Resources for authors pod and self publishing
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RESOURCES FOR AUTHORS: POD AND SELF-PUBLISHING. Have a Plan Have Patience Be Persistent. TAG, YOU’RE … WHAT?. Self-Published . Vanity Presses. Service providers for publishing your work

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Resources for authors pod and self publishing

Have a Plan

Have Patience

Be Persistent

Tag you re what


Vanity Presses

Service providers for publishing your work

Complete/partial packages: editing, formatting, submission to eBook publishers, marketing, distribution, printing, etc

Expensive – in the 3 to 5 figure category

Lots of room for fraud

  • eBooks: a viable entre into the world of publishing

  • Ownership of the process from A(uthor) to B(estseller)

  • Ownership=responsibility for the entire process

  • POD-print on demand

  • Bottom-line: writing the book was the easy part

You have a manuscript what now
You Have a Manuscript: What Now?

  • Edit, Edit, Edit

  • And not by ToH, Auntie Mae (that’s nice, dear), or friends

  • You need, you deserve, a real editor who will examine your work critically, not just for typos, or the occasional lax bit of continuity

  • Find a Critique group, make a new BFF or three

  • Budget for a professional to look at the MS, the blurb, the synopsis, and the (gasp) Query Letter


  • …is not a dirty word.

  • …is a learning tool.

  • …is a way to hone your skills.

  • …is a good way to fine tune your market(s)

  • …is the catalyst for the decision to dive into those shark-infested waters

I m an ebook author now
I’m An eBook Author Now!

  • Smashwords

  • Pay close attention to formatting rules

  • Make sure you get Premium status

  • Distribution channels-more variation than with Kindle

  • Lots of looky-loos to site, sales spotty

  • Amazon Kindle

  • Industry standard

  • Reasonably user-friendly

  • Use HTML/ePub format when submitting MS

  • Have a killer book cover and abide by formatting rules

  • Optional $39 distribution add-on + royalty booster

Ebook or pod getting noticed
eBook or POD: Getting Noticed

  • Book Cover: if you are expert at PhotoShop, great. If not hie to your local high school or college and find a graphics designer – this is the first thing a reader sees – make it count

  • Back cover blurb: nothing says ‘read me’ like 2-3 lines of ‘can’t put this one back on the shelf’

  • First two paragraphs: hook the reader, hook them fast, hook them hard

Getting the word out
Getting the Word Out

  • Face Book: yours, friends’, a dedicated ‘Like’ page

  • Twitter: personal, dedicated-to-book

  • MySpace: a lot of kids still use this so if you write YA it is useful

  • LinkedIn – set up contacts with industry professionals

  • Local Book Clubs, Writers Groups, Newspapers

Must have tools
Must-Have Tools

  • Website: personal

  • Blog

  • Marketing Plan: target your market and pursue aggressively

  • Networking

  • Right mindset: no false modesty, persistence, reciprocity and good manners (‘thank you’ goes a long way in customer relations)

The website s
The Website(s)

  • What you see when it opens (without scrolling up or down) is the critical area – make it count

  • Pictures: readers love visuals

  • Keep it short, keep it pertinent

  • Share, don’t sell

  • Be generous

  • Be positive, upbeat

Blogging pros
Blogging: Pros

  • Can be integrated with the personal site or separate

  • Site should be active with new material offered several times a week

  • Educate, illuminate, ruminate, cogitate – invite comments & interaction, have a dialog with the reader to build a fan base

  • Offer glimpses of your work

Blogging cons
Blogging: Cons

  • Time intensive

  • Requires attention to ‘political correctness’ – you don’t want to offend & drive off your customer base

  • Tend to attract a small following that can devolve into a clique – this puts new people off and sends them seeking friendlier waters

  • Requires sophisticated tools to determine impact

Blogging templates
Blogging Templates



Not so elegant but enough options to play with

Very easy to use

Text management … sighs

Minimal SEO tools

Offers optional upgrade – little bang for the buck

Site can be squirrelly


  • Elegant, tons of options

  • Relatively easy to use

  • Text management a challenge

  • Superior SEO tools for site evaluation

  • Stable site

  • Free

Sites to help you publicize
Sites to Help you Publicize

  • PolkaDotBanner: run by Saloff Enterprises

  • Authors on Show

  • The Indie Spotlight

  • Book Blogs

  • Novel Help

  • Kindle Author

  • Kindle Boards

  • fReado/BookBuzzr

Give them a taste they ll come back for more
Give Them a Taste They’ll Come Back for More?

