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High School 101

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High School 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School 101. Clarkston High School. HS 101 Syllabus. Teacher: Ms. Nguyen Phone Number: 678-676- 5398 Room Number/s : 21 Email: Chau_N_Nguyen@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us Tutorial Days : Mondays and Tuesdays Textbook: Career Choices/Lifestyle HS 101 Tutorial Time: 3:20- 4:00PM

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High School 101

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    1. High School 101 Clarkston High School

    2. HS 101 Syllabus • Teacher: Ms. Nguyen • Phone Number: 678-676-5398 • Room Number/s: 21 • Email: Chau_N_Nguyen@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us • Tutorial Days: Mondays and Tuesdays • Textbook: Career Choices/Lifestyle HS 101 • Tutorial Time: 3:20- 4:00PM • Tutorial Location: Room 21

    3. Course Description • This is a freshman course designed to help students envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating. It helps the students recognize the value of education while motivating them to challenge themselves and strive for higher achievement. By the end of the course, students will understand the career planning process, become career-focused, develop a personalized ten-year plan and possess the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes needed to successfully transition into high school, post-secondary education and/or training, the workforce, and adulthood.

    4. Course Outline • The teacher reserves his/her rights to change this outline as needed to best accommodate for students’ needs. • WEEK 1: Pre-class survey/HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Organization and Time Management • WEEK 2: Organization and Time Management Career Choices-ch.1-Envisioning Your Future • WEEK 3: Career Choices- ch. 2-Your Personal Profile/HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Academic Success

    5. Course Outline • WEEK 4: Career Choices-ch. 2-Your Personal Profile. Career Choices-ch. 3-Lifestyles of the Satisfied and Happy • WEEK 5: Career Choices-ch. 3-Lifestyles of the Satisfied and Happy. Career Choices-ch. 4-What Cost this Lifestyle? • WEEK 6: Career Choices-ch.4-Lifestyle Math/ HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Getting Involved & Personal Well-Being

    6. Course Outline • WEEK 7: Career Choices-ch.4-Lifestyle Math • WEEK 8: Career Choices-ch.4-Lifestyle Math • WEEK 9: Career Choices-ch.4-Lifestyle Math/Career Choices-ch.5-Your Ideal Career • WEEK 10: Career Choices-ch.6-Career Research/ HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Peer Pressure • WEEK 11: Career Choices-ch.6-Career Research/ Career Choices-ch.7-Decision Making

    7. Course Outline • WEEK 12: Career Choices-ch.8-Setting Goals and Solving Problems/Lifestyle Math • WEEK 13: Career Choices-ch.9-Avoiding Detours and Roadblocks/ HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Friends • WEEK 14: Career Choices-ch.9-Avoiding Detours and Roadblocks • WEEK 15: Career Choices-ch.10-Attitude is Everything/ HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Dating

    8. Course Outline • WEEK 16: Career Choices-ch.11-Getting Experience/ HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Embarrassing Moments • WEEK 17: Career Choices-ch.12-Where do you go from here?/ HS101 Freshman Survival Guide-Upperclassmen/Final Project • WEEK 18: Final Project/Exam-Ten-year plan

    9. Course Standards • COMMON CORE: RL – Reading Standards for Literature, RI Reading Standards for Informational Text, RF – Reading Standards: Foundational Skills, W – Writing Standards, SL – Speaking and Listening Standards, L- Language Standards, RH – Reading Standards for Literacy in History and Social Studies, RST - Reading Standards for Literacy in Science and technical Subjects, WHST – Writing Standards for Literacy in History, Social studies, Science, and Technical Subjects • GPS for Visual Arts: https://www.georgiastandards.org/standards/GPS%20Support%20Docs/Fine_Arts_Visual_GPS_Final_2-11-2010.pdf

    10. Required Materials • One single subject spiral notebook or composition notebook • Writing utensils (pens and pencils) • Erasers • Loose writing paper

