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Hitler In Power

Hitler In Power

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Hitler In Power

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  1. Hitler In Power To learn about Hitler’s early policies To understand how Hitler consolidated his power

  2. Create a timeline to show Hitler’s early policies Draw a line across two pages in your book

  3. 4th March 1933 - Raids on bars frequented by homosexuals • By this date, the police and the SA are recorded as having closed down many bars and meeting places frequented by homosexuals.

  4. 11th March 1933 - SA attack Jewish-owned shops • The SA (Sturm Abteilung)- the brown-shirted Storm Troopers who comprise the Nazi party militia - attack Jewish-owned shops and stores. Sporadic anti-Jewish violence flares up across Germany.

  5. 20th March 1933 - Nazis build first concentration camp at Dachau • Dachau, the first of Germany's concentration camps, is established near Munich. The first prisoners are mainly political opponents of the regime, especially Communists and Socialists.

  6. 24th March 1933 - Hitler given powers to rule by decree • Enabling Act is passed by the Reichstag allowing Hitler to rule by decree simply announcing laws without needing to pass them through the Reichstag

  7. 26th March 1933 - Hitler calls for boycott of Jewish businesses

  8. 1st April 1933 - SA prevents shoppers from using Jewish shops • A boycott of Jewish businesses starts today. The SA (Sturm Abteilung) - Hitler's brown-shirted Storm Troopers - paint Stars of David and slogans on windows of shops owned by Jews, and try to intimidate shoppers.

  9. 7th April 1933 - Jews and dissenters purged from Civil Service • The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service serves as a pretext for purging the civil service of political opponents and Jews.. Under this law, young Jewish doctors and dentists are forbidden to work for public health schemes, teachers are dismissed, and Jewish lawyers are barred from state employment.

  10. 13th April 1933 - Nazis compile statistics on 'Rhineland Bastards' • The Prussian minister of the interior, Hermann Goering, asks local authorities to provide statistics concerning the 'Rhineland Bastards' - black Germans who are the offspring of German women and French colonial soldiers. Also affected are the children of German colonialists, who married African women and returned with them to Germany in the aftermath of World War One. Calls are made to end the 'black curse' by 'sterilisation of the half-castes'. Racial 'experts' also target Roma and Sinti ('Gypsies') for sterilisation.

  11. 21st April 1933 - Kosher tradition outlawed • The slaughter of animals according to Jewish religious law is prohibited.

  12. 25th April 1933 - Quotas introduced for Jewish children in schools • A law is introduced against the 'overcrowding' of schools and colleges. This provides the basis for a restrictive quota on the number of Jews allowed into state-run education. Jewish communities set up their own schools, staffed by Jewish teachers sacked from state-run schools.

  13. 10th May 1933 - Students burn books in public bonfires • Students in Berlin organise the public burning of books by Jews, Communists, Socialists, and 'degenerate' authors who exemplify modernist art and literature.

  14. 28th June 1933 - Move to sterilise those considered 'hereditarily diseased' • The Committee of Experts for Population and Racial Policy is established by the minister of the interior, Wilhelm Frick. Its main aim is to prepare a law for the sterilisation of those considered 'hereditarily ill'.

  15. 14th July 1933 - Law for Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Progeny • A law is introduced for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Progeny. This empowers doctors to determine if someone has a hereditary sickness- and to order their sterilisation. Hereditary Health Courts are set up to rule on individual cases.

  16. 22nd August 1933 - Jews banned from Germany's cultural life • The establishment of the Reich Chamber of Culture by Joseph Goebbels leads to the eventual prevention of Jews from working in broadcasting, cinema, theatre, music, and the press.

  17. 24th November 1933 - New decree to jail 'criminals' and 'workshy' • Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals already empowers the state to detain people with two criminal convictions for unlimited periods in 'protective custody'. On this date, the law is extended to cover beggars, 'vagabonds', prostitutes, pimps, and the 'workshy'. It will soon also entrap Roma and Sinti ('Gypsies').

  18. 18th August 1935 - Civil marriages between Aryans and non-Aryans forbidden