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University of Utah Libraries’ Digital Collections. Special Topics in. Using ClipImp to Display Multimedia Content in CONTENTdm. Dave Adams Web Media Architect University Information Technology. Clip-Imp Background. Grew organically from a specific but common scenario

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University of utah libraries digital collections

University of Utah Libraries’

Digital Collections

Special Topicsin

Using ClipImp to

Display Multimedia Content


Dave Adams

Web Media Architect

University Information Technology

Clip imp background
Clip-Imp Background

  • Grew organically from a specific but common scenario

  • Designed to support 3 specific roles: media managers, content publishers, viewing audience

  • ~5 years before YouTube / self-serve media publishing

Clip imp supports 3 roles
Clip-Imp supports 3 roles

  • Media managers / service providers

  • Content publishers, content owners

  • Viewing public, end users, browsers, mobile devices, aggregation services, search engines

Media managers
Media managers

  • Manage and organize lots of content

  • Delegated administration, custom configuration

  • Ease/eliminate the burden of implementation

  • Simple usage statistics

Content publishers
Content publishers

  • No technical skill needed to include media along side other web content

  • Simple implementation methods

  • Permanent URLs / embed code, even if media changes

Viewing public end users
Viewing public / end users

  • Aim to reliably deliver media to the end user on the first try

  • Context-sensitive help

  • Assist in downloading and installing players or plug-ins if needed

  • Easily customized views and integrations (Display templates, CONTENTdm, iTunes U, search engines)

Clip imp




Audio Video Workflow

Kinza Masood

Digital Production Manager

J. Willard Marriott Library

The a v production workflow
The A/V Production Workflow

A journey of a source file (AIFF) to CONTENTdm

Source Files



Play Clip






Ftp (WinScp)

Streaming Server

Tools needed to land an a v object on contentdm
Tools needed to land an A/V object on CONTENTdm


Source file

File encoder (FOOBAR2000, Sorenson Squeeze Pro., etc.)

Access to Streaming Server (ClipImp)

An Ftp Client (WinScp)


Source files are converted to FLAC (for archiving) and mp4 for streaming

Tools used for encoding audio files:

FOOBAR 2000 (supported formats:MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND)

ITunes (used sometimes)

Example:Doris Duke Oral Histories- Read along and listen


Source files are archived in original format for long term storage and compressed to mpeg4 for streaming purposes

Tool used for encoding files (Sorensoon Squeez Pro- Dual Platform Software)

Supported input platforms include:



Art Book

Saltair Animation


Lisa Chaufty

Institutional Repository Coordinator

J. Willard Marriott Library

Uscholar works
UScholar Works

Represents the gamut of scholarship and creative research produced on campus

What about the fine arts?,36685

Clip-imp essential tool to showcase performances

Strong participation from sciences

U-SKIS essential tool to manage publications

June 3, 2010

U skis

University Scholarly Knowledge Inventory System

Ideal workflow to support our UScholar Works collection

Accommodates multiple users

Clearly-defined content queues


External: Each work tracked in process

Internal: Productivity gauge

Archival features

Stores faculty vitas, publisher policies, communications, permissions, content

Bridge to CONTENTdm

Seamless transfer of records into USpace from U-SKIS

June 3, 2010

U skis 2


v2.0 in PHP

Open Source

June 3, 2010


Digital Collections

Anne Morrow

Digital Initiatives Librarian

J. Willard Marriott Library

  • Browse Results Maps

  • ties a single object to specific location

    • Browse Results Maps

    ties a set of digital objects to a location

    • Digital Image Map

    • Export metadata to .xls spreadsheet

    • Merge with coordinate metadata

    • Add html to .xls for thumbnail display and link to item in collection

    • Convert to .kmz using Earthpoint

    • Import .kmz to Google Earth and save to my places

    • Import .kmz to Google My Maps

    • Embed map or add link to map on Digital Library website

    • Browse Results Map

    • Utah History Encyclopedia

    • Query Builder used to create drop down query for each county

    • In Google Earth create polygon for each county, add query to polygon

    • Save as .kml/.kmz to my places

    • Import .kml/.kmz to Google My Maps

    • Embed map or add link to map on Digital Library website

    Digital Image Maps

    Run risk of becoming

    static as collection ` grows

    Best for static collections

    Browse Results Maps

    General terms maximize results but run risk of muddying results

    Best for dynamic collections

    Best for static collections

    • increasing specificity on browse results maps

    • Single map interface

      • incorporate layers to create

      • separate areas of emphasis

      • (temporal, cultural, etc)

    University of Utah CONTENTdm

    Shared Knowledge Base

    Nancy Lombardo

    Information Technology Librarian

    Eccles Health Sciences Library

    U of u cdm knowledge base

    University of Utah libraries share a CONTENTdm server

    work hard to communicate and collaborate in the use of this mission critical tool.

    A “CDM Core Group” serves to facilitate communication with monthly face-to-face meetings

    composed of members from each campus library

    CDM Core uses a wiki, TWiki, as a “Knowledge Base” to collect documentation on the use of CDM

    project information, upgrade information, issues and group meeting agenda and minutes are collected here

    U of U CDM Knowledge Base

    U of u cdm knowledge base1
    U of U CDM Knowledge Base

    • Review the CDM Core Twiki


    • Invite other Western CDM User Group members to participate in the building of a shared documentation resource