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Cuban Missile Crisis PowerPoint Presentation
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Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban Missile Crisis

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  1. Cuban Missile Crisis

  2. Setting the Stage • USSR was surrounded by missiles from NATO • 1961 President Kennedy announces a program to build nuclear shelters and distributes pamphlets on nuclear survival • USSR and USA have a standoff over West Berlin, Khrushchev gives ultimatums for the West to leave, but always backs down…Sino-Soviet split is getting more public as Mao ridicules Khrushchev

  3. The Missiles • July 1962, US gov. is aware of USSR importing missiles to Cuba • October 14th a U2 Spy Plane sees a ballistic missile on a launch pad and photograph more missile sites • October 16th Kennedy makes a crisis management committee they consider: • 1. Airstrikes to destroy the missiles • 2. An invasion of Cuba (USSR would react against Berlin) • 3. Negotiations • 4. Naval Blockade (Kind of illegal)

  4. Photographs from U2 Planes

  5. Photographs from U2 Plane

  6. Kennedy’s Reaction • October 18th JFK meets with Soviet Foreign Minister, Gromyko, who denied USSR had missiles in Cuba • October 22nd Kennedy makes speech on TV announcing the missiles in Cuba and the blockade of ships to Cuba…two USSR ships were headed for Cuba • USSR denounces the blockade, and any sinking of ships would be an act of war • October 24th USSR ships change course away from Cuba

  7. The World Waits • October 26th Khrushchev sends Kennedy a message promising to take out the Cuban missiles if USA takes out the Turkey Missiles • October 27th U2 Spy plane is shot down over Cuba…another U2 plane accidently flies over USSR land near USSR • JFK orders US missiles around the world disarmed, worrying about the dangerous situation • Che Guevara hides out in the hills, preparing for a US invasion

  8. Tensions rise • October 27th Khrushchev writes a harsher message to JFK, Castro believes a US attack will happen any minute and wants to shoot a preemptive strike against the US • Robert Kennedy suggests replying to the first letter and demanding a reply by October 28th and they plan for an invasion of Cuba for the 29th if no word is sent. Robert has a meeting with Gromyko

  9. Robert Kennedy and Gromyko

  10. Kennedy & Khrushchev

  11. The End • October 28th Khrushchev announces over the radio that construction will stop on the missile sites and they would return to USSR • Kennedy promises not to invade Cuba ever again and to secretly take out missiles in Turkey • Both leaders realized the danger of nuclear brinkmanship and end this policy • Mao ridicules Khrushchev as being a coward, he pushed USSR to attack the US

  12. Consequences… • Khrushchev’s reputation is ruined due to the secret clause about Turkey Missiles • Castro is enraged and humiliated when he finds out about the deal and it ruins Cuban-USSR relations for a while • Khrushchev loses control at home and there is a coup against him in October1964…eventually Brezhnev will come out as the new leader of USSR