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Prelim Revision Paper 1

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Prelim Revision Paper 1. Preparation of the body. Types of fitness. Three types of fitness are: Physical fitness Skill-related fitness Mental fitness. Aspects of fitness. Physical Fitness This would include the following: CV endurance - running Local Muscular endurance – rowing

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prelim revision paper 1

Prelim Revision Paper 1

Preparation of the body

types of fitness
Types of fitness
  • Three types of fitness are:
  • Physical fitness
  • Skill-related fitness
  • Mental fitness
aspects of fitness
Aspects of fitness
  • Physical Fitness
  • This would include the following:
  • CV endurance - running
  • Local Muscular endurance – rowing
  • Strength – tackling in rugby
  • Flexibility - Gymnastics
  • Power – Long Jump
  • Speed - Sprinting
aspects of fitness1
Aspects of fitness
  • Skill related fitness
  • Agility, reaction time, balance, timing, co-ordination, movement anticipation.
aspects of fitness2
Aspects of fitness
  • Mental fitness:
  • Determination, concentration, focus, imagery, visualisation, level of arousal, rehearsal, managing your emotions.
aspect of fitness and explanation
Aspect of fitness and explanation
  • Importance of aspect of fitness to an activity. Aspect – CV endurance, Activity – Football. In football, a good level of CV endurance allows me to maintain a high skill level throughout a 90 min game. It also allows me to play my role effectively in terms of supporting play. For example, if I played CM a key aspect of my role is to support defence and attack. If my team were on an attacking break from a defensive situation in the 89th minute, I would need to have a good CV level to get up the pitch to support play. This may be to make a pass or even have a shot at goal.
different aspect of fitness
Different aspect of fitness
  • New aspect of fitness: Determination
  • New activity: Swimming.
  • In swimming, my main weakness is my Front crawl. I find it very difficult to get a good rhythm of breathing through my stroke. However, within my training I show a good level of determination to ensure I complete all my activities to ensure I can reach a level of performance which will improve my times over 50m.
how to do a warm up
How to do a warm-up
  • Stage 1:- increase the heart rate (light jog)
  • Stage 2: dynamic stretching (on the move)
  • Stage 3: static stretching (standing still)
  • Stage 4: Activity related – e.g – Football (passing, shooting, possession).
  • Stage 5: Mental (imagery, focus).
how to do a training programme to improve a specific aspect of fitness
How to do a training programme to improve a specific aspect of fitness
  • Chosen aspect of fitness: CV endurance
  • Weeks 1 and 2: Consider training methods such as Continuous training, Fartlek training, Circuit training, Weight training, Interval fitness training, Flexibility training.
  • Ensure training min of 3 times a week and within training zone. Light running for min of 20 mins, include game related activities such as passing, shooting and moderate intensity activities. Also, ensure I consider the principles of training such as S.P.O.R.T.
training prog cont wks 3 and 4
Training prog cont; Wks 3 and 4
  • Increase frequency of training to 4 times a week and duration of training. Activities may be more intense and within training zone. Longer runs, more intense training. Variety of activities, this will ensure that tedium is not involved and that focus is still there. Progressions must be made to program.
training programme for weeks 5 and 6
Training programme for weeks 5 and 6.
  • Increase frequency and duration of training. Maybe 5 times a week, 45min to 1 hour sessions. Variety of activities that are working on specific weakness. Make sure training includes S.P.O.R.T. Must be working in training zone. Key is for training to be challenging, progressive and enjoyable. Remember to consider the dangers of over training.
mental fitness training methods
Mental Fitness training methods
  • Selecting a quiet area, competition/performance space.
  • Establishing a clear picture in your mind of a quality performance
  • Breaking the performance into management parts
  • Being positive, imagining doing well.
how did you assess your fitness
How did you assess your fitness
  • I assessed my fitness by completing the same fitness tests as I completed at the start, middle and end of my TP. This was through a bleep test. This allowed me to see if I was making progress or needed to change anything in my training programme. For example, increase the intensity, frequency or duration of my programme or not.