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DCMS: Training Manual

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DCMS: Training Manual - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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July, 2010. DCMS: Training Manual. ARB & Stationery Management. DCMS Windows Application. ARB & Stationery Management. Training Manual. Introduction.

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july 2010
July, 2010

DCMS: Training Manual

ARB & Stationery Management


DCMS Windows Application

ARB & Stationery Management

Training Manual


DCMS is a system, demanded by HPCL to remain leader in the LPG industry of India. This manual makes the user acquainted with the ARB & Stationery Management module of DCMS Windows Application.


HPCL distributors sell the auxiliary items along with the LPG cylinders and the regulators. Distributors procure the auxiliary items from the suppliers approved by HPCL which is called ARB. Stationery Management deals with the details on how the controlled stationery numbers are flowing down to distributor terminal in a controlled manner.

Intended Audience

Distributor of HP Gas.


The scope of the document includes order processing of ARB items. Distributor or Sales Officer (SO) on behalf of Distributor places an order from this system.

The related processes are :

  • Create purchase order by Distributor / Sales Area Officer
  • Approve Purchase Order by HPCL
  • Accept/Reject Purchase Order by Vendor/sub vendor
  • Dispatch
  • Receipt Acknowledgement
  • Calculate Overriding Commission
place order
Place Order

You can place an order for any ARB items through this screen.

To place an order for ARB items:

Click on the ‘+’ sign of Allied Retail Business in the menu bar followed by a click on Place Order.

Select the Category, Vendor and Sub Vendor from the dropdowns and click Fetch.


search order
Search Order

You can search the details of an ordered item in this screen.

Click on Search Order in the menu bar.

Select any of the search criteria i.e. Order No., Order Date and Order Status from the dropdown.

Enter the data and click Search button to view the list of orders.


receive items
Receive Items

The distributor sends an order request which needs an approval from the Sales Officer. After processing, the ARB Sub vendor dispatches the request through synchronization. The distributor receives the receipt of the ordered items through this screen.

Steps to receive the items:

Open the Receive Items screen.

Enter the Order No. & Dispatch No.

Click on Fetch button.


search receipt
Search Receipt

You can search the receipts of ARB items through this screen.

Steps for searching the receipt:

Open the Search Receipt screen.

You can search by its Receipt No., Order No., Dispatch No., Receipt Date, Order Date or Dispatch Date.

Select any of the search criteria and click on Search button. You will see the list of received items.


stationery management
Stationery Management

This includes the automation process for distributor indenting for stationeries like SV and TV.

The related processes are:

Request for Stationery.

Receive Stationery.

Loss/damage Stationery.

Wrong Stationery.

Distributor Controlled Stationery.


indent request
Indent Request

If a distributor needs stationeries, he can place an indent request through this screen.


indent request contd
Indent Request (Contd)

To raise a request:

Open the Indent Request screen under Stationery Management.

Enter the SV and / or TVQuantity which should be in multiples of their respective reorder quantity.

Click Save.

After saving the stationary info, click on the Submit button for submitting the request to higher authority.


search stationery indent
Search Stationery Indent
  • Search can only be done after successful creation of the requests. You can search and view any of the stationary request information through this screen.
  • For searching the requests:
  • Open the Search Stationery Indent screen.
  • You can search the request by its Indent No.,From Date and To Date or Indent Status.
  • Select any of the search criteria and click Search. You can view the search result in which the Indent No. is a hyperlink. Click on the hyperlink to view the details of the request.


receive stationery
Receive Stationery

After an indent request is dispatched, you have to give acknowledgement of receiving the stationeries through this screen.


receive stationery contd
Receive Stationery (Contd)
  • Enter the Indent No. and click on Fetch button.


search stationery receipt
Search Stationery Receipt
  • This screen is used for searching the receipt information using any search criteria. Receipt information of stationeries is only available if the status of requests for stationeries is ‘Received’.
  • To search the receipt:
  • Open the Search Stationery Receipt screen.
  • You can search by Receipt No.,Receipt Date, Dispatch No., Dispatch Date, Indent No. or Indent Date.
  • Click on Search button after putting proper value in any of the above search criteria.


loss damage stationery
Loss / Damage Stationery

If any stationery is lost or damaged by the consumer or distributor then you should provide the information about the lost or damaged stationary through this screen.


search loss damage stationery
Search Loss/Damage Stationery

You can search the registered Loss/Damage stationery complaints through this screen.


search loss damage stationery contd
Search Loss/Damage Stationery (Contd)
  • You can search by Loss/Damage No., Loss/Damage Date, Loss/Damage, Approval Status or Stationery Type.
  • Click the Search button after selecting the suitable search criteria.


wrong stationery
Wrong Stationery

If the customer receives a wrong stationery, you can register the wrong stationery information on behalf of the consumer through this screen.


wrong stationery contd
Wrong Stationery (Contd)
  • Select the Stationery type as SV or TV in the field labeled Wrong Stationery For.
  • Enter the SV / TV No.
  • Click Fetch.
  • Enter the Wrong Stationery No. and Correct Stationery No. in the Stationery Details.
  • Click on Save after filling all the input fields.


distributor controlled stationery management
Distributor Controlled Stationery Management

You can search the stationery whose parameters can be controlled by the distributor through this screen.



Distributor Controlled Stationery Management (Contd)

  • To search the stationeries:
  • Select any of the search criteria from Prefix, Stationery No., Stationery Status, Stamped and Stationery Type.
  • Click Fetch.