sfe coordinator training 2010
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SFE COORDINATOR TRAINING 2010 . SFE Programme & Reimbursement 25 July 2010 Family Education Department. Desired Outcome. A proactive effort to strengthen and enrich family life. Parents are informed , equipped & empowered to build strong families

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sfe coordinator training 2010

SFE Programme & Reimbursement

25 July 2010

Family Education Department

desired outcome
Desired Outcome

A proactive effort to strengthen and enrich family life

  • Parents are informed, equipped & empowered to build strong families
  • Children are brought up with positive values & mindset towards marriage & family
SFE CoordinatorRoles and Responsibilities
  • Help school identify needs of target groups
  • Together with school & service provider, plan and implement family life education programmes for target groups
  • Provide and coordinate with family life educators on programmes
  • Publicise family life education programmes and family life centre/ corner
SFE CoordinatorRoles and Responsibilities
  • Helpidentifyparents for parent facilitator training
  • Help identify programmes for trained parent facilitators to contribute to schools
  • Set up/ manage and promote family life centre/ corner
  • Provide information and referral service to those who need professional help (SFE Guide)
SFE CoordinatorRoles and Responsibilities
  • Collate feedback on programmes and its effectiveness - Workshop Evaluation Form
  • Prepare monthly reimbursement documents
  • Assist in the school survey commissioned by MCYS
family life education programmes
Family Life Education Programmes
  • Based on needs of target groups
  • Include subject matters that are central to the family life of each target group
  • 100 hours per year per school

- 70 for parents/staff & 30 for students

- for parents, max 10 hours for recreational/social events

Family Life Education Programmes

Parent – parenting tips, marriage enrichment, e.g.,:

  • Understand your child
  • Discipline strategies
  • Effective communication skills
  • Model a good marriage
  • Marriage enrichment
  • Family bonding
  • Work-life harmony
  • Sexuality education for parents
  • Service learning/interactive/experiential activities with debrief
  • Singapore Parenting Congress
  • Marriage Convention
  • X Academic
  • X Health/Sports
  • X Art/IT
  • X Programmes not vetted/approved by Family Education Department
Family Life Education Programmes – Sexuality Education for Parents

(1) Title: Being Sex Smart

Options : 3-hour workshop (For Parents)

Organisation : Fei Yue Community Services

Contact : Ms Shona Tan at 6593 6453 or [email protected]

(2) Title: Let’s Talk About Sex

Options : 2-hour workshop (For Parents)

Organisation : Focus on the Family

Contact : Ms Ruth Kan at 6491 0705 or [email protected]

Any service provider who wishes to conduct sexuality education programme for parents in the SFE schools is to send is to send to MCYS all the materials used in these programmes (including handouts, notes, CDs and handbook, etc) for vetting before the proceeding with the programme.

Family Life Education Programmes - Parent Facilitator Training Programme

Parent Facilitator

Parent Befriender/ Mentor

Module II – 40 hours training, 10 hours of outreach efforts to inactive parents

Module I – 40 hours training, 9 hours facilitation of workshop/ meetings

Parent volunteer

family life education programmes10
Family Life Education Programmes
  • Staff - work-life harmony, family education, e.g., :
  • Parenting/ Marriage
  • Work-life harmony
  • Time/Stress management
  • Money management

X Enhance teaching role

X Spa/ overseas vacation

family life education programmes11
Family Life Education Programmes
  • Student – character development, values ed, e.g.,:
  • Build self-esteem
  • Build character
  • Be money wise
  • Stress/ conflict management
  • Media influence
  • Communication and relationship skills

