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Schema Activator

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Schema Activator
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Schema Activator

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  1. Schema Activator Last class we defined society and learned about the field of sociology. Choose ONE of the following quotes and answer these two questions: • What does it mean? • What does it suggest about society? How does it portray society? • "It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness." Karl Marx • "Man is a moral being, only because he lives in society. Let all social life disappear and morality will disappear with it." Emile Durkheim • "Society is the old man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz." Gloria Steinheim • "Society is an insane asylum ran by the inmates." Erving Goffman

  2. Sociological Imagination:The Essential Skill • Term created by sociologist C. Wright Mills in the 1950s • Not a definition but a skill practiced by sociologists • View your society as an outsider • Think beyond familiar routines of everyday life • Look at a situation from multiple points of view

  3. Practicing Sociological Imagination • How would a sociologist analyze GPA? • We as a school are a mini-society • When analyzing society, sociologists • Identify groups within a society • Interpret how these groups interact with each other • Analyze how identifying with particular groups impacts the experience of individuals

  4. Did you use your sociological imagination?

  5. Reanalyze GPA’s mini society Sociological Imagination: • View your society as an outsider • No judgment statements • Think beyond familiar routines of everyday life • Look for groups that are not easily “seen” • Look at a situation from multiple points of view • How would teachers, students at different grade levels, etc. analyze the mini society?

  6. Practicing Sociological Imagination:Self Exploration • Before studying society, it is important to understand our place in society and how society influences you. • We will revisit throughout the semester how concepts apply to you • Use sociological imagination to reflect your place in society

  7. Self Exploration Reflections • Conduct several self exploration reflections throughout semester • Apply concepts to your life, allow you to state your opinion on issues and concepts • ALL ABOUT IDEAS! Plan out response prior to writing • Question:What groups do you identify with at GPA? How does this impact your experience here at GPA? What groups do you identify with outside of school? How does this impact your experience in the larger society?

  8. Homework: • Unit 1 – Introduction to Sociology reading and notes • Read only sections “Deducing with Sociological Imagination” and “Sociology and Common Sense”