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Civil War PowerPoint Presentation

Civil War

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Civil War

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  1. Civil War By Preston Jones

  2. Jesus

  3. Differences in the Union and Confederacy

  4. Union Industrialized Diversified Economy Many Immigrants Confederacy Agrarian Cotton No Immigrants Economy

  5. Union Constitution is supreme People form Union Federal Government decides what is constitutional Confederacy States supreme States form Union States Decide what is constitutional States Rights vs. the Federal Gov.

  6. Union No slavery Expansion of Industry Confederacy Slavery Need Land for plantations Western Expansion

  7. Green = Slave Territory Black = Slave States Red = Free States

  8. Social Differences Between North and South

  9. Free

  10. Slavery

  11. Industrial

  12. Agrarian

  13. A House Divided

  14. The Drummer boy at Shiloh Joby can’t sleep because of apprehension of the coming battle. The general walks by and hears him crying because he’s scared. General Grant says he cried to, and he cried because he felt bad for the men that would die that day, and the men who would die, did not think they would die because full of battle lust they believed that battle was a bloodless thing. Then General Grant explains to Joby that Joby has a lot of responsibility and he must keep the army moving. And that he is the Heart of the army and that if his drum, as he is the drummer boy and if his drum beats slow the hearts of the men will beat slow but if he beats fast and at a steady pace the hearts of the men will beat steady and fast to victory.

  15. What this means to Me This story influences me greatly because it speaks of the children in the civil war and talks about how it terrified them, the blood the death, all of the aspects of war, thrust upon a youth, who, in Joby’s case is probably no older than 13.

  16. Dred Scot Decision North South Opens entire US to slavery= Good 5th Amendment used to protect slave holders= Good Missouri Compromise Overturned= Good • Opens entire US to slavery= Bad • 5th Amendment used to protect slave holders= Bad • Missouri Compromise Overturned= Bad

  17. Abraham Lincoln National Hero- Most Wanted


  19. Abraham Lincoln National Hero Most Wanted He stole our slaves; our property!!!! He burned Atlanta!!! He killed many men by starting this terrible war “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax.” “Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally” • Won the Civil War against the Confederate States Of America • He preserved the Union • He supported the constitution • “Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” • “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

  20. Antietam

  21. When did it happen? On September 16-18, 1862

  22. Leaders at the Battle of Antietam

  23. Union Leaders Major General Joseph Hooker Major General Ambrose Burnside

  24. Union Leader George B. McClellan

  25. Confederate Leaders General Robert E. Lee General Ambrose Powell Hill

  26. Where was It? Near Sharpsburg, Maryland


  28. What Happened? • Lee Invaded Maryland • McClellan followed him • They battled • Lee retreated • McClellan Did not pursue him

  29. Why did this happen? • McClellan wanted to end Lee’s invasion of Maryland • McClellan did not want to Lee gain supplies and/or food Burnsides' Bridge

  30. Long Term Results • Pushes Lee out of Maryland • Stops Lee from gaining supplies • McClellan is fired

  31. Short Term Results • Moral is raised for Union • Moral is lowered for Confederates • Lee is temporarily forced out of the North

  32. Facts • 23,000 casualties • 12,401 Union • 10,316 Confederate • Union strategic victory • Confederates retreat

  33. Battle Map of Antietam

  34. The Telegraph

  35. Attention All Customers!!! Tired of weighting 6 months to find out how your family is if you are on a trip? Frustrated At the slow mail carriers? Well guess what? We have a solution!!! THE TELEGRAPH!!! Can transit messages in minuets and is cheap to pay for a message to be transmitted. Helps Relay messages Between Generals

  36. Timeline

  37. Missouri Compromise 1820 • No Slavery above 36 30 parallel • Maine and Missouri are allowed to enter the union • The number of free and slave states are still balanced

  38. Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852 • Written by Harriet Beecher Stow • Showed cruelty of slavery • Made many angry in North after they realized how terrible slavery was

  39. Bleeding Kansas 1855- 1861 • Caused by the Kansas Nebraska act • Popular sovereignty was allowed in Kansas and it ended up in war between pro- slavery and abolitionist

  40. Dred Scot Decision 1857 • Dred Scott takes his case for freedom to the US Supreme court • Supreme court rules that he is a slave and has no right to use court system • Also they rule that the Missouri compromise is unconstitutional

  41. Abraham elected 1860 • In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United states of America. • The south Seceded because of this

  42. Fort Sumter 1861 • Started Civil war • Was attacked by confederates • Surrendered to Confederates on April 15th 1861

  43. Antietam 1862 • Ended Lee’s Invasion of Maryland • Occurred on September 16 – 18, 1862 • Bloodiest day of the war • It is the first time that Lee is forced out of the North

  44. Vicksburg 1863 • Grant lays siege to Vicksburg on May 18, 1863 • Vicksburg surrenders on July 4, 1863

  45. Gettysburg 1863 • This battle occurred on July 1-3, 1863 • Lee’s judgment is questioned for the first time • Lee is forced out of north for second time

  46. Appomattox Court House 1865 • April 9th 1865 • Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Court House