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TURN YOUR FITNESS INTO A BUSINESS!. There was a company that rewarded you financially for being healthy and fit? There was a company that would generate paying customers for you and place them in your business?

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  2. There was a company that rewarded you financially for being healthy and fit? There was a company that would generate paying customers for you and place them in your business? That company would allow you to earn commissions on any future purchases made by those customers? Most or all of this could be done online with a website and back office that comes completely set up for you? So, What If…

  3. Beachbody® is a proven & successful, 12 year old company, providing proven, results-oriented fitness programs, quality nutritional supplements, and workout accessories. Thousands of documented success stories National branding and name recognition to help you better build your business. CEO, Carl Daikeler, has now opened his doors for YOU to leverage their proven success! …Now There Is!

  4. In January of 2007, Team Beachbody® was started in order to provide the thousands of paying customers Beachbody® brings in each week via their infomercials and other advertising with their very own Virtual Success Coach. As an Independent Beachbody Coach you get to simply help them succeed with their chosen workout program, choose supplements, and decide what workout program to do next. Introducing…

  5. Financial Concerns

  6. The Obesity Epidemic Your Opportunity to Help Others While Building Your Own Home-Based Business! America Has an Obesity Problem That is Getting BIGGER... Literally!

  7. The Obesity Epidemic http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/trends.html#State

  8. The Obesity Epidemic We Have Gone From Less than 10% to Over 30% in Just 23 Years!

  9. Our Popular Exercise Programs We have a workout program that fits anyone’s goals

  10. Our Popular Exercise Programs Kids, Teenagers and Adults too!

  11. Exercise Specific Programs This is the first all-in-one solution to help manage diabetes, reduce the risk for diabetes complications, and help people take control of their lives! This program was developed in conjunction with doctors, Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), and the American Diabetes Association.

  12. Extreme Fitness!

  13. Fun Fitness!

  14. Our High Quality Supplements Complete Line of Nutritional Supplements

  15. Introducing Shakeology!

  16. The Team Beachbody® Club

  17. Get Paid to Lose! You Could Win $300 or $1,000 Just For Working Out!

  18. Many Success Stories

  19. First you need to PUSH PLAY! If you are going to “talk the talk,” you have to “walk the walk.” You need to become a product of the product. Your job is to simply respond to questions that your customers might have (via eMail) regarding Beachbody products, programs, and provide them with support and encouragement. You can help your customers decide which DVD program they might want to try next or which supplement program they may want to be try. You are paid commissions on any of those purchases. Build , support and encourage your own team of Coaches. What Do YOU Do as a Coach?

  20. What YOU DON’T Do as a Coach? You DO NOT have to be a personal trainer, fitness model, bodybuilder or professional athlete! You don’t even have to have completed one of our workout programs. All you have to do is have the genuine desire to better yourself, get healthy and help others do the same. THAT’S IT!!! Plain, Simple, Fun and Rewarding!

  21. It Get’s Even Better? Beachbody spendsbetween $90 to $100 million dollars per year on Infomercials & otheradvertising, and then gives YOU their paying Customers who have called in and purchased Beachbody products!* This is an EXTREMELY unique opportunity and to the best of our knowledge you will not find any other company offering their customers in this maner! * Qualifications Apply

  22. More About The Customer Lead Program! • Customers order Beachbody products off television or magazine ads… • Beachbody distributes their customers amongst qualified Beachbody Coaches. • You can guide your customers on what supplements and programs can help them reach their goals. • You get paid!

  23. The Next Trillion $$ Industry Already a $500 billion dollar per year business, Pilzer predicts that sales of vitamin and other health-related items will grow to over $1 trillion annually within ten years. In The Wellness Revolution, he shows entrepreneurs and investors how to make their fortunes in this burgeoning industry. "There’s still time to get in on the ground floor and make your fortune in wellness." ~ Paul Zane Pilzer

  24. How Much Can I Earn? The above amounts are in addition to and do not include retail profits earned on offline resale of products to consumers. The figures stated above are not a guarantee and are not a projection of a typical Coach’s earnings through participation in the Beachbody Compensation Plan. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Like in any independent business, the level of success or achievement of a Beachbody Coach is dependent upon the commitment, skill level, drive and desire to succeed of the individual Coach. With the Beachbody opportunity, every Coach has an equal potential to continue to earn more compensation.

  25. One-time $39.95 registration fee. You get a Coach kit, online marketing storefront, back office, and 25% discount on all Beachbody products. Monthly business services fee of $14.95 after your first month which includes marketing website, hosting, back-office, customer list, customer support, videos, tools, and much more. Optional Club membership is $38.87 (billed quarterly). Then, Simply Choose a Beachbody Product Package (minimum 50 PV order = to about $50 to $60) What Does it Cost?

  26. Our goal is to help you improve both your PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL well-being. We want you to succeed in all aspects of life. Commissions are issued EVERY Thursday! Every Thursday at 12:01 pm EST, Team Beachbody updates rank advancements. You could start receiving YOUR paying customers next Thursday! You get a complete 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can decide if the business and programs are right for you! Don’t Wait… …Today Is the Day Get Started!


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