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Hitler Coming to Power

Hitler Coming to Power

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Hitler Coming to Power

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  1. Hitler Coming to Power

  2. Hitler’s Early Life • Hitler was born in Austria on April 20th, 1889. • Hitler had 5 siblings, but only him and his sister, Paula, survived childhood. • He grew up in a middle-class family • He wanted to be an artist and he was baptized Catholic. • His father, Alois, died in 1903 from pleural hemorrhage (liquid surrounds lungs, causing breathing difficulties). Hitler clashed with his father and wasn’t well behaved, as a child. • His mother, Klara, who he had a good relationship with, died in 1908 from cancer. After this, Hitler was devastated. • At age 16, Hitler dropped out of school because he was suffering from lung disease and was very poor. • Hitler applied and was rejected twice, for the Academy of Fine Arts. • He lived in Vienna, where he got his first political education and began cultivating his anti-Semitic beliefs (against Jews for beliefs or heritage). • After his first year in Vienna, he wasted all of his parent’s generous inheritance and had to move into a homeless shelter. • Hitler served in the German military and was given multiple awards. He was also wounded from the war and was recovering in the hospital when Germany surrendered and was defeated in WWI.

  3. Hitler’s Tactics • Hitler was the creator and a leader of a very powerful group of people that impacted Germany and many other places in the world. • In the 1920’s Hitler established two groups, The SA and The SS, to do his dirty work. These men would raid the meetings of Hitler’s opponents. They were also used as a form of protection for the Nazi leaders. They would line the halls when Hitler was giving speeches and would go door to door to find Hitler’s enemies. They also beat and killed many people. • Hitler told people what they wanted to hear, so many people were on his side. In his speeches, he changed what he was saying, just to please each specific audience. For example, if he was in a rural area, Hitler would promise tax cuts for farmers and government protection for food prices. • Also, Hitler used force and threats to gain control. He would make people fearful, causing them to listen to what he had to say.

  4. Nazis Coming to Power (Broken Down)- Timeline 1929- Wall Street Crash, Great Depression Begins 1930- Unemployment reached 4 million 1931- Hindenburg becomes president 1932- The Nazis become the largest German party 1933- Hitler becomes Chancellor, leading to him taking control over Germany. 1934- President Hindenburg dies and chancellorship and presidency is combined, giving Hitler more power. 1935- A Nazi decree bans Jews from displaying or carrying the German flag and they are unable to serve in the German Military. The ‘Nuremberg Laws’ are created to determine who is Jewish and who is not and all Jews will have their German citizenship taken. 1936- The Nazis target ‘Gypsies’ as ‘anti-socials’, launching a wave of arrests and detentions. 1937- The Nazis encourage all German Jews to emigrate out of Germany

  5. Timeline Continued- • 1938- Nazis are taking major control over the Jews: • April 21st: A Nazi decree orders that Jews be gradually extracted from German economic life. • April 26th: Law for Jewish Wealth orders that Jewish property be registered inventoried and seized. • July 14th: An international summit on Jewish refugees concludes, with 32 nations refusing to accept refugees. • August 8th: The Mauthausen concentration camp opens in Austria, which was the first major camp outside Germany. • September 27th: Jewish lawyers are forbidden from practicing law or conducting business in Germany. • October 5th: A decree orders that passports of all German Jews be stamped with a large red ‘J’. • November 9th: Beginning of Kristallnacht, a campaign of violence, vandalism and harassment against German Jews. • November 15th: The Nazis order that all remaining Jewish schoolchildren are expelled from German schools. • 1939- Hitler forecasts the “annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe”. The Nazis invade Poland, leading to WWII. And Hitler authorizes specific doctors to carry out euthanasia (painless killing) on mentally ill patients.

  6. Effects The power of Hitler resulted in the killing of many innocent people. The holocaust, which is a mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life, lasted for about 4 years. There were approximately 10 million Nazis and over 20,000 concentration camps. An estimated total of 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust, 6 million of those being Jews and approximately 1.1 million children were killed. Hitler had power until 1945, when he committed suicide. That was about 14 years of Hitler controlling Germany. Many things contributed to Hitler having the extent of power that he had and he obviously made a huge impact on our world.

  7. Deaths • Around 6 million Jews were killed, which was about 2/3 of all of the Jews living in Europe. • More than 3 million of those killed were Soviet War Prisoners • Approximately 3 million Soviet and Polish civilians died • 70,000 people with mental and physical disabilities were murdered • About 200,000 Gypsies were killed • More than 1.1 million children were killed • 12,000 homosexuals died

  8. Facts About Hitler • Hitler suffered from hepatitis and gastrointestinal cramps, causing him to have awful flatulence (farts) • Hitler ate 2 pounds of chocolate each day • Hitler’s close friend told him to get rid of his mustache. He replied “If it is not the fashion now, it will be because I wear it.” • Hitler obsessed over his niece, sparking rumors of sexual relationships. • The famous “SeigHeil” was based on Harvard football chants. • Hitler wouldn’t undress, even for medical examinations. Later, he wouldn’t even remove his overcoat in public (even in hot weather). • Hitler was obsessed with a young Jewish girl, in his teenage years. He fantasized about kidnapping her and throwing both of them off of a bridge into the Danube. • In 1938, Times Magazine announced Hitler the man of the year. • Hitler was a vegetarian. • Hitler weighed 155 pounds and was 5’ 10’’ tall • Hitler committed suicide in 1945

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