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Creating an Epic Hero

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Creating an Epic Hero
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Creating an Epic Hero

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  1. Creating an Epic Hero Carolyn BlanchardEDU 505Harrison Yang

  2. INTRODUCTION This WebQuest has been designed to help you understand the characteristics of an Epic Hero and that of an autobiography. What you will do is explore the World Wide Web and discover what characteristics make up an Epic Hero. Then, you will create your own Epic Hero and, pretending that you are this hero, write an autobiography.

  3. TASK To begin, you will first research the Epic Hero and record what you find. Then, using the information that you have found, you will create your own Epic Hero. Finally, you will pretend to be this Epic Hero and write an autobiography about your journeys.

  4. PROCESS 1. Begin by visiting this site and taking notes about what makes an epic hero, epic: 2. Then, visit this site to further your understanding: 3. Find some examples of epic heroes on the web and write these down. 4. Then get some ideas about how to create an autobiography here: 5. Then brainstorm your piece and begin to write your autobiography.

  5. RESOURCES • Use what you know about Beowulf. • • •

  6. EVALUATION Your evaluation will be on your notes that you have recorded from the internet on characteristics of epic heroes and creating autobiographies. The second part of your evaluation will come with

  7. CONCLUSION The idea behind doing this WebQuest is to help you understand what makes an epic hero, epic. Also, it helps you to understand how to create autobiography. This WebQuest goes along with our studies in the classroom – our study of the Epic Hero Beowulf.

  8. TEACHER PAGE The Epic Hero A WebQuest for an 11th GradeEnglish Classroom Designed byCarolyn