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What Does It Do? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Does It Do?

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What Does It Do?
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What Does It Do?

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  1. What Does It Do? • The Pythagoras System is a unique fingerprint clocking system and surpasses any other fingerprint system currently available Why? • It is the ONLY portable system utilizing GPRS connectivity which allows the unit to be transported to any location GLOBALLY. • It is the ONLY system which utilizes our own Pythagoras Communication Software.

  2. How? • As a fingerprint is recorded, a signal is sent to our main server within 5 seconds acknowledging receipt of the individual • The data file is received and imported directly into V.I.P Payroll, Pastel, QuickBooks, or any other Payroll System and produces a comprehensive pay slip indicating all statutory payments, accumulative leave, etc. • This action frees up to 60% of an accountants time as ALL other fingerprint systems PRODUCE A PRINTED Time & Attendance register which then has to be punched in MANUALLY INTO A PAYROLL PROGRAM. Whereas Pythagoras Communications Software does this function within seconds AUTOMATICALLY.







  9. How do you monitor your staff? • We supply you with an IP Address, which will enable you to monitor “live” clocking and to determine who has not clocked in or out. • The system automatically reports late comings, extended tea and lunch breaks and early clock outs • The system can be departmentalized e.g. If one has various departments within a organisation, sales, dispatch ,receiving drivers etc, staff is allocated to their respective departments and daily reporting will identify staff not reporting for work. The operator will immediately know which department is missing staff and enforce contingency plans . • The staff monitoring is an added feature for you as you can monitor your staff from any location GLOBALLY.

  10. What if you have more than one branch? • NO PROBLEM! • All employees fingerprints are recognised throughout the company. • Staff can move freely between branches and clock in at one destination and clock out at another. The system will identify the movement between branches. • Pythagoras can record up to 8 fingerprints per employee • All Branches can be monitored from ONE central location anywhere on the planet.

  11. COST SAVING • Effectively produces 90% of a company's payroll without human interjection. One payroll clerk will suffice. • The biggest theft in any company is Time…Time is money. • Scenario: if a employee “steals” 15 minutes a day. 5 minutes late coming,5 minutes extended tea and lunch break at a rate of R35 p/hour equates to R910 p/month on a 26 day cycle • Actual times “stolen” in real terms…10 Employees R9,100 p/month…1000 Employees R91,000 p/month • Another time consumer is the amount of payroll queries every month due to finger problems. Human error is always relevant and sorting out these issues at month end is a major time consumer. There is NO human error with Pythagoras • It is impossible to create a “Ghost” in the system nor can “Buddy” clocking be practiced with the system

  12. DETAILED FEATURES TIME & ATTENDANCE Full user profiling Audit trails of changes made Any pay period Software intuitively picks up next pay period according to parameters Live data on system as long as you require Assign employees to schedules as far into the future as you want Single or Multiple terminals for clocking Permanent , Temporary or Inactive Employees Up to 3 rotating shifts Trend reporting Interfaces to most Payroll Programmes Online Manual with Multi Media Training

  13. DETAILED FEATURES • Full access profiles • Can be connected to Industrial Turnstiles, Normal three legged Turnstiles and Boom Gates • Visitors profiles and reporting • ACCESS CONTROL

  14. DETAILED FEATURES • Full annual & sick leave registers with opening balances & leave taken to date • Automatic monthly increments to leave register • Records of training, disciplinary actions and appraisals • History of previous employment, medical & criminal • Personal information (next of kin & bank details) • PERSONNEL

  15. DETAILED FEATURES • Because our software is locally written, we can adapt our software to meet the clients requirements. • Unlike all other opposition software whereby NO modifications can be done , PYTHAGORAS will customise the clients software and if necessary add extra profiles as requested. • Our software developers have been writing Time & Attendance software for the South African Market for some 20 Years. • CUSTOMISED SOFTWARE

  16. DETAILED FEATURES • Seamlessly interface with Viper TNA • Interface with reader to upload employee fingerprint templates • Transfer existing employee templates to new readers • Update/Backup existing employee templates • Group employee authorization downloads • Setup time zoning for access control • Setup shared clocking into high risk areas • Setup siren times (ie. Start shift, Tea time, etc.) • Automated Polling / Downloading of transactions from Readers • PYTHAGORAS BIO COMMUNICATIONSOFTWARE

  17. How foolproof is the system? • The digital keypad can be locked out by an authorised user to prevent tampering. • Only the authorised users fingerprint can unlock the system. • The system can store up to 65,000 fingerprints in the “Off-Line” mode and will upload all data within seconds when on-line • All data is stored on three separate off-site servers. Batterylife? • The rechargeable built-in battery has a estimated 3day duration if left on permanently, however once all staff have been clocked in the unit can be turned off and turned on again before clocking out • The battery life will then be extended to 1 month. • The system is also powered by a Direct 220v AC and by a 12v Car Battery adaptor

  18. SYSTEM UNIT GUARANTEE • The unit carries a 24 month guarantee providing there is no physical damage present on the unit. • “Acts of God” Lightning damage etc is NOT covered under the warranty • Faulty units have 24-72 hour repair turnaround time.

  19. Thank you for selecting the intelligent option.