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By: Tim, Alex, Gino, and Henry . Persia. Food: They ate stews made from meat, and fruits with herbs, and rice and bread from wheat.

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the good to know persians

Food: They ate stews made from meat, and fruits with herbs, and rice and bread from wheat.

Apricots, artichokes, eggplants, lemons, oranges, pistachios, spinach, and staffron all came to Europe through Persia

The good to know Persians
  • Kings and queens wore golden ornaments, with accessories like golden loops.
  • Common people wore coats and pants made of leather that covered the whole body

550 BC - The Persian or Achaemenid Empire was first founded around this time, Cyrus the Great becomes king of Persia

539 BC - Cyrus of Persia sacks Babylon.

530 BC - Cambyses becomes king of Persia.

530 BC - Cambyses of Persia conquers Egypt at the battle of Pelusium.

522 BC - Cambyses dies and civil War erupts in Persia.

490 BC - Darius of Persia attacks mainland Greece.

485 BC - Darius dies and Xerxes becomes king of Persia

480 BC - The Greeks expels the Persians from Europe

465 BC - Artaxerxes I Longimanus becomes king of Persia

424 BC - Xerxes II becomes king of Persia

more timeline

404 BC - Artaxerxes II Mnemon becomes king of Persia

358 BC - Artaxerxes III Ochus becomes king of Persia

336 BC - Darius Codomannus becomes king of Persia

336 BC - Darius Codomannus becomes king of Persia

334 BC - Alexander defeats the Persian army at the Dardanelles

333 BC - Alexander invades the Persian empire from Syria to Palestine

521 BC – Darius becomes king of Persia and expand it beyond the Indus river.

More Timeline

331 BC - Alexander the Great conquers Persia and destroys Persepolis, ending the Achaemenid dynasty

330 BC - Alexander the Great established what was called the Seleucid Empire after Alexander's general.

329 BC -Artaxerxes V dies, last of the Achaemenians

323 BC -Alexander the Great dies at Babylon and his empire is carved into three empires: Cassander rules over Greece and Macedonia, Lysimachus rules over Thracia and Asia Minor, Ptolemy rules over Egypt, Judea, Syria, Mesopotamia and India

170 BC - The Selucids rein ended and the empire were called the Sassinids.

226 AD - The Sassinids were defeated by Arab caliphs.

651 AD - Persian empire ended

famous person
Famous Person
  • Cyrus the Great: Became king of the Persians in 559 BC
  • In 560 BC Cyrus led his armies against Medes, and effectively conquering the Median Empire, this was the start of his wars
  • 549 BC, he founded the first empire
short and long term history
Short and long term history

SHORT: less of everything, mountains, soil, trading, sea, food, and smaller country

LONG: Countries became toegther, mountains grew, new trade routes, bigger sea, better and newer food, and bigger country

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