X Sexuality education


X Academic

X Remedial/ Counseling

sfe reimbursement submission
SFE ReimbursementSubmission
  • No double-claiming – e.g., same prog from both SFE and [email protected], same prog under both parents and students
  • Not funded:
  • Furnishing & equipment in the family life area
  • Purchase of office and IT-related equipment such as computers, printers, cameras, thumb drives, memory card etc
  • In the absence of invoices and receipts, cash receipts / vouchers must be certified true copy and endorsed by the school
sfe reimbursement submission13
SFE ReimbursementSubmission
  • SFE reimbursement is on monthly basis
  • Submissions of claims must reach MCYS within 15 days after each month, e.g. for May - submit by 15 June
  • For Feb reimbursement, must reach MCYS by 10th Marchdue to close of FY
  • Post-dated invoices are not encouraged. In cases where an invoice is dated after the event, it must reflect the name of the event and date of delivery of the service
sfe reimbursement submission14
SFE ReimbursementSubmission
  • School certify the accuracy of invoices and claims - signature of P or VP or HOD and school stamp
  • To ensure standardization and data compatibility, use only the standardtemplates provided by MCYS in submission
  • All standard forms/templates may be downloaded from the SFE website at www.sfe.sg
  • Click on the link ‘Administration’
reimbursement documents required
Reimbursement -Documents Required
  • 1. Cover letter signed by head of service provider
  • 2. Monthly Reimbursement & Evaluation Form (MREF) signed by P or school representative and include supporting documents below:
  • Speaker/ Trainer/ FacilitatorProfiles / CVs;
  • Speaker Notes/ Programme Handouts;
  • Feedback by Participants (Summary of workshop evaluation form or Programme short report);
  • Event Photograph;
  • Original invoices/ receipts. Photocopied -certified true copies, signed, and bear school’s stamp; and
  • Publicity materials.
  • 3. School Confirmation Letter for SFE Coordinator hours
reimbursement documents required17
Supporting Documents (to be arranged by programmes in the sequence as stated in MREF)Reimbursement -Documents Required
  • 3b. Example:
    • Programme 2
    • (invoices, receipts, petty cash vouchers, Summary of Workshop Evaluation Form, publicity materials, speaker’s CV, handouts, event photo)
  • 3a. Example:
  • Programme 1
  • (invoices, receipts, petty cash vouchers, Summary of Workshop Evaluation Form, publicity materials, speaker’s CV, handouts, event photo)
  • 5. E-invoice
    • (Done by Service Providers)

4. School Confirmation Letter for SFE coordinator hours

  • 2. Monthly Reimbursement & Evaluation Form (MREF)

1. Service Provider's Cover Letter

service provider s cover letter
Service Provider’s Cover Letter
  • Must reach MCYS within 5 days from date on cover letter
  • SFE programmes reimbursement amount must tally with the total reimbursable cost as indicated in the MREF
  • Form must be duly completed and signed
  • Clearly state the name of the organization head / authorized person of service provider
monthly reimbursement evaluation form mref
Monthly Reimbursement & Evaluation Form (MREF)
  • Form must be duly completed based on the ‘Explanatory notes to Preparation of Monthly Reimbursement & Evaluation Form Part 1 & 2’ – (www.sfe.sg)
invoices receipts
Invoices, Receipts
  • All invoices/receipts expended should pertain to specific SFE programme conducted
  • Relevant original copy of invoices/receipts for the programme. If photocopied, they should be certified true copy, signed & bear school’s stamp
  • Ensure that receipts are legible. Small, odd size receipts should be pasted on A4 size paper
  • Give clear reference (eg. specific programme) on the invoice/receipts/petty cash voucher attached
summary of workshop evaluation forms
Summary of Workshop Evaluation Forms
  • Summary of Workshop Evaluation Form/ Short Programme Report
  • MCYS would require further programme information when programme description on workshop evaluation form/short report is unclear
  • SFE Evaluation Summary Count Software – Parents/Staff, Students (www.sfe.sg)
coordinator s working hours school confirmation letter 1 st 3 rd year schools
Coordinator’s Working Hours/ School Confirmation Letter (1st – 3rd year schools)
  • Total number of working hours a year is 936 hours.
  • Average work hours per month is 78 hours
  • Template Letter for School to certify SFE coordinator hours
coordinator s working hours school confirmation letter 4 th year beyond schools
Coordinator’s Working Hours / School Confirmation Letter (4th year & beyond schools)
  • Average work hours per month is 39 hours
  • Template Letter for School to claim SFE coordinator fees
sfe coordinator funding for 1 st to 3 rd year schools
SFE Coordinator Funding (for 1st to 3rd year schools)
  • $10,000 each year per school
  • April – February ($833.33/month)
  • March ($833.37)
  • SFE coordinator fees maybe withhold in Jan if the number of coordinator hours that have been clock-in by December is less than 546 hours
sfe coordinator funding for 4 th year beyond schools
SFE Coordinator Funding(for 4th year & beyond schools)
  • $5,000 each year per school
  • April – February ($416.66/month)
  • March ($416.74)
e invoice service providers
E – Invoice (Service Providers)
  • Log on www.vendors.gov.sg for more details
  • Select Ministry of Comm, Youth & Sports for Ministry/Stat Board
  • Select Family Development for Department
  • Attention toRAJAN
  • Date invoice date tocurrent date
  • Description –for e.g.SFE reimbursement for ABC School (June 10)
submissions for sfe reimbursement
Submissions for SFE Reimbursement

Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

Family Education Department

510 Thomson Road

#01-00 SLF Building

Singapore 298135

Attention: SFE Programme Coordinator

for more faqs visit www sfe sg
For more FAQs, visit www.sfe.sg

For reimbursement enquiries,

Email or call

Rajan at [email protected]/ 6354 9864

Regina Ho at [email protected]/ 6354 9842

For general enquiries,

email [email protected]

* Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in delay in reimbursement payment.