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Hitler Comes to Power

Hitler Comes to Power

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Hitler Comes to Power

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  1. Hitler Comes to Power

  2. Introduction • In the early 1930s, the mood in Germany was grim because of the depression • Worldwide economic depression affected Germany in a negative way • German’s lost confidence due to World War One

  3. About Hitler • January 1933 Hitler appointed chancellor, and many Germans believed they had found a savior for their nation • Powerful speaker who attracted wide followings of change-desperate Germans. • Promised the disenchanted better lives and a new and glorious Germany.

  4. Nazi Terror Begins • After Adolf Hitler became German chancellor in January 1933, he quickly turned Germany into a one-party dictatorship and organized the police power necessary to enforce Nazi policies. • Individuals lost the right to privacy, which meant officials could read people's mail, listen in on telephone conversations, and search private homes without a warrant.

  5. Hitler’s Propaganda • Lured by wages, feeling of comradeship, and the striking uniforms, tens thousands of young jobless men to become Nazi Storm Troopers. • Total fear of the Sturmabteilungen, German Political Party, pressured silencing other Germans who did not support the Nazis.

  6. SS Police State

  7. Who were they? • Important tool to Nazi terror known as the protective squad Schutzstaffel (SS).

  8. What did they do? • Served as policemen and later on became concentration camp gaurds. • SS Police State was a private Nazi army who arrested anyone who didn’t follow Nazi belief or disobeyed rules.

  9. Nazi Propaganda and Censorship

  10. What is this? • Nazi’s ran propaganda campaigns to gain the respect and loyalty of the Germans. • Took control of all newspapers, letters, and any type of media. Even took many books out of school and replaced with new books under the Nazi power.

  11. Nazi Racism • When Hitler and the Nazis came to power, these beliefs became the government ideology and were spread in publicly displayed posters, on the radio, in movies, in classrooms, and in newspapers. The Nazis began to put their ideology into practice with the support of German scientists who believed that the human race could be improved by limiting the reproduction of people considered "inferior."

  12. World War II In Europe • German forces attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941, pushing more than 600 miles to the gates of Moscow. A second German offensive in 1942 brought German soldiers to the shores of the Volga River and the city of Stalingrad. But the Soviet Union, together with Great Britain and the United States, which had entered the war against Germany in December 1941, turned the tide of battle against Germany.

  13. Holocaust Project

  14. The Murder of the Handicapped • Adolf Hitler suggested, "was the best time for the elimination of the incurably ill." • The physically and mentally handicapped were viewed as "useless" to society. • They were sent to six institutions in Germany and Austria. • Handicapped infants and small children were also killed by injection with a deadly dose of drugs or by starvation. • About 200,000 handicapped people were murdered between 1940 and 1945.

  15. German Rule in Occupied Europe • Germany planned to annex most of the conquered eastern territories after they had been Germanized. • Some areas were to serve as reservations for forced laborers. • German rule in Poland was extremely harsh. • Teachers, priests, and cultural figures, who might form the core of a resistance movement, were especially targeted for persecution.

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