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The Rise of. Hitler. Germany (1919 - 1923). Weimar Government is unstable reparation payments = economic woes several attempts to overthrow the gov’t rise of extremist groups. Treaty of Versailles.

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germany 1919 1923
Germany(1919 - 1923)
  • Weimar Government is unstable
  • reparation payments = economic woes
  • several attempts to overthrow the gov’t
  • rise of extremist groups
treaty of versailles
Treaty of Versailles
  • Article 231 (War Guilt Clause) led to the popularity of any political party promising to make Germany strong again
fear of communism
Fear of Communism
  • 1919 Spartacist revolt = fear of a communist revolution
  • the middle class and industrialists will support parties that oppose the communists
dissatisfaction with the weimar government

“69 Years of Tribute”

Dissatisfaction with the Weimar Government
  • it signed the Treaty of Versailles
  • inability to pull Germany out of the Great Depression after 1929

Coal is Bread

french invasion of the ruhr
French Invasion of the Ruhr
  • 1923 - when Germany could not pay reparation payments France sent forces into the Ruhr
  • they confiscated coal and shipped it to France
  • this lead to hyperinflation in Germany

Price index

July 1914


Jan 1919


July 1919


Jan 1920


Jan 1921


July 1921


Jan 1922


July 1922


Jan 1923


July 1923


Nov 1923



1920: A 50 Mark Note:

(a reasonable denomination)

1923: A 20 TRILLION Mark Note:

("Milliarden" means a million million)

munich putsch
Munich Putsch
  • 1923 - Hitler led an attempted coup
  • jailed (could have faced execution as a traitor)
mein kampf
Mein Kampf
  • after being sentenced to prison for the Munich Putsch Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle)



The DawesChains

charismatic appeal of hitler
charismatic appeal of Hitler
  • mesmerizing speaker
  • very popular
  • promised what the Germans wanted to hear
the great depression
the Great Depression
  • economic hardship meant Germans were attracted to solutions to their problems
  • Communism or Fascism offered solutions
  • Hitler’s private army
  • hired thugs beat up communists in the streets

The Red words are:

usury, Versailles, unemployment, war guilt lie, Marxism, Bolshevism, lies and betrayal, inflation, Locarno, Dawes Pact, Young Plan, corruption, Barmat, Kutistker, Sklarek [the last three Jews involved in major financial scandals], prostitution, terror, civil war

article 48
Article 48
  • Article 48 of the Weimar constitution allowed the President to govern by decree during a national emergency
  • it was used frequently between 1929-1933 and Hitler used it to manipulate the March 1933 national elections
president von hindenburg
President von Hindenburg
  • President of the Weimar Republic from 1925-34
  • he was sympathetic toward the Nazi because of their goal to make Germany stronger and their anti-communist stance
the reichstag fire
The Reichstag Fire
  • February 1933
  • the German parliament buildings were destroyed by fire
  • Hitler blamed the Communists
  • Article 48 was used to restrict the electoral activities of the opposition parties
the enabling act
The Enabling Act


  • March 1933
  • Hitler used intimidation to force the passage of the Enabling Act
  • this gave him emergency dictatorial powers for 4 years

Leader we follow you!

economic prosperity
Economic Prosperity
  • modern transportation system was built
  • massive highway system (Autobahns)
  • “living space”
  • Germany needed room for its expanded population
  • a chance to create a racially pure state (aryan race)
  • How do you get rid of non-aryans?
nuremburg laws
Nuremburg Laws
  • defined German citizenship on racial grounds
  • non-aryans were not granted citizenship
  • the creation on a heimat implied the removal of non-aryans
night of the broken glass
Night of the Broken Glass
  • Kristallnacht
  • Jewish shops were destroyed and goods confiscated
  • genocide
  • concentration camps
  • extermination camps