Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity PowerPoint Presentation
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Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity

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Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity
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Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity

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  1. Whole School Medium Term Plan Autumn 2013 Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity Y3-Magnetism Y4-iving things/including humans Y5 Life cycles plants/circulation/ Gravity -Resistance Y6 – Sight/Changes/Forces History Y1- Braille/Nightingale/Victorian homes Y2 – Time line/Great fire of London Y3 – Roman Britain Y4 - Aztecs Y5 Battle of Hastings Y6 – Indus Valley Art & Design EYFS – Houses Y1Self-portraits/sculptures/Picasso/Degas Y2 – Self-portraits/Fireworks/St Paul’s Y3- Mosaics, Roman paintings Y4 – Drawing and collage Y5 DesignBayeaux panel,medieval shield Y6 – Indian art/Paul Klee Computing EYFS – Staying safe Y1 – Paint/Change font size and colour Y2 – Puppet pals, video conferencing Santa Y3 – Search engines/puppet pals Y4Desktoppublishing/algorithms/word Y5 Powerpoints, puppet pals Y6 – e-safety/ blogging/skype D & T EYFS – Building homes Y1 – Deisn/make a doll’s house Y2 – Healthy Food/shelters/breadmaking Y3-Roman cooking/pottery/design Y4 - Aztec Masks/applique Y5 Bayeux Tapestry, cooking Y6 – X-sections/3d printing PE EYFS – Moving and dancing Y1- Dance/Games/Gym Y2 –Team games/gymnastics Y3- Ball skills/Gym/Dance Y4 – Games/Dance Y5 Hockey, Gymnastics Y6 Archery, Gymnastics, Rugby Geography EYFS – Homes around world Y1 – Houses around world Y2 – Life in India/England/maps Y3 – Italy/Bath volcanoes Y4 - South America Y5 Biomes (eco-tech), Regions of UK Y6 – India:Countries and climates French Y3 Greetings, classroom objects Y4 Greetings, classroom objects Y5 Greetings, Classroom Objects,Parts of the body,Pets Y6 Family, Birthdays Music EYFS – Familiar songs Y1 – First access music Y2 – Trad. Songs/Christmas Y3 –Roman instruments/Xmas play Y4 – Salsa Music Y5 – First Access Ukeleles Y6 – Rhythm (instruments from India)/ Christmas show

  2. Whole School Medium Term Plan Spring 2014 Science EYFS – Fossilisation Y1 –Materials/Light & Dark Y2 – Forces/Plants Y3 -Rocks/animals (inc humans) Y4 - Electricity Y5 materials/solutions/changes Y6 Circuits/dissolving/ Micro-organisms/ solar system History EYFS – Local area Y1-old/new toys & household items Y2 – Moon landing/Local castles Y3 – Anglo saxons/Vikings Y4 – Ancient Egyptians Y5 Victorian inventors Y6 - Fairgrounds Art & Design EYFS – Dinosaur collage Y1 – Observational drawings/paintings Y2 – Chalk pics/Aboriginal art Y3 – Picasso studies Y4 – Eric Joyner Y5 Design own ride, architectural drawing Y6 – Pollock/ Techniques D & T EYFS – Free modelling Y1 – Desin/make/evaluate puppet Y2 – creating rockets/moving pics Y3 – Saxon jewellery/shelters/diet Y4 –Junk models (pneumatic) Y5 Architectural drawing Y6 – Knex/Bread/Cookery PE EYFS – Ball skills Y1 – Dance/Gym Y2 – Gymnastics/dance/games Y3- Gym/dance/tennis/hockey Y4 – Gymnastics/games Y5 Archery, Basketball Y6 – Basketball/Dance/outdoor challenges Computing EYFS -Phonics/ fine motor skills apps Y1 – BeebotsOpen/save word doc. Photos Y2 – Music ipads, graphs, beebots Y3 – E”BN myths and legends/ Paint/Scratch Y4Scratch/Gmail research/e-safety Y5 - Databases Y6 Flowol/programming/microscopes Music EYFS – Class songs Y1 – First access Y2 – Space music/creating music journeys Y3-Saxon instruments/Singing Sherlock Y5 - Ukelele Y6 Exploring sound sources French Y3 Body parts, Pets Y4 Body parts, Pets Y5 Family, Food,Time Y6 Nationalities, Time Geography EYFS – Local area Y1 – Weather around world/UK Y2 –Journey-moon/Maps- local area Y3-Anglosaxon villages/ Local woods Y5 – Longitude, latitude, polar regions Y6 – Eco-school – eye on the world

