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High School 101

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High School 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School 101
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  1. High School 101 Quarter Recovery, Credit Recovery, APEX, and Evening School Monday, August 18th, 6th Period Tuesday, August 19th, 5th period

  2. High School 101: Struggling in Class • What do I do if I am failing a course? 1. TALK to your teacher! 2. Take advantage of FREE tutoring from your teachers. Find the tutoring matrices posted throughout the building to locate the time which best fits your schedule. 3. Take advantage of RETESTING opportunities. Each teacher provides the guidelines for that course. 4. TAKE NOTES, COMPLETE HOMEWORK, and STUDY! 5. Remain focused.

  3. High School 101: Quarter Recovery • What do I do if I fail a quarter in a course? • Complete Quarter Recoveryassigned by your teacher • Allows you to bring grade to a 70 for the quarter • Provides opportunity to pass the course for the year Be mindful of due dates and assignment requirements! NO Quarter Recovery for 4th Quarter!

  4. High School 101: Quarter Recovery Without Quarter Recovery With Quarter Recovery

  5. High School 101: Credit Recovery • What happens if I fail a course for the year? • If you earned a score between 60-69, you are eligible for CREDIT RECOVERY. • Selected upperclassmen may take the courses during the school day. Others may retake the course via Evening School or Virtual School. • Upon completion of the course, your original grade will be changed to 70 and you will have earned the credit. You will ONLY receive a 70.

  6. High School 101: APEX • What is APEX? • APEX is a computer-based program aligned to our state standards. • We use APEX for our students to earn high school credits. • APEX Odds and Ends • APEX is independent work and mastery-based. It is not appropriate for ALL students. • APEX coursework is completed at school with a content-area teacher present. • Students work through study guides, practices, and lessons before completing assessments. • Students are required to complete a portfolio maintaining all written work which is submitted and graded before a final grade is given for the course.

  7. High School 101: Evening School • What is Evening School? • An opportunity to earn high school credits in an alternative setting • Meets 3 days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for 2 or more hours depending on the needs of the student • Priority is given to upperclassmen in order to meet Radcliffe’s Non-Negotiable of graduating in 4 years • Students meet with Ms. Shipman and Mrs. Wells to determine if Evening School is needed for graduation and is appropriate for the student • Students complete coursework utilizing the APEX Blended Learning Program

  8. High School 101: Evening School • Evening school hours: • Tuesday – 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm • Wednesday – 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm • Thursday – 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm • Evening School Assistant Principal: Mrs. Wells • Evening School Counselor: Ms. Shipman

  9. High School 101: • REMEMBERstudents need 24 credits to graduate from high school so everything is crucial. Failing classes is NOT an option. You have many opportunities to be successful in each class. Take advantage of those opportunities.