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Sky Cam/ spider cam PowerPoint Presentation
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Sky Cam/ spider cam

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Sky Cam/ spider cam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sky Cam/ spider cam

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  1. Sky Cam/ spider cam Megan Sewall

  2. Set up • Takes about four days • Nine people, including camera operator and camera pilot Above: Setting up fiber optics for video to go from camera to computer. To the left: atop the arena to set up and anchor down the four motorized winches with cables attached.

  3. Consists of Left: Dual operating monitors and joy stick for the camera pilot Right: Control monitor for camera operator • Traction rope system connecting to four elevated poles • Driven by four motorized winches • 1,400 feet of cable • Video sent from camera to computer through fiber optics • Activated and monitored by a main frame computer • Operated by joy sticks and control monitors

  4. features • Speed of 8 meters per second • Controls zoom, focus, tilt, and aperture • Covers maximum area of 250 meters by 250 meters • Used indoors and outdoors Sky Cam Spider Cam

  5. sources • • • I chose these sources because they combined video and audio to explain the process of setting up the communication technology as well as how it works. I used both YouTube sources because one was referencing Sky Cam and the other Spider Cam. Both of which are very similar and do the same thing in the same way but one video went in depth in ways the other video did not. This communication technology was hard to find a written tutorial for because it is a relatively new technology and it is not available to the average person. The equipment is extremely expensive and hard to come by if you are not in the field of camera operating for sporting events. The video tutorials were the easiest way to learn about the communication technology without having the capability to use it yourself. The video aspect also made the explanation of how these cameras work much easier to understand.