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Public Speaking Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Speaking Workshop

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Public Speaking Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Speaking Workshop
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  1. Public Speaking Workshop Key Member Presentation

  2. What are we going to do? • Introduction • Energizer • A Dozen for Discussion • Giant Group Greeting of the Guests • Tips & Tricks and Tricks & Tips • And now I know that… • Conclusion • Questions

  3. Line ‘Em Up! • The objective of this activity is for the participants to communicate and arrange themselves in the order called out.

  4. A Dozen for Discussion • Let’s brainstorm 12 age-appropriate topics that we could write a speech about. It could be things you like to do, things you are good at, current events, ideas from magazines, 4-H related, etc.

  5. Let’s Get a Topic! • Have someone roll the dice to determine which topic the group will work on. • Discuss 3 to 5 main points to form the body of the speech.

  6. Introduction: What would a good first sentence be? Will it get the audience’s attention? Don’t forget the salutation! Conclusion: Summarize the points you outlined in your introduction. Don’t introduce any new material. SMILE! Once you have the body…

  7. Now it’s your turn Split into pairs/groups and get a topic. You don’t have to write the speech, just propose 3 to 5 main ideas that you could expand on about that topic. Suggest a good first sentence too!

  8. Giant Group Greeting of the Guests • Form a circle and have a volunteer stand in the middle. • The person in the middle is the ‘chairperson’ and will call out a time of day. (i.e. male and 4:00 p.m.) • Have the entire group greet the person, “Good afternoonmister chairperson, honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen and fellow 4-H’ers…” • Encourage the participants to check details, it’d be embarrassing to say good morning, in the afternoon.

  9. Tips & Tricks • Break into small groups with one experienced member per group. • Look at the heading on the card, and write ONE tip about it. • Exchange cards to get a new topic. • Afterwards have the groups read a card out loud. Discuss any unclear points.

  10. “And now I know that…” Complete these sentences so the whole group can hear: • “I’d be interested in talking about ___(topic)___ this/next year.” and • “and now I know that…” (a tip they didn’t know from Tips & Tricks)

  11. Speech Anxiety It is normal to feel nervous about public speaking. Here are some ways to over come it: • Start early, and small – like the workshop activities we just did. • Have a positive attitude. • Practice, Practice, Practice. • Gain experience. The more you speak, the easier it will be. • Talk to experienced members to find out what they do.

  12. Conclusion • For more information about Public Speaking check out Speaking Your Way to Success and the Alberta 4-H Website [] • Watch for the new 4-H communication video coming out soon! It features real Alberta 4-H members – how cool is that! • An Impromptu Workshop also exists for members to gain more experience with that public speaking activity.

  13. Questions?