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Population trends – 1 Year Bands PowerPoint Presentation
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Population trends – 1 Year Bands

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Population trends – 1 Year Bands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lincolnshire NHS Communities. Population trends – 1 Year Bands. Lincolnshire NHS Communities. Map showing deprivation - IMD2004. If change is not sustained, it’s the same old song. Possible aims of Lincolnshire LINk.

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Lincolnshire NHS


Population trends – 1 Year Bands


Lincolnshire NHS


Map showing deprivation - IMD2004

If change is not sustained,

it’s the same old song

possible aims of lincolnshire link
Possible aims of Lincolnshire LINk
  • Using the Department of Health Document ‘Getting ready for LINks – Planning your Local Involvement Network’
  • To establish a structure for the LINk . This would involve the agreement of procedures which could include
  • Issues to be investigated by the LINk
  • Annual Report Production
  • ‘Host’ contract performance information
  • Agreeing reports from sub-groups
possible aims of lincolnshire link1
Possible aims of Lincolnshire LINk
  • To agree working processes between different parts of the LINk
  • To formulate a recruitment process for members
  • To establish membership criteria (possibly including different levels of membership
  • To create methods of collecting and reacting to views of patients and the public
  • To put together a conflict resolution process to include members, ‘host’ and external parties
  • To create methods to ensure that the LINk is transparent and accountable to local people (keeping people informed of achievements, conducting business in public
  • To help establish a process of performance management of ‘host’ contract
membership of link
Membership of LINk

Questions to ask

Who should be part of the Steering group for LINks?

What size should be the Steering Group be for LINks?

Should we have a split between groups and individual members?