creator of nature unchained ronnie raevsky n.
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Ronnie Raevsky

Ronnie Raevsky

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Ronnie Raevsky

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  1. Creator of “Nature Unchained”– Ronnie Raevsky

  2. Ronnie Raevsky is a painter and creative expressionist who is well known for his nature and landscape works. While most of his paintings are done using oil pastels, he also paints with watercolors. Born in Maysel, West Virginia, he began to paint his natural surroundings as a child. It was at the tender age of 8 that he completed his first painting.

  3. His mother has noted that he was a very observant child, and would seem to get lost in the nature and scenic landscapes. He always enjoyed taking trips to different places so that he could paint nature and the environment.

  4. They lived on their small family estate in Maysel. Ronnie Raevsky grew up in a tight knit community of friends and family. All of the townspeople knew each other, and he always received a lot of encouragement and support from those around him. This nurturing environment was the perfect setting for him to grow and develop himself into a budding artist. His paintings were featured in local newspapers and magazine publications. He won many prizes not only from schools but also from independent organizations.

  5. One of his life changing experiences was his senior year trip in high school where they visited the Grand Canyon. It was here that he painted the panting that is most dear to his heart, and it is called “Nature Unchained”. Inspired by colors of the magnanimous canyon, Ronnie Raevsky painted an amazing piece of art that currently stands in his grandfathers bedroom. This painting is evidence of the fact that his ability to translate his vision to creative artistic expression is truly a gift from God.

  6. During his formal education, he studied the works of many famous artists, and he has an amazing ability to recall in vivid detail any painting that he has looked at. Although he has studied Dutch, Russain, and French landscape painters, Claude Monet is his favorite.

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