringTM, along with the ePALS Global Network, are all designed to harness the educational potential of the Internet in a safe, cost-effective, user-friendly manner.

Geobear project
Geobear Project provide the tools

We will send teddy bears around the world as part of their geography curriculum. The teddy bears are outfitted with backpacks, a welcome letter, and instructions. Throughout the year, it is our hope that the bears will check in via email or regular mail, telling us of their worldly adventures. As we receive information from our traveling bears, we study the locations/regions they are visiting. Communication with other students allows for cultural knowledge to be shared. Bears return home to us in May and June. Currently we have several bears traveling world. Snuggle is on her way to Finland. Teddy is off to Israel to see some 7th grade students. Smokey just returned from a two week journey in Japan, and Snowflake has a fantastic time in Disneyland.

Bar lev pupils in israel
Bar-Lev pupils in Israel provide the tools

Bar lev pupils in israel1
Bar-Lev pupils in Israel provide the tools