  3. Whole School Medium Term Plan Summer 2014 Art & Design EYFS – Patterns and materials Y1 – Van Gogh’s Sunflowers/ Rousseau Y2 –wax resist/art based on stories Y3 – Still life/nature art/other cultures Y4 – War artists (watercolours) Y5 – Draw Greek monster, Class mosaic Y6 Set designers History Y2 – Seaside/steam trains/pirates/Grace Darling Y3- Local and European History Y4 – World War II Y5 – Ancient Greeks Y6 – History of computing Science EYFS Minibeasts/plants Y1 – Plants/animals Y2- Living things/changing materials Y3-Plants/Light Y4 – States of Matter/Sound Y5 – Solar system Y6- Adaptation/Puberty Computing EYFS – research, observations Y1- Data handling Y2 – art/3d design Y3 – Photo story/email Y4Logo/Collectingdata/media/esafety Y5 – Movie maker animations Y6 – e-safety/crucial crew/ coding D & T Y1-Design fruit salad/felt butterfly Y2 – Mechanisms/rafts Y3 – Design & plant world garden/ cookery around world Y5 – Clay animations Y6Plan/design costumes PE EYFS – Gymnastics Y1 – Gym/Games/Dance/Sports day Y2 – team games/athletics Y3- Athletics/team games/swimming Y4 – Athetics/Games Y5 – Athletics, Olympics Y6 – Archery,Team games Geography EYFS countries,plants & animals around the world Y1 – Local area/Rainforests Y2 - Oceans Y3- Field work/coastal town/country origins Y4 - European Union Y5 – Region of Europe Y6 – OS map reading Music EYFS – Singing in tune Y1 – First access Y2 – sea shanties/ creating music Y3 – Music in woods/music from other cultures Y4 – World War II songs Y5 - Ukelele Y6 Macbeth songs French Y3 Family, food Y4 Family, food Y5 Festivals,Directions Food shopping Y6 Festivals, Weather

  4. Whole School Overview History 2013-14 Year 2 Family Tree/Time line of their life/ Great Fire of London Guy Fawkes(Poppy Day) First man on the moon Local History: Castle Rising The seaside in the past/G.Darling Steam trains: George Stevenson ‘Pirates EYFS Changes between the local area now and then Dinosaurs History and cultures of different countries Yr 5 Battle of Hastings Victorian Inventors Ancient Greeks Year 3 Roman Britain Anglo Saxon life Vikings Local history Local and European history Year 1 Explore the lives of Louis Braille and Florence Nightingale Compare a Victorian and modern house. Find the modern equivalent of Victorian household items. Compare old and new toys. Year 6 Indus Valley History of Fairgrounds Recent history – Computing, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates Year 4 The Aztecs Ancient Egypt World War II

  5. Whole School Overview Science 2013-14 Year 2 Healthy humans/electricity Forces/plants Living things Changing materials EYFS Best materials for building- Investigating materials Ice, melting, animals of the arctic Fossilisation mini-beasts & plants Year 5 Life cycles of plants Circulation Gravity/Resistance Classify materials Mixtures/solutions Reversible/irreversible changes Solar system Year 3 Magnetism Rocks Animals including humans Plants Light Year 1 Our senses Materials Light and dark Plants Animals Year 6 Sight/Changes/Forces Circuits/Micro-organisms/Dissolving/ Solar system/ Interdependence/ Adaptation/Puberty Year 4 All living things/ Animals, including humans ElectricityStates of matter/Sound

  6. Whole School Overview Art and Design 2013-14 Year 2 Self Portraits Fireworks pictures Drawings of St Paul’s Chalk pictures Aboriginal Art: Journeys Collages with natural materials Wax resist paintings Inspired artwork based on ‘The Whale Song’ EYFS Creating houses using a range of materials Class dinosaur collage Creating patterns and using a range of creative materials Year 5 Design Bayeaux panel Create medieval shield Design carousel Architecural drawing Draw/invent Greek monster Create class mosaic Year 3 Mosaics. sketch books Roman paintings depicting ancient life Introduction to Picasso Study of Picasso’s faces Still life painting Painting outdoors. Studying nature/Monet art from other cultures/replicating Year 1 Self portraits and sculptures. Explore Picasso and Degas. Observational drawing/paintings of soft toys. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Observational drawings of various plants. Tiger in a tropical storm by Henri Rousseau. Year 6 Indian Art, recycled art Xmas Art – Paul Klee Fairground artists/techniques/ Set designers Year 4 Drawing and collage Eric Joyner War artists (watercolours)

