milk does it do your body good n.
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Milk Does it do your body good? PowerPoint Presentation
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Milk Does it do your body good?

Milk Does it do your body good?

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Milk Does it do your body good?

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  1. MilkDoes it do your body good? By: Alicia Dypolt & Ashley Spencer

  2. What is Milk? • A white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings. From:

  3. Nutritional Benefits of Milk • Source of 15 essential nutrients, energy and large volumes of water. • Calcium • 2-4 servings

  4. Nutrients Milk has to Offer

  5. Who Drinks Milk? • Offspring mammals • Humans Do you know of ANY other species that drinks another species milk?

  6. NO!!! • Humans- are the only species that drinks another species milk • Cows do not drink cow’s milk • Calves stop drinking between the ages of six to eight months

  7. Got Problems…

  8. Pictures received from

  9. … We’ve Got Answers!

  10. “KNOWLEDGE is a killer of FEAR.”

  11. Cow’s Milk Contains: • 87% Water • 3.25% Fat • 4% Casein • 1% Protein • 59 Active Hormones: Fat, Cholesterol, Blood, Pus, Feces, Herbicides, Pesticides, Bacteria and viruses.

  12. Pasteurization: the process of making drinkable milk. • Involves heating to extreme temperature in attempt to destroys bacteria and viruses • However, at same time it destroys valuable enzymes and calcium.

  13. Fact or Fiction? • With out Milk… • Bones will become brittle • Teeth will become Unhealthy • Experience loss of strength • Milk is… • “natural” • Essential to health

  14. Historical Perspective • Our Paleolithic ancestors bone remains reflect great strength muscularity and the total absence of advanced osteoporosis • Don’t forget our bodies are running on the same set up as our ancestors!

  15. New Revolution • Many Humans are steering away from cow’s milk. • One Reason : #1 Food allergy • Secondly: Personal Choice (Vegans) • Another Reason: Lactose Intolerant • How Many Affected? • 95% Asian Americans • 70% African Americans • 15% Caucasian’s (Dairy products,

  16. Lactose Intolerance • Affects 75% of the world's population. • Symptoms include bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhea. • Cure: Don't drink your milk.

  17. Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) • Genetically engineered Hormone • Used by farmers to increase milk productions • Decreases the body fat of cows • Causes an increase in breast infections in cows which must receive additional antibiotics • Identified as the single-most causative factor of obesity epidemic, and the link to heart disease • Increase IGF hormone

  18. Insulin-like Growth Hormone (IGF) • Most powerful growth hormone produced in a cow's body (and found in cow's milk) • Identical to the most powerful growth hormone in the human body. • Key role player in fueling growth • Proliferation of breast, prostate, and lung cancers. “..Aids human breast cancer cells in maintaining their malignancy, progression, and invasiveness” ( pg.102 Milk, Money, and Madness) • Survives milk pasteurization and human intestinal digestion

  19. A Quick Question: • Milk contains somatic cells, which are dead red and white blood cells. Another name for somatic cells is "pus cells." America's Food and Drug Administration sets the legal standard for the allowable number of pus cells that can be sold in milk. One liter of American milk may contain no more than: • a) 75 hundred pus cells • b) 75 thousand pus cells • c) 75 million pus cells • d) 750 million pus cells

  20. Protein Problems • Enzyme called xanthine oxidase • Small fat globules surround the enzyme • Absorbed into bloodstream • Increases the risk of heart disease

  21. Crohn’s Disease Asthma Early Sexual MaturationEarly breast Growth Diabetes Breast Cancer Colon Cancer Ear Aches Leukemia ADD or ADHD Prostate Cancer Osteoporosis Arthritis Sinuses Autoimmune Disease Lung Cancer Childhood Anemia Diarrhea & Constipation Repeated Exposure Disrupts Immune Function:

  22. Protein Question • Nutritionists and food scientists agree: Humans need to eat protein. Eighty percent of milk protein is a substance called 'CASEIN.' When casein is isolated from milk, it can be used: • a) In the manufacturing process for plastic. • b) As a glue to hold together wood in furniture. • c) As an adhesive to attach a label to a beer bottle. • d) All of the above.

  23. Is Beer Healthier? • “Delivers protection against major ailments such as heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, diabetes & dementia.” • “Protects against heart disease and ischemic strokes, and mounting evidence [shows] that it protects against diabetes and gallstones.”

  24. MILK vs. BEER From the: United States Department of Agriculture Nutritional Data for Milk and Beer

  25. Milk Ice Cream Cheese Butter Chocolate Vanilla or plain soymilk. Soy Cheese Fruit Sorbets or Rice Dream Sautee in water or vegetable broth Instead of: Try this:

  26. Conclusion There are many ways to retrieve the nutrients provided by milk without the risk factors associated with ingesting milk. • ANY QUESTIONS?

  27. References • • • • • Species Specific By: Nicole Dypolt • Understanding Nutrition By: Eleanor Noss Whitney &Sharon Rady Rolfes • Milk, Money, and Madness pg 102 • Milk and Dairy Products: