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High School 101

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High School 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School 101. Cafeteria Procedures Monday, August 18 th 2 nd Period. High School 101:Cafeteria. Procedures for the Cafeteria Arrive in the cafeteria, courtyard or library by the tardy bell.

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High School 101

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    1. High School 101 Cafeteria Procedures Monday, August 18th 2nd Period

    2. High School 101:Cafeteria Procedures for the Cafeteria • Arrive in the cafeteria, courtyard or library by the tardy bell. • If you are purchasing lunch in the MAIN CAFETERIA, go around to the side of the cafeteria hallway next to the MAIN GYM AND SNACK MACHINES to form a line. • DO NOT RUN THROUGH THE CAFETERIA TO GET TO THE FRONT OF THE LINES. • DO NOT CUT IN LINE. If you are found cutting in line, you will be sent to the back. • Read menu choices on the windows to make a quick decision.

    3. High School 101: CAFETERIA KNOW HOW! • When you choose a lunch line, you must remain in that line or go to the back of the line. NO SWITCHING LINES • Exit the lunch lines on the courtyard side • If you are eating lunch on the parking lot side, line up in the two lines provided.

    4. High School 101: CAFETERIA ETIQUETTE • After you have finished eating, IMMEDIATELY TAKE YOUR TRAY TO THE TRASHCAN! • Do NOT push your tray to the center for others to take. • Do NOT play with your food! • Do NOT leave your food unattended. It may get thrown away. • There are no saved seats! • Do not leave your book bags unattended. Thieves are all around! • YOU ARE ALWAYS COURTEOUS AND NICE TO CUSTODIAL AND CAFETERIA STAFF!

    5. High School 101: CAFETERIA KNOW HOW • DO NOT RUN AROUND IN THE CAFETERIA WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED LUNCH. You may go to the media center at this time if you would like to work on homework or read quietly. • After eating, this is a great time to finish homework or study for a test or quiz. • You must have a pass to go to a teacher’s room for tutoring. NO EXCEPTIONS! • There are teachers on duty in every hallway. • At the media center, you must have a pass to go to any location. Use AGENDA BOOK for your pass!

    6. High School 101: MONEY • You may pay with cash or check at each line. • You may go on the DD2 website and sign up on Nutrikid so that you will have money on an account. • YOU MAY NOT CHARGE FOR LUNCHES • TO CONTINUE WITH FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH, YOU MUST TURN IN A FORM (FROM REGISTRATION PACKET) TO AN ADMINISTRATOR OR THE FRONT OFFICE. • You must always use your own ID to purchase lunch. • You may not use another student’s ID.

    7. High School 101:Even More Stuff • You may not exit the doors near the parking lot. You may not go out to a car. The parking lot is off limits. • If you are a senior and have early release, you must exit out the front door to go to your car. • FOURTH LUNCH-10TH-12TH GRADE MAY USE THE COURTYARD • FIFTH AND SIXTH LUNCH ONLY SENIORS MAY USE THE COURTYARD. • The courtyard will close down if the area is not kept clean or inappropriate behavior is taking place!

    8. High School 101: Food Lines and More • Each line contains a student meal for a specific price. • If you choose individual items it will cost MORE! Be careful with this one. • ARHS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY IN A VENDING MACHINE. • DO NOT ROCK OR SHAKE MACHINES. • DO NOT GO INTO A RESTRICTED AREA DURING LUNCH!!