ronnie lym is a seasoned salsa dancer n.
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Ronnie Lym

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Ronnie Lym

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  1. Ronnie Lym Is A Seasoned Salsa Dancer

  2. Born and brought up in Mexico, Ronnie Lym is a professional Salsa dancer and trains in a leading dancing academy. Lym started dancing at a tender age of eight and always wanted to make a name for himself as a renowned dancer. As a child, he was so determined to learn the Salsa moves

  3. That he would often watch his favorite dancers on Television and try to imitate them. His parents were aware of his passion and always motivated him to pursue his passion. After completing his high school, Ronnie Lym took professional training to learn the dance form.

  4. Owing to his dedication, passion, and hard work, he soon managed to launch his career as a professional dancer. His career took off in 1999, when he got the opportunity to join a group called “Exotic Salsa Moves”, which at that point of time was highly acknowledged for providing excellent Salsa training.

  5. Presently, working as a full-time Salsa instructor in a dance academy, Ronnie Lym has great plans for the future. He wants to open a dance school, where he would teach Salsa in his own unique style. He says that he would provide free training to kids belonging to the poor and minority section of the society.

  6. By doing so, he wants to play his part as a responsible citizen. Ronnie, being a generous man believes it is important to support the needy in some or the other way. He regularly donates to several charitable organizations that work for the welfare of the society. Apart from Salsa and his charitable ventures, what keeps the dancer busy is his love for traveling.

  7. Apart from Salsa and his charitable ventures, what keeps the dancer busy is his love for traveling. So far, he has taken tours to twenty countries and plans to explore many other destinations in the coming years. He is also a fitness freak and loves running and jogging.