  7. Whole School Overview Design & Technology 2013-14 Year 2 Healthy Food Making shelters Bread making Christmas cards and decorations Creating a rocket Moving Pictures Mechanisms: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Making Rafts EYFS Creating houses using a range of materials Class dinosaur collage Creating patterns and using a range of creative materials Year 5 Make a wind turbine Cooking Christmas cakes Architectural drawing Clay animations Year 3 Roman cooking Designing/making Roman pottery/helmets and catapults Designing/making Saxon jewellery rune plate. Designing and building shelters. A healthy diet. Designing/planting world garden. Cooking food from around the world Year 1 Design and make a doll’s house Design, make and evaluate a hand puppet. Design, make and evaluate a fruit salad. Design and sew a felt butterfly. Year 6 3d design on computers 3d printing Knex building Bread/cookery Set and costume design Year 4 Aztec Masks/applique Junk model robots (pneumatic)

  8. Whole School Overview Physical Education 2013-14 Year 2 Team Games Gymnastics/dance Gymnastics/Dance Team Games Athletics EYFS moving Discussing healthy lifestyles -Dance & movement Basic self-awareness skills -Dance & movement skills Music and movement Simple gymnastics Stretching and curling Year 5 Hockey Gymnastics Archery Basketball Athletics Year 3 Roman ball games General ball skills Gymnastics and dance Tennis and hockey Athletics, team games and swimming Athletics/Games from around the world Year 1 Dance – Unit 1/Games Unit 1Gym Unit D/Games Unit 2 Dance Unit 2/Gym Unit EDance Unit 3/Gym Unit F Gym Unit G/Games Unit 3Dance Unit 4/Games Unit 4 and sports day skills Year 6 Gymnastics Invasion games ( Archery Dance Outdoor challenges Team games ( Year 4 Games/Dance Gymnastics/games Athletics/games

  9. Whole School Overview Computing 2013-14 Year 2 Puppet Pals Video Conferencing Santa Make music on the iPad Graphs on the computer BeeBots Artwork on the computer Sea sculptures (using 3D printer) EYFS Online safety & how to keep ourselves safe Using ICT to explore different countries Using ICT to look for, observe and document mini-beast & growth theme Year 5 Powerpoints Puppet pal presentation Databases iPad movie clay animation Year 3 Use internet search engines Explore Puppet Pals myths and legends storyboard Use paint to replicate Picasso Designing posters How To Be healthy Design a program using Scratch photo story of shelter building Email Year 1 Use paint program Change font size, style and colour. Open and save a word doc. Programming Beebots. Insert a pic in a word doc. Take a photo of fav toy. Data handling Year 6 E-safety, social networking 3d design, spreadsheets Programming – flowol, iPads Coding- Hopscotch Year 4 Desktop publishing Algorithms word processing Scratch/Gmail/ web research/ internet safety/Logo/ Collecting data/ presentation media/

  10. Whole School Overview Geography 2013-14 Year 2 Comparing life in England and India. Worldwide and local maps. London Journey to the moon Maps and plans of local area Journeys Locate Oceans on a map Ocean travel Treasure maps EYFS Our homes and how they are different to those around the world My local area Different countries Different plants & animals around the world Year 5 Biomes Regions of UK Polar regions, latitude, longitude Study a region of Europe Year 3 Italy and Bath Volcanoes West Stow and local Saxon villages Field work in Reffley woods Countries we originate from Study of a coastal town Year 1 Examine houses in different parts of the world Look at the weather in the UK and around the world. Local area study Find out about the rainforest – link to animals found there. Year 6 India – climate/hemispheres/ Eco eye on the world UK Geog/towns and counties OS Maps Year 4 South America European Union

  11. Whole School Overview Music 2013-14 Year 2 Traditional songs Christmas songs/Christmas play Space music Create journeys with music Sea Shanties Listen to Whale song and write accompaniment EYFS Singing and exploring with instruments familiar songs & rhymes Sounds of dinosaurs Music from different countries Exploring & creating abstract sounds Year 5 First Access – Ukeleles Year 3 Investigating Roman instruments Performance of Christmas play Investigating Saxon instruments Singing Sherlock program Composing music in Reffley woods Music from other cultures Year 1 First Access music Year 6 Rhythm in Music, Xmas play Explore sound sources, Macbeth Year 4 Salsa music WWII songs

  12. FRENCH Year 5 Greetings Classroom objects Parts of the body Pets Family Food Time Festivals Directions Food shopping Year 3 Greetings Classroom objects Parts of the body Pets Year 4 Greetings Classroom objects Parts of the body Pets Year 6 Family, Birthdays, Nationalities Time, Dates, Weather Whole School Overview French 2013-14