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Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis. What Started the Crisis!. -. The Soviets put missiles in Cuba. Why did the Soviets put Missiles in Cuba?. U.S. had Missiles pointed at Russia. Who were the Leaders. Fidel Castro in Cuba. Nikita Khrushchev in Soviet. John F. Kennedy in USA.

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Cuban Missile Crisis

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  1. Cuban Missile Crisis

  2. What Started the Crisis! -

  3. The Soviets put missiles in Cuba. • Why did the Soviets put Missiles in Cuba?

  4. U.S. had Missiles pointed at Russia.

  5. Who were the Leaders Fidel Castro in Cuba Nikita Khrushchev in Soviet John F. Kennedy in USA

  6. Why was America trying to overthrow Castro • Castro hated American Imperialism in Cuba and started to Nationalize American owed companies in Cuba

  7. What did America own in Cuba? • Castro started to nationalize American Companies in Cuba. • US owned Cuba’s OIL industry • 90% of its MINES • 80% of it Utilities. • 50% of its railroads • 40% of its sugar plantations and ranches

  8. What does Castro do in response to American Imperialism in Cuba? - Castro AGAINST American Imperialism in Cuba - Castro begins to take over American businesses in Cuba.

  9. US tried to overthrow – Bay of Pigs( 1961) - Unsuccessful action by US government to overthrow Castro

  10. CIA Plots to Kill Castro 638 ways to kill Castro The CIA's outlandish plots to bump off the Cuban dictator would put 007 to shame ... poison pills, toxic cigars and exploding molluscs.

  11. October 22nd 1962 Kennedy discovers missile site in cuba, U2 Spy plane takes pictures

  12. Kennedy blocks Cuba (October 22nd 1962)! -US Navy Blocks Soviet ships from getting into Cuba!

  13. For 13 days what do Kennedy and his advisors have to decide on? -Invade Cuba or negotiate with Khrushchev.

  14. How did the Cuban Missile Crisis End?? • US (Kennedy) and Soviets (Khrushchev) come to a compromise, if the U.S. promises not to invade Cuba Soviets will remove weapons.

  15. What was the secret part of the agreement? The US will dismantle missiles in TURKEY aimed at the Soviet Union.! 6months later missiles are dismantled.

  16. In the End was the Cuban Missile Crisis peaceful? • Agreement between the Soviets and the US prevented Nuclear War fare, WWIII AVOIDED! • Begins peaceful co-existence with Soviets.

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