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Unit 3 Week 3 PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3 Week 3

Unit 3 Week 3

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Unit 3 Week 3

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  1. Unit 3 Week 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Phonics Resources: Ending -es, Plural -es Phonics Resources: r-Controlled or, ore Comprehension Resources: Theme Grammar Resources: Verbs that do not add -s Practice and Spelling Workbook Jefferson County Schools Credited for Daily Fix Its

  2. Question of the Week Why are changes exciting?

  3. Day 1 Morning Warm-Up! Have you ever gone to a new place? Were you sure you would like it? Maybe you were a little bit scared too. Why are changes exciting?

  4. Amazing Words arrive route depart location

  5. Shared Literature Click to Play Song New Location It’s time to depart so here we go. What time will we get there? We don’t know. We’ve planned our route And we’re heading out To follow our rainbow. We are heading for a new location That is all the way Across the nation. Soon we’ll arrive there. It is a place where Changes can be fun!

  6. Introduce Phonics Target Skill: Ending -es, Plural -es Segment Five: Forming Plural Nouns with ES (02:12) Word Pup Discovers Endings (14:21)

  7. Add -esto the words. es flash es match

  8. Add -esto the words. es toss es dress

  9. Spelling Words fix

  10. Spelling Words fixes

  11. Spelling Words class

  12. Spelling Words classes

  13. Spelling Words wish

  14. Spelling Words He wishes he was not in trouble. wishes

  15. Spelling Words kiss

  16. Spelling Words Dad kisses Mom before he goes to work. kisses

  17. Spelling Words bus

  18. Spelling Words buses

  19. Apply Phonics Decodable Reader and Leveled Readers

  20. Phonics Resources: Ending -es, Plural -es Suffix Practice Labs Plurals ‘es’ Word Endings Word Endings Practice 2 Word Sort by Amanda Hall

  21. Build Background

  22. Build Background Change Stay the Same

  23. Comprehension Target Skill: Theme All stories have a big idea. The big idea can be something to learn or know. The big idea in a story is called the theme.

  24. Comprehension Target Skill: Theme What is the big idea in Ruby in Her Own Time? It is okay to do things in your own time. Adapted from Jefferson County Schools.

  25. Comprehension Resources: Theme • Drama Map: Complete Lesson and Resources Interactive Elements of a Story Read the Paragraph & Make a Prediction Order Sentences to Build a Story Newspaper Headlines – Identify Problems with the Theme Pick a Title,Story,&Picture to Make a Theme Listen to the OnLine Story#1-What’s the Theme Listen to the OnLine Story#2 What’s the Theme Listen to the OnLine Story#3-What’s the Theme

  26. Shared Writing

  27. Daily Fix-It My dad fickses buss. My dad fixes buses. i have a vere friendly class. I have a very friendly class.

  28. Daily Fix-It My dad fickses buss. i have a vere friendly class.

  29. Day 2 Morning Warm-Up! Mr. George Baker goes to school to try to read. It’s very hard work. But he is always excited and happy. Why do you get excited about going to school?

  30. Amazing Words tumble swoop

  31. Shared Literature What do Harry and Mr. Baker do while they wait for the bus?? How can you tell what season it is?

  32. Introduce Phonics Target Skill: r-Controlled or, ore Bossy R (04:54)

  33. Read the /or/ words. b n or c k or th n or

  34. Read the /ore/ words. m ore st ore ch ore

  35. Apply Phonics Decodable Reader and Leveled Readers

  36. Phonics Resources: r-Controlled or, ore Sound Button: Vowel Phonemes Starfall R-Controlled R-Controlled Game 2 R-Controlled Word and Picture Magic Pencil- r controlled

  37. Practice making ending –es; plural es. fox box es es miss hiss es es wish dish es es Click here for plural -es spelling words for this week.

  38. house Vocabulary Words friends our away

  39. Vocabulary Words car very school

  40. Use a vocabulary word to complete the following sentences. Ready, Set, Go !

  41. Jan drove away from her old home.

  42. How many friends will be at your pool party?

  43. Our dog loves to do tricks.

  44. My dad wants to buy a yellow car.

  45. I’m going to eat a very big ice cream.

  46. We go to school so we can learn.

  47. Jan really loves her new house.

  48. Review High Frequency Words the way on that do and take in up help use get them this put

  49. Review High Frequency Words eat too home your paper her small tree no many into saw good old want

  50. Review High Frequency Words catch could be there horse out who live work now people together inside