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TITAN FITNESS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. TITAN FITNESS A New Kind of Gym

  2. Company Description • Titan Fitness is a workout facility located in downtown State College, behind Arby’s • Titan Fitness specializes in (but is not limited to) 3 major offerings • Boxing and Kickboxing • Mixed Martial Arts • Fitness Training • Equipped with a variety of workout machinery

  3. Company Description • Many classes and programs are offered throughout the week

  4. Target Market • Teenagers • College students • Gender specific classes • To reach their target market they use radio, television, and free lessons to appeal to poor college students

  5. SWOT Analysis • Strengths • Titan offers a variety of mixed martial arts classes • On the smaller side, more personal • No registration or initiation fee • Weaknesses • Not the best location • Has a specific target market • Does not do too much marketing

  6. SWOT Analysis • Opportunities • Mixed martial arts is a growing sport • State College has a big college student population • Going green • Threats • Competition from bigger gyms in the area • Lack of equipment

  7. Titan Fitness Why Join Titan Fitness? A New Kind of Gym • Titan Fitness is committed to caring about the environment and running an energy efficient gym. • Titan Fitness offers a variety of affordable programs appropriate for any skill level. • Titan Fitness has friendly, knowledgeable instructors and staff that will give you the experience you’re looking for. TITAN FITNESS Hours of Operation Monday-Thursday: 1 pm-9 pm Friday: 1 pm-8 pm Saturday & Sunday: 1 pm-5 pm *Lessons and classes may also be scheduled in the morning hours* (814) 235-1015 412 West College Ave. State College, PA 16801

  8. What We Offer Rates The New Titan Fitness At Titan Fitness, we are dedicated to caring about the environment and taking care of the earth. We have recently taken a variety of steps to make our facilities more “green” Titan Fitness continues to offer a variety of martial arts classes a competitions, as well as a free weight room. Starting in December 2009, Titan will also introduce a variety of dance classes. Visit for more details. Facilities Solar Panels: We have recently installed solar panels in our facilities to help us produce more energy. Sweat Equity: Our new cardio machines produce energy while you use them. In a 1 hour workout, you can generate 100 watts of electricity to help power the gym! Titan Fitness has a weight room and a variety of environmentally friendly cardio machines to keep you in top shape. Martial Arts and Fighting Classes: $60/month *New* Dance Classes: $65/month Personal Training: $75/month Gym Membership Only: $30/month Dance Classes Each class includes 3 hours of instruction per week, and a full gym membership. Visit for more information about registering for classes, personal training sessions and gym memberships! Water Bottle Program: Buy a reusable water bottle from Titan Fitness instead of bringing disposable water bottles. If you bring any reusable water bottle to Titan 6 times in a row you will get a discount! Dance classes are NEW at Titan Fitness. We are offering the following classes: - Chinese Dragon Dancing -Kinka (from Africa) -Belly dancing -Salsa -Bhangra (From India) -Merengue -Hip-Hop -Step Dancing Showers and Toilets: We have installed new efficient toilets and showers to save water at Titan. The showers recycle water and turn off after 7 minutes of use. Towels: We are encouraging members to bring their own towels so we have to wash less towels and so we can save water and be friendly to the environment! Martial Arts December Promotion Sign up as a family to get a discount! Save up to $25 off of your monthly payments! Call (814) 235-1015 to find out how! Titan Fitness continues to offer Mixed Martial Arts, Thai boxing, Kick Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts and Youth Jeet Kune Do. Starting in December, 2009 Titan will also be offering Koshti, Kuta, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Surma, Sumo and Lucha Libre.

  9. Promotional Collateral • Easily disseminated • Contains a lot of information and pictures • Can be placed in locations based on the target market • Around campus • Downtown • In the facility • Mail • Email