ronnie raevsky visionary and painter n.
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Ronnie Raevsky

Ronnie Raevsky

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Ronnie Raevsky

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  1. Ronnie Raevsky – Visionary and Painter

  2. Ronnie Raevsky is a landscape artist who was born and raised in Maysel, West Virginia. • In addition to painting, he also enjoys a variety of other hobbies. • Since childhood he is an avid horse rider, and spent many years on his family estate wandering off into nature on their beloved horses.

  3. When he came back from spending 5 years in New York city, he decided to go back to his hometown and live there in the family home. • Not only did this provide the perfect environment for painting and creating art, it was a relaxing break to the hectic city life that he was not fond of.

  4. His wife Angela who is from Spain also moved with him , along with their two children. • Angela set up a pumpkin farm which they open for pumpkin pickers at Halloween time. • This farm has turned out a great success and they have customers coming from far away towns. • In addition, Ronnie Raevsky also gives horse riding lessons to children on a regular basis.

  5. For Halloween 2013, they have also set up a “Haunted Barn” and hope it will be a big success among children and adults alike. • During these festivities, Ronnie also sells his landscape art, which is a also a hot favorite among their customers.

  6. Ronnie Raevskybecame famous after he entered into an agreement with a businessman who proposed that while Ronnie will paint, he would sell the paintings. • They split the profits fifty fifty, and Ronnie became well known for his art landscapes. • “The Awakening “ which is arguably one of his most famous works, sold in New York for $15,000.

  7. Ronnie has travelled to many countries of the world and used the scene scapes as inspirations for his own work. • He has been to Canada, Australia, Cambodia, Norway, Germany, Greece, and France. Next he plans to paint New Zealand landscapes.

  8. Thank You!