    11. DeKalb County School District Grading System • A- =90 A = 95 A+ =100 • B- =80 B =85 B+ =89 • C- =71 C =75 C + =79 • D=70 • F=69 OR BELOW

    12. Grading Scale • Classwork/Daily Work (25%) Includes quizzes, reading and writing assignments (written assignments/textbook work), sponges (warm up assignments), thinking maps, vocabulary • Performance/Participation (15%) Includes classroom maintenance, classroom clean up, attentiveness in the classroom, workmanship, group cooperation • Projects (50%) Includes major research projects, tests, and as assigned by instructor • Final Exam (10%) Cumulative learning from entire semester exam

    13. Late Assignments • PROJECTS ARE DUE ON DEADLINE. Submitting Projects Late will result in a deduction of 10 points each day after the due date. For example, if the project was assigned to be due on Friday, projects turned in the following week will include the deduction of points. See below for how the deduction accumulates throughout the following week. Keep in mind that this chart reflects a project grade that meets all requirements. In other words, the student’s artwork alone deserves a score of 100. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 90 80 70 60 50

    14. Make-up Policy • When a student is absent (excused absence only), he/she has five (5) days from date of absence to make up assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to approach the teacher concerning makeup work before or after school. Students must make up the missed assignment outside of the regular class time only. • Make good use of Tutorial sessions.

    15. Re-do Policy • Students may “Re-do” projects within a timely framework and with permission from Instructor.

    16. The Power of “I” • All students are expected to meet the standards set by this course. Studio assignments, class projects, computer tasks, and other long range assignments that receive a grade of 75 or below will receive incomplete for partial proficiency, and will be provided a Power of “I” plan. A student-teacher conference will be held to review the strategies necessary to bring the work up to GPS standard. A time limit for resubmitting the assignment will be provided during the conference. The parent will be contacted and given a copy of this agreement and asked to review and assist the implementation of the plan.

    17. Classroom Rules and Expectations • Be on time and seated when the bell rings. • Only emergency passes will be issued. Use the time between classes for such matters as water and restroom needs. • Respect your teacher and fellow students by being courteous and quiet in class. • When the bell rings for class change, remain quietly in your seat for teacher to dismiss class. • Bring proper materials to class including a pencil, notebook, eraser, etc. EVERY DAY. • Don’t talk while the teacher is talking.

    18. Classroom Rules and Expectations • Clean up on time and effectively. • Respect and properly maintain tools, supplies, room and equipment. Students will use some art materials/tools, computers/technology and all other materials appropriately at all times. • Attend class daily. Poor attendance generally translates into poor performance. • Never alter or damage another students work.

    19. Classroom Rules and Expectations • Keep food and drink out of the classroom. Do not allow gum to become a problem. • Do not bring bags to class. EVER! • Comply with the Clarkston High/DeKalb County DRESS CODE. • Students will not display cell phones, portable electronic devices or playing cards in class. Keep electronics out of site! • Students will follow all handbook policies for classroom conduct and procedures.

    20. Consequences for Violations of Expectations • 1.     Verbal warning • 2.     Teacher/student conference • 3.     Phone call to parents • 4.     Assign detention • 5.     Cross-teaming • 6.     Administrative Referral

    21. Fun Facts About YourselfPlease answer the following questions… • What is your full name? • Which city were you born in? • What is your favorite movie? • What is your favorite food? • What is your favorite candy bar? • What is the tittle of your favorite book? • What is your favorite color? • Who is your favorite actor/actress? • If you could become a superhero who would it be? • List your hobbies.

    22. Daily Independent Reading • Media Center in-service will be scheduled one day on week two of school. • You are required to bring a book of your choice each day and read it independently for the first 15 minutes of class starting immediately after the Media Center in-service session. • You will keep up with a reading log and will be asked from time to time summarize the readings you have done. • The teacher will arrange one day out of the week to take you to the Media Center for matters such as checking or rechecking out books.