  • SlushPileReader: independent, vote-to-publish

  • Authonomy: HC-sponsored site

  • Smashwords

  • Amazon Kindle and Amazon books

  • Scribd: full or partial MS

  • Blogs: yours, theirs

  • Face Book: notes, discussion

  • Kindle Nation

  • Bookmato: sell WiP as a serial

Professional help is available
Professional Help is Available

  • Saloff Enterprises: editing, MS prep, formatting, marketing

  • Jenkins Group: full service from editing to marketing

  • International Titles: marketing to international vendors

  • Write2market

  • Electric Publisher: apps for iPad & iPhone

  • Hudson Group

Marketing options with a professional
Marketing Options with a Professional

  • Book Fairs: NYC, Library Assoc., London, Dubai, China, Frankfurt, Bologna

  • Press Releases to targeted audiences

  • Newsletters to critics, bloggers, book reviewers

  • Newsletters to Library Associations

  • Newsletters to Independent Booksellers

  • Book Award programs: IPPY, Axiom, Moonbeam

Reviews how to get them
Reviews: How to Get Them

  • Strong arm anyone you know who has read your novel to do a review on Amazon, the more, the better

  • Canvas FB pals to read and comment

  • Offer free download to anyone willing to do a review – via blog site, website, etc

  • Canvass the review sites (1000’s out there), read a few and see what the reviewer likes, then submit a proposal (another Q-letter)


  • FaceBook friends all have blog & websites, all are desperate for content

  • Start the ball rolling: work up a list of generic questions, add something pertaining to their book/interests, i.e. personalize, then ask a few folks if they’d be interested (I haven’t been turned down yet), time it to coincide with their pub-date … smiles all around

  • Make sure to include a book cover image, author image, links to everything, excerpt - gussy it up because ultimately it will reflect on your image as a professional

Google is your friend
Google Is Your Friend

  • Independent Booksellers: they are out there, find them, pitch them

  • Like-minded bloggers: sign up, sign on, participate in forums

  • Attach yourself to Network Bloggers via FB

  • Twitter: there’s a huge number of indies tweeting away, friend them, start a dialog

  • Use non-traditional venues: CafeMom has a book club!

Distribution the gorilla in the room
Distribution: the Gorilla in the Room

  • Amazon: Golden but not universal, UK site not up to spec yet, shipping costs can be obscene

  • eBooks: gottalove’em, cheap, easy to disseminate, easy to pirate

  • LSI & the Ingram Content Group: world-wide channels

  • lists top indie distributors

  • Baker & Taylor: qualification tough for an indie

Are we there yet
Are We There Yet?

  • Metrics is the name of the game

  • When I figure it out, I’ll be happy to share

  • Metrics: yes, it is truly higher math, the kind that does not end up in your wallet

  • Metrics: make sure your professionals give you a way to determine whether or not a particular strategy works and/or has legs

What else can i do
What Else Can I Do?

  • Organize: learn to use Excel, record everything

  • Got a review? Tag the site, copy the review, the URL, and save in a folder

  • Sent out requests for this ‘n that? Tag, copy, save

  • Make up a calendar: target something for every day if possible, every week for sure, every month

  • Bottom line – no targets, no sales

Diane s excel sheet
Diane’s Excel Sheet

  • Title

  • ISBN

  • Publication date

  • eBook distribution sites

  • Print book distribution sites

  • Reviews requested, dates, URL of reviewer site

  • Reviews received: URL, copy to doc with running tally, extract pithy snippets for later use

  • List of Promo links

  • Blog mentions: URL, date

  • Book trailer link

  • Interviews: ditto

Diane s other docs
Diane’s Other Docs

  • Book blurb in parts: full synopsis, 3-paragraph, 1-paragraph, 2-3 sentence, single sentence descriptions [trust me, the more you do this, the easier it gets]

  • Reviews: where, when, text, all documentation for citing later

  • Where books are sold by eBook & print: links, discounts currently in use

  • Google yourself and your book title regularly to find where you are in cyberspace, ditto your blog and website titles

What about contests giveaways
What About Contests, Giveaways?

  • Dunno, haven’t run any yet

  • There are so many writing ‘contests’ out there that it is overwhelming – I have 3 favorites I like and contribute to on a regular basis (one is a WebZine)

  • WordPress is the better format for running these things although Blogger seems like a reasonable alternative. Weebly doesn’t have sufficient interactivity to make it work without … a LOT of work.

Bottom line
Bottom Line

  • Writing the book? Pfft. Piece of cake.

  • It’s a journey.

  • Persist.

  • Keep the faith.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Don’t ‘sell’.

  • Engage in a dialog with your readers, ‘friend them’.

  • And remember, it’s about 90% luck at the end of the day. Just make sure that when the 10% rolls around, it rolls with you attached.

Good afternoon and good luck
Good afternoon … and Good Luck

  • I will put together links which I will post on my two websites:



And a call for submissions
And a Call for Submissions

  • Do you like to write erotic romance & erotica?

  • Have you ever tried flash fiction?

  • Do you have a short story in that genre that could be serialized?

  • Submit your work to


Pfoxmoor publishing does ya
Pfoxmoor Publishing Does YA

  • And we are interested in your action-adventure, romance, coming-of-age, SF, paranormal, urban fantasy YA

  • PfoxPub has Lily, Dragon Academy and Wizards, with more exciting titles due out this spring

  • Submissions currently being accepted, YA only