ronald raevsky is an awe inspiring painter from n.
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Ronald Raevsky | Ron Raevsky | Ronnie Raevsky PowerPoint Presentation
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Ronald Raevsky | Ron Raevsky | Ronnie Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky | Ron Raevsky | Ronnie Raevsky

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Ronald Raevsky | Ron Raevsky | Ronnie Raevsky

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  1. Ronald Raevsky Is An Awe-Inspiring Painter From Maysel, West Virginia

  2. Ronald Raevsky is an artist, painter, and creative expressionist. He was born in the rural landscapes of Maysel, West Virginia. He grew up on his family’s small estate in the heart of West Virginia, and even as a child his family would venture out into nature engaging in activities like horse riding, trekking, and camping. The wonders of nature and it’s beauty held his attention from a very young age. He was about 8 years old when he painted his first landscape, and it took his family by surprise because they had no inclination that their son had this talent.

  3. As a child, Ronald was a true naturalist as he used to admire the scenic landscapes and paint them beautifully on his canvas. He is not just gifted artistically but has this innate desire to blend colors and give them a jewel like splendor, which captivates the attention of everybody. He used to paint throughout the day and seek approval from his family. He received a lot of support and encouragement from his family members who have significantly contributed to his learning experience.

  4. Currently he lives at his family estate in Maysel, and is happily married with two children. His wife Angela is a Spanish national, and they met while studying in NYU. She married him after graduation and together they moved to rural West Virginia. Having come from Madrid, which is a metropolitan city, Angela welcomed this as a pleasant change and quickly accustomed to her life. Ron Raevsky manages the family estate which he has since grown. He was able to buy a neighboring plot of land and has turned into a horse ranch where he gives horse riding lessons.

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