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  2. Lugubriously [loo-goo-bree-uhs] (adj) Mournful, dismal, or gloomy

  3. CYS 3:1 he must be alive insisted viola soothed by the thought that her twin had last been seen alive. if i thought he wasnt, i would try to rise him from the depths. my family are everything to me. the captain dashed her hopes. theyre is a strong possibility that only me and you and these few sailors that now stand around us survived the wreck. The rest of the crew is probably dead he lugubriously concluded.

  4. meritorious (adj)mer-i-tohr-ee-uhs praiseworthy

  5. CYS 3:2 who rules this country asked viola. a noble duke whos name is as meritorious as his nature replied the captain. whats his name, then. orsino. ah, i no of him said viola. he was a bachelor at the time. is he still unwed. well, he was a month ago replied the captain. i saw him last on august 26 1602. i remember it like it was yesterday. but according to gossip he seeks the love of the fare olivia (to be continued in the next CYS)

  6. Death or decease demise (n)

  7. CYS 3:3 within the past year, however, olivia has lost her father and her brother the captain continues. She was a virtuous maid who was really affected by her families demise. since then, she has totally shunned mens sight and company. in other words, orsino wont have any luck stated viola. oh, until my circumstances improve, I would like to be a servant (to be continued in the next CYS)

  8. To establish oneself in the favor or good graces of others ingratiate (adj)[in-grey-shee-eyt]

  9. CYS 3:4 captain i will pay you good if you will help me ingratiate myself to this duke orsino. i will present myself to him as a man viola decided and sing too him and serve him good until my brother be found. I shall remain mute, and your secret will lie safe with me. noone will know in their most wild dream that you is a woman promised the captain as they walked to the dukes palace.

  10. egregious [ih-gree-juhs] (adj) • Extraordinary in some bad way

  11. CYS 3:5 – Due Today meanwhile, at olivias house, olivias uncle sir toby belch was criticizing his neice to her serving maid maria. Now, sir belch was a man that was known for frequently guzzling spirits until he was quite intoxicated. this was why sir toby belchs name was so fitting he was a sober drunkard who belched when he drank a lot sir belch had one other egregious fault he delighted in playing tricks on people especially on obnoxious people