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Concept Adaptation Model CAM

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Concept Adaptation Model CAM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maurice Hendrix, Alexandra Cristea* London Knowledge Lab 25/11/2008 {maurice,acristea} *Based on work in collaboration with Paul De Bra, Mykola Pechenizkiy, David Smits from TU/e and other Grapple WP3 partners. Concept Adaptation Model CAM. Outline. Grapple

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Presentation Transcript
concept adaptation model cam

Maurice Hendrix, Alexandra Cristea*

London Knowledge Lab 25/11/2008


*Based on work in collaboration with

Paul De Bra, Mykola Pechenizkiy, David Smits from TU/e and other Grapple WP3 partners

Concept Adaptation Model CAM


Adaptive Hypermedia

Authoring now e.g: LAOS

Graphical Authoring: CAM

Further Work & Conclusions

Combining ALE with LMS
  • Open service oriented architecture
    • Open source
    • LMS Independent
  • Adaptation component
  • Distributed UM Framework
  • Authoring environment for Conceptual Adaptation Structures
adaptive hypermedia
Adaptive Hypermedia
  • Hypermedia
  • Adaptive
  • Richer learning experience

Authoring developments

AHAM 3 layer model:

  • Domain model (DM)
  • Adaptation model (AM)
  • User models (UM)

LAOS 5 layer model adds:

  • Goal & Constraints Model (GM)
  • Presentation Model (PM)

Authoring in GRAPPLE, CAM

  • Arbitrary number of layers >3
  • Domain model (DM)
  • Concept Relation Types (CRT)
  • Adaptation Model (AM0 .. AMN)
  • User models (UM)
authoring tools development
Authoring tools development
  • AHA! Graph editor tool
    • Graphical
    • Does not consider different layers
    • Specific to AHA!
    • Despite being graphical still requires expert
main authoring bottleneck now am
Main authoring bottleneck now: AM
  • Either pre-prepared strategy or programming knowledge required
  • Difficult for non-CS teachers to go beyond provided strategies
authoring tools development lag adaptation language
Authoring tools development: LAG adaptation language
  • MOT
    • LAOS based
    • Web-based content & GM creation, requires little CS knowledge.
    • Adaptation enigne independant
    • AM via LAG semi-programming language, requires expert or pre-prepared strategy

initialization( = true

PM.ToDo = false = true

while true ( = true

UM.GM.Concept.beenthere = 0


UM.GM.begnum = 0

UM.GM.intnum = 0



domain model
Domain Model
  • Concepts and relations (hierarchical, is_a, part_of, etc.)
  • Using a content repository
concept relationship types
Concept Relationship Types
  • (Pedagogical) relations between concepts, groups of concepts and groups of concepts and the associated adaptive behaviour.
  • Relations binary or N-ary
  • Author can define using CRT tool, or use a library of common building blocks
concept adaptation model
Concept Adaptation Model
  • Combines the concepts from the DM and relations between concepts from the CRT
  • Can be defined via the CAM tool that will be developed
example graphical authoring
Example Graphical Authoring

Graph based authoring not completely new e.g. AHA! Graph author, WOTAN

example graphical authoring1
Example Graphical Authoring

Example snapshot of a Domain Map

example graphical authoring2
Example Graphical Authoring

Example CAM

CAM tool suggests translation of semantic link ‘created’ into behaviour ‘prerequisite’

example graphical authoring3
Example Graphical Authoring

Using generic placeholders

problem detection
Problem detection
  • Termination and confluence not guaranteed, we can do static cycle detection but only warn as cycle me not in practise ever occur.
  • Between layers this can be solved by run-time priority: a rule on a lower layer cannot change an attribute changed by a rule on a higher layer
authoring tools for cam
Authoring tools for CAM
  • Tools for DM, CRT, CAM.
  • Web-based shell integrates tools into 1 single authoring environment
  • Drag & drop tools (as far as possible).
  • Use of a library of common building blocks (CRT’s)
further work
Further work
  • Decide upon interchange formats between DM, CRT, CAM
  • Decide export format of CAM
  • Develop shell for the tools
  • Develop the tools
  • Develop library for building blocks (CRT’s)
  • Develop verification model for CAM