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SOCIAL MEDIA: Strategies and Best Practices PowerPoint Presentation
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SOCIAL MEDIA: Strategies and Best Practices

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Strategies and Best Practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Strategies and Best Practices. Session Goals. Discuss Social Media Strategies and Best Practices. Exchange ideas to help position your institution to take advantage of the increased visibility inherent in today’s social media culture.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Strategies and Best Practices

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session goals
Session Goals

Discuss Social Media Strategies and Best Practices.

Exchange ideas to help position your institution to take advantage of the increased visibility inherent in today’s social media culture.

Discuss challenges that Division III institutions face related to the ever-changing social media landscape and brainstorm ideas to overcome those challenges.

Share resources for educating institutions, coaches and student-athletes on relevant social media issues.


Nafeesa Connolly - Simmons College Student-Athlete

Kelly Anderson Diercks - Augsburg College Associate Athletic Director/SWA

David Kemmy - Roger Williams University Director of Athletics

Blake Timm - Pacific University Sports Information Director

social media strategy simmons college
Social Media StrategySimmons College

College-wide:Broaden the reach of college’s

messaging, reinforce the brand.

  • Women’s leadership and success
  • Value of a women’s education
  • Gender issues
social media simmons college
Social Media: Simmons College

Simmons Athletics:No social media strategy.

Created 3+ years ago.

Updated twice a week, depending on season.

Promote large events (e.g., rival games, community service, “Blue Outs,” awards).

Created 2.5 years ago.

Updated every day if necessary.

Instant updates (e.g., game-day scores, wrap ups, links to website, academic/athletics accomplishments).

Spring 2014.

within or independent of a specific policy does your institution monitor social media use

Within or Independent of a Specific Policy, Does Your Institution Monitor Social Media Use?

monitoring roger williams university
MonitoringRoger Williams University

No specific monitoring system in place.

Communications and compliance staff intermittently check team Facebook sites.

Regular discussions with coaching staff on exercising caution and discretion.

We are reactive instead of proactive at this point, from a university and department standpoint .

189 million Facebook users are “mobile only” making monitoring more difficult.

social media simmons college1
Social Media: Simmons College


College-wide: No

Simmons Athletics:No

  • Coaches discretion.
  • May or may not check-in on players’ pages.
educating our student athletes roger williams university
Educating Our Student-AthletesRoger Williams University
  • Hawk Leadership Academy.
    • Half-day workshop on social media.
  • FROSH Orientation program for all new student-athletes.
    • Presented by upper classmen.
informing student athletes a little bit goes a long way
Informing Student-Athletes“A little bit goes a long way”
  • AD
  • Assistant AD
  • FAR
  • Peers
  • SAAC
  • Athletics Department
  • Institution
  • Professors


Social media is “here to stay.”

Applicable in every day life.

Protection vs. Prevention

Can’t hold our hands but can inform us to prevent situations.

Unlimited Resources

ask yourself
Ask Yourself

Is it something I would want on the cover of a magazine?

Is it something Iwould want my mom to see?

If it was in a commercial aired across the U.S., would I be proud?

Does this go against my values or morals?

what to cover
What to Cover


Branding and values.

Real-world cases.

As a team/department/SAAC, what rules should we implement.

How to be yourself.

Privacy settings.

How to use social media to your advantage.

social media to promote pacific university
Social Media to PromotePacific University
    • News Stories and Announcements
    • Features
    • Photos
    • Game Promotions
    • News Stories and Announcements
    • In-Game Scoring Updates
    • Fan Interaction
    • Links to News Stories
    • Highlight Videos
    • Interviews
    • Videos of Special Events
    • Photo Collages
    • Instant Video Highlights
social media to promote pacific university1
Social Media to PromotePacific University
  • Use web platforms to populate social media.
    • Can post stories to Facebook and Twitter at the same time stories are posted.
    • Can post to Twitter as you post score updates out of the “GameDay” screen.
communicating news events
Communicating News/Events

Burden on communications/sports information staff.

Still ask them to put out there as much as we can especially on Facebook pages.

Value of team pages for targeted audiences.

Awareness of what student workers should/should not be posting.

93% of marketers are using social media for business use.

social media simmons college2
Social Media: Simmons College

Sending and Receiving Information.

  • Website.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Blogs.
  • Collaboration between athletics and campus communication departments.
interaction with coaches
Interaction with Coaches

Personal accounts.

  • No interaction (friends, following, tagging, posting) until at least final season is over.
    • Professionalism.
    • No conflicts of interest.

Team-related accounts.

  • Anytime.
  • Important information communicated via

telephone (call/text) and email.

social media with the team
Social Media with the Team

Facebook group (secondary)

Team, coaches, recruits


Game day

Memorable moments

Official Facebook page

  • Parents
  • Alumnae
  • Students
  • Campus

Facebook group (private)

  • Team
recruiting challenges
Recruiting Challenges
  • Difficulty in keeping track of things from a compliance perspective.
  • PSAs communicate freely this way.
    • Our coaches should be on board with them.
    • A lot of confusion on part of Division III PSAs.
national saac position on legislative changes
National SAAC Position on Legislative Changes

2012: Text messaging


2013: Social media


what resources are available to institutions seeking to provide education related to social media

What Resources are Available to Institutions Seeking to Provide Education Related to Social Media?

  • People
    • Janet Judge
    • Chris Syme - CKSyme Media Group (former SID, sports specialist)
  • Other
    • FieldHouse Media -
    • CoSIDA -
    • Mashable -
    • The Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet
    • NCAA programming