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Moroccan wedding customs and traditions

Moroccan wedding customs and traditions. Submitted By: Miss Fatma Haiddas Miss Rachida Jilti. Supervision : Mr . Ahmed KHABAZ.

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Moroccan wedding customs and traditions

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  1. Moroccan wedding customs and traditions Submitted By: Miss Fatma Haiddas Miss Rachida Jilti Supervision : Mr . Ahmed KHABAZ

  2. Moroccans carry the bride change her clothes every quarter of an hour! Comes ready to set up the wedding ceremony, and the processing of the bride's dress, which at least three or four crews, and up to four years for the bride as affordable. The decoration of the bride to a woman known as "Alinkavp." The reservation is "Alinkavat" long before the wedding, to the high demand in the seasons of marriage, and when the charge is "Alinkavp" for services between 1000 and 2500 dirhams.

  3. The first to reach the group of women working in the profession, "Alinkavp" to the house of the wedding had undergone "Altahak" It is the name of the Prophet peace be upon him loudly ... Then go to the bride's room, I Villepnoha dress. Then show the people inside the mobile "Almarip" by a group of youths before touring to be in the place prepared for enduring .. After a certain group of girls led to the room and the second Ilpsonha dress, and then show the phones on "Taifor" before heading to the place prepared for enduring.

  4. After the marriage is celebrated until the following morning of singing and dancing. Then came the night of "henna", and the two women to the work of graffiti henna in the bride's hands and feet Are called for women in the day, and men on another day ... Usually carried out on the nights of Friday and Saturday ... Rarely need to marquees; because the houses are characterized by the Moroccan Balzacharv architectural principal. The day after that wedding, and on Friday. Which attend the older men of the two families, and eat lunch. After the age of young people come to dinner and dancing.

  5. And the following day were reserved for women of all ages. And are usually family banquets previous cumbersome and costly; must not be less than dozens of varieties of meat, fish and fruit, in addition to the traditional Moroccan sweets, and hot and cold beverages. Must be at least the number of times the provision of banquets and meals for ten consecutive days during the wedding. During the wedding the bride may wear from 6 to 14 dresses the change one after another almost every quarter of an hour of helping the "Alinkavp."

  6. On "Morning," the bride's family sends her breakfast for her and her husband and guests visiting for the congratulations. It consists usually as outlined in each region is accompanied by various kinds of sweets and food of Morocco, which are full of protein and fat. And the types of drinks hot or cold and can never forget the king of the table in all the concerts Moamer dates with almonds and milk, you find many parents in such concerts.

  7. Model for the tent where the wedding will be held Saharaui

  8. Different habits Bride of the North Bride of the South

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