Demographical info of the ottoman empire
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Demographical info of the ottoman empire. Population- Total- 27 million, 10 million Turks, 6 million Arabs, 1.5 million Kurds Growth- as the empire expanded westward there population increased drastically Density- population densities became drastically over populated

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Demographical info of the ottoman empire
Demographical info of the ottoman empire

  • Population-

    Total- 27 million, 10 million Turks, 6 million Arabs, 1.5 million Kurds

    Growth- as the empire expanded westward there population increased drastically

    Density- population densities became drastically over populated

    Age distribution- average life expectancy was 49 years

    gender distribution- the ratio was close to 50\50

Ottoman empire demographical cont
Ottoman Empire Demographical (cont.)

  • Family size and structure- men are the ruling factor in the standard house hold

Demographical info of the safavid empire
Demographical info of the safavid empire

  • Population-

    Total- consisted of Sunni Muslims from Persia and those they conquered

    Growth- traveled to covert others to the Sunni faith and further spread using military force

    density- it was mostly made up of Sunni Muslims and others from Persia

    immigration- many Sunni Muslims joined the empire to spread they're beliefs

Safavid demographics cont
Safavid demographics (cont.)

Migrations- they traveled to spread the Sunni form of Islam and in the future for military means

age distributions- most people did not live to 47

Gender distributions- men where the gender most seen in public women where required to stay home

Family structure- men had all the power in the family. Women women had to stay home and

Safavid demographical info cont
Safavid demographical info cont.

Take care of the children and household problems

Demographical info of the mughal empire
Demographical info of the mughal empire


Total- at the point of there conquests they where at 110-130 million men and women

Growth- the spanned over the Indian subcontinent from the regions north of the Ganges river.

Density- 305 people per square kilometer

Age distribution-

Mughal demographical info cont
Mughal demographical info cont.

Family structures- both males and females had power when it came to heirlooms, property, and holding a job. And divorces could come from both ends of the marriage.

Ottoman habsburg wars
Ottoman-Habsburg wars

Ottoman empire

  • The ottoman empire fought to expand there empires boundaries

  • The spark that started this war was the ottoman attempt to siege Vienna

  • On the side of the ottoman empire:

  • Moldavia, Transylvania , Barbary states, and Walachia

  • The major turning point was the failure at Vienna which weakened the empire to other European attacks

  • Total casualties -10,000 dead 5000 wounded ottoman leader- Kara Mustafa Pasha

  • habsburg leaders- John III Sobieski

Habsburg dynasty/ allies

  • The Habsburg empire fought to defend there land agents the ottoman invaders.

  • For a long time the ottoman empire was expanding to the west constantly

  • Habsberg allies:

  • Habsberg Spain, kingdom of Hungary,

  • kingdom of Croatia

  • The treaty:

  • There was no treaty the ottomans retreated in there weakened state and did not continue there attack on the Vienna as planed

  • Total casualties- 2000 dead 2500 wounded

Safavid ottoman wars
Safavid - ottoman wars


  • the reason for this war is simple territorial disputes between the two empires.

  • Allies of the safavid empire-

  • The safavid fought alone with no support

  • Safavid leader- Tahmasp I

  • Treaty – the peace of Peace of Amasya-

  • This allowed the ottoman empire to keeps all territory gained in there military campaigns against the safavid empire


  • the ottoman forces fought to gain territory.Allies of the ottoman empire-

  • France

  • Major turning point- the ottomans captured Bagdad weakening the safavid power.

  • Ottoman leader- Suleiman the magnificent

Mughal the battle of khanwa
Mughal: the battle of khanwa

Mughal empire

  • The reason for this attack is Babur (first leader of the mughal empire) was trying to take over northern India

  • allies of the mughal empire:

  • The mughal empire was the only nation fighting to conquer northern India

  • Mugahal leader: Babur

  • Treaty: there was no treaty they killed or isolated the enemy the leaders all died and Barbur controlled the city and northern India

Forces of Khanwa

  • After two battles this town was the only place stopping the mughal possession of northern India

  • Allies of khanwa:

  • Western Afghan Confederates, Rajput Confederates

  • Leaders of khanwa forces: Rana Sanga,

  • Hasan Khan, Sultan Mahmud Lodi

Suleiman the magnificent
Suleiman the magnificent


  • Suleiman was born November 6th 1494

  • He was born in Trabzon along the black sea

  • His moth died when he was 7

  • Sent to study sciences, history military tactics, and literature

  • His father was selim I and upon his death took the throne

  • He was inspired by Alexander the great

  • He was liked by all of his empire

  • He died in 1566 the 5th of November

  • time in power: 1520to his deathin 1566.


  • He reformed the ottoman legal system

  • Brought the ottoman golden age of cultural development

  • Lead many successful military campaigns

  • Created many artistic societies

  • Commissioned the building of the Süleymaniye Mosque

Isma il safavid
Isma'il (safavid)


  • Was born on July 17th 1484

  • Was bilingual at birth (was not born to a specific ethnic group

  • Last descendent of the major leader of the Sunni branch of Islam

  • At the age of 15 he had conquered all of Israel

  • He was a very popular poet in his empire

  • Died- may 28th 1524

  • Time in power: 1502-1524


  • Created a empire at a young age

  • Conquered Israel at the age of 15

  • His cultural influence lasted well after the fall of the safavid empire

Akbar the great
Akbar the great


Leader of the mughal empire of India

Born 15 October 1542

Family moved to Persia but he stayed in the village of Mukundpur where he became very close to the prince

Became ruler after the emperor died attacking dahli

Lead many military attacks into India eventually spreading his empire far into India


Lead many successful military conquests

Brought a strong form of religious tolerance to India

He had a strong and popular form of taxation in which he gave poor farmers money/ compensation if they had a bad harvest

His military skills gave his army an advantage over most existing cities in the area that he was conquering