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Ronnie Irwin

Ronnie Irwin. Biology: Health Science Biology Tennessee Tech. University Cookeville, TN. Health Science Biology.

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Ronnie Irwin

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  1. Ronnie Irwin Biology: Health Science Biology Tennessee Tech. University Cookeville, TN

  2. Health Science Biology • My name is Ronnie Irwin. When starting out at Tennessee Tech. I realized I was interested in the human body and how it works. For the first few semesters I was a pre-med major and had no idea what I should get my degree in. Until recently I figured out that I should major in Biology with a concentration in Health Science Biology. I generally don’t do to well in chemistry classes so I thought I couldn’t go well with majoring in something that interests me and also doesn’t require many chemistry classes. • With this major I was going to either go to pharmacy school or medical school, but a change of heart I have decided to become a paramedic. With my concentration in health science I believe that could aid me in my job, and I also believe that I could work on my masters degree and possibly teach a biology class at a school near my parent’s home. • After taking Bio 1000 I have realized the many possibilities with people with the Health Science Biology concentration. It has opened me up to many suggestions as well as helping me decide to become a paramedic rather than going to pharmacy or med. school. It as also showed me there are many other things I can do as well with a Health Science Biology concentration. Many of those things include working for the state, teaching, or pursing education deeper into my interest.

  3. Interest in Biology Professional Organizations/Clubs • Beta Beta Beta While at Tennessee Tech I would be interested in joining the Tri-Beta Biology Honors society. If I ever got further into research here at school this organization may publish my research in their newsletter. With conventions annually and meetings regularly I would be able to meet fellow students interested in the same field of biology as I am.

  4. Internships an/or Cooperative Programs Biscayne National Park http://www.thesca.org/ci_view.cfm?positionCode=BSNP8-1 Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge http://www.thesca.org/ci_view.cfm?positionCode=AMNWR8-2 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park http://www.thesca.org/ci_view.cfm?positionCode=HVNP1-7

  5. Resume

  6. Code of Ethics American Institute of Biological Sciences Ethics Statement Conduct research and teaching in a manner that is consistent with accepted scientific and teaching methods, maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all professional endeavors. Comply with all laws and regulations that apply to the treatment of study organisms and other aspects of professional conduct. Expose scientific fraud and other forms of professional misconduct whenever it is found. Be civil and respectful in professional interactions, avoiding discrimination, based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or age. Treat colleagues, students, and employees fairly. Be constructive and professional in evaluating the work of colleagues, students, and employees. Provide recognition of past and present contributions of others to science, and present one’s professional opinions only on those topics for which one has training and knowledge. Promote the free and open exchange of information, not withholding information to substantiate a personal or scientific point of view. Be candid about potential conflicts of interest in the conduct of professional duties. Do not speak on behalf of AIBS without written permission from the president of the Institute.

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