the palestinian customs and traditions n.
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The palestinian customs and traditions PowerPoint Presentation
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The palestinian customs and traditions

The palestinian customs and traditions

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The palestinian customs and traditions

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  1. The palestinian customs and traditions

  2. Before speaking about the Palestinian customs and traditions ,we should talk about the geographic distribution behind such diverse heritage.

  3. Palestine is considered as a main entrance to west Asia. It is located between 29.3-33.15 north latitudes of the equator, and between 34.15 -35.40 east longitudes of the Greenwich line. Palestine is surrounded by the Mediterranean from the west, Egypt from the south-west, Jordan and the Dead Sea from the east, Lebanon from the north, and overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba in the south.

  4. Before talking about Palestinian folklore, we should identify the meaning of folklore in popular literature, which consists of two parts: the first, "Volk" means people, and the second "Laure" means wisdom, and therefore folklore can be defined as people's knowledge, culture or the wisdom of the people.

  5. Palestinian folklore magnificently diverse because it is the product of the local environment (mountain, desert, and plains ) associated with the Islamic and Christian holy sites, and diverse events, which gave it a special character and advantage compared to the rest of the folklore of other peoples.

  6. And now we will talk about some of the Palestinian folkloric elements. First we will talk about the Religious heritage which is rich and unique in its elements such as the Dome of the Rock , Al-Aqsa Mosque, the old Jerusalem Walls, the Church of the Resurrection and the Cave of the Patriarchs.

  7. Second we will talk about popular custom. Palestinian folklore contains flokloric dresses that passed through past generations since the dawn of history, which distinguishes Palestinian from other Arab peoples.

  8. Now we will show some of the popular clothes and customs of some Arab countries, including Palestine, let us see the difference between all the dresses.

  9. Dresses in the world

  10. Palestinian dress

  11. Jordanian dress

  12. Iraqi dress

  13. Saudi dress

  14. Yemeni dress

  15. Emirati dress

  16. Moroccan dress

  17. Tunisian dress

  18. Omani dress

  19. Sudanese dress

  20. Kuwaiti dress

  21. Bahraini dress

  22. Qatari dress

  23. Egyptian dress

  24. Algerian dress