geographical themes l.
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Geographical Themes

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Geographical Themes. Everything happens somewhere. Geographical Themes: Location. Where an event occurs Absolute Location the exact location found through the use of longitude and latitude, street addresses, or street map grids. Relative Location where the place is relative to other places.

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geographical themes
Geographical Themes

Everything happens somewhere

geographical themes location
Geographical Themes:Location
  • Where an event occurs
  • Absolute Location
    • the exact location found through the use of longitude and latitude, street addresses, or street map grids.
  • Relative Location
    • where the place is relative to other places
geographical themes place
Geographical Themes:Place
  • Description of the place that makes it different from other places
  • Physical
    • Natural features of the place (temperature, bodies of water, etc.)
  • Cultural
    • Description of the way of life of the people that live there
geographical themes region
Geographical Themes:Region
  • A group of places bound together by one or more similar characteristics
geographical themes movement
Geographical Themes:Movement
  • In the historical sense, the movement of people, goods, and ideas
geographical themes environmental interaction
Geographical Themes:Environmental Interaction
  • The relationship with place
  • How humans change the environment of the place
historical themes
Historical Themes

Looking for Patterns

historical themes cooperation and conflict
Historical Themes:Cooperation and Conflict
  • Cooperation:
    • when members of a group work together to achieve a common goal
  • Conflict:
    • when rival groups seek to coerce, harm, or even destroy each other
historical themes the impact of ideas
Historical Themes:The Impact of Ideas
  • Mental threads that bind the minds of people together sufficiently for joint action to occur
  • Ism:
    • a suffix that means a doctrine or set of ideas
historical themes economics and history
Historical Themes:Economics and History
  • The way that a society provides the material necessities for survival (food, clothing, shelter, etc.)
  • How the necessities are distributed to its members
historical themes technology and history
Historical Themes:Technology and History
  • The tools and skills people use to meet their needs
  • New technologies lead to changes in society
historical themes human environment interaction
Historical Themes:Human-Environment Interaction
  • How humans affect and are affected by their environment
historical themes cultural development
Historical Themes:Cultural Development
  • The expression of cultural characteristics through philosophy and art
historical themes social institutions
Historical Themes:Social Institutions
  • Groups of people working together to provide for society’s basic needs
social institutions
Social Institutions
  • Government
    • To maintain order and security
social institutions16
Social Institutions
  • Religion
    • To explain the meaning of existence
    • To reinforce moral values
social institutions17
Social Institutions
  • Education
    • To train the young and instill in them the norms and values of the society
social institutions18
Social Institutions
  • Economic system
    • To provide food and shelter
    • To determine how necessities are distributed to its members
social institutions19
Social Institutions
  • The Family
    • To raise new generations to replace the old
historical themes individuals
Historical Themes:Individuals
  • Those who play a prominent role determining the events of history
historical themes continuity and change
Historical Themes:Continuity and Change
  • Continuity:
    • Staying relatively the same over time
      • What can endure time
        • Institutions
        • Ideas
        • Problems
  • Change:
    • The constant altering of society by the forces of history