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Avaya IP Office R9.0

Avaya IP Office R9.0. Avaya IP Office Direction Leveraging a Single Platform for Multiple Solutions. Contact Center. Virtualization. Video. Scalability. Management. Dev Connect. Avaya IP Office. Security. Services. Endpoints. Network Management. Connectivity. Desktop Integration.

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Avaya IP Office R9.0

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  1. Avaya IP Office R9.0

  2. Avaya IP Office DirectionLeveraging a Single Platform for Multiple Solutions ContactCenter Virtualization Video Scalability Management Dev Connect Avaya IP Office Security Services Endpoints NetworkManagement Connectivity Desktop Integration HOSTED BRANCH MID-MARKET SMALL

  3. Avaya Video Collaboration Solution – June 2013 ContactCenter Virtualization Video Scalability Management Security Services Avaya IP Office Endpoints NetworkManagement Desktop Integration Connectivity 1000 HOSTED BRANCH MID-MARKET SMALL Dev Connect • PC & Mac desktop clients • Android & iOS Apps • Firewall traversal for desktop and mobile • Optional unique HD room system enabler • Multi-party audio, video, data collaboration for up to 8/9 participants • Provides a virtual conference room • Native SIP/H.323 MCU for room systems • Continuous presence HD video

  4. IPO R9.0 Content Plus over 100 GRIP requests addressed in R9.0

  5. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Highlights • Server Edition Enhancements • Virtualization • Web Management • Branch • Core Features • Mobility

  6. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Scalability Increases – Capacity and Performance New • Increase in total users: 2000 up from 1000 in R8.1 • Single server capacity: 1500 up from 500 in R8.1 • Many other capacities increased significantly. For example: • 150 Voicemail channels (was 100) • 750 One-X Portal users (was 500) • 18,000 BHCC (was 14,400) • 256 Conference channels per server (was 128) • 85 Recording channels (was 43) • 128 Paging group size (was 64)

  7. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Resilience • Media Connection Preservation • Maintain call voice path under failure conditions • PSTN fall back • Route calls over PSTN when VoIP trunks fail or busy • Local Failover hunt groups • Maintain hunt group operation • Primary Failover Controls • Ensure Secondary active for all failure situations

  8. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Music on Hold - Overview • Various enhancements related to Server Edition Music on Hold: • Centralised Music on Hold: Allows the Secondary Server and Expansion System to obtain music on hold from the Primary • USB audio streaming: Adds external USB sound devices which are hot-pluggable • Continuous streaming: Supports continuous play of WAV files (as per IP500 V2), but also keeps the existing restart behaviour • Default WAV file for Linux servers

  9. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Licensing - Overview • Licensing remains essentially the same for Server Edition R9.0 with a few changes: • Voicemail Pro central licenses • Upgrade license required • New R9.0 specific Server Edition License • Soft Console local license • No PLDS or WebLM support

  10. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Avaya Contact Recorder • A native Linux version of ContactStore for IP Office is now supported in Server Edition, called Avaya Contact Recorder • Avaya Contact Recorder extends the standard capabilities of Voicemail Pro to store, authenticate and catalogue call recordings. • Avaya Contact Recorder is fully integrated into Server Edition: • Same licenses active • Visible in Web Manager • Events integrated into the syslog subsystem • Upgraded as part of Server Edition (if installed) • Installed but not running on new R9.0 systems • Not installed by default on systems upgraded from 8.1 to R9.0

  11. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Highlights • Server Edition Enhancements • Virtualization • Web Management • Branch • Core Features • Mobility

  12. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Virtualization • IP Office Server Edition R9.0 is fully supported on the VMware vSphere platform • Supports the same features as a regular Server Edition: • 1-2000 users • Up to 32 nodes • Same topology • Supports a mix of virtualised and ‘real’ nodes • Virtual image follows industry standards for Virtual Appliances (OVA) • Avaya provides resource consumption guidelines to the customer based on their specific solution New

  13. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Virtualization - Environment • Customer is expected to have the vSphere infrastructure in place • Avaya provides vSphere platform guidance to a certain degree, but customer is expected to understand vSphere platform • vSphere supported features: • vSphere 4.x and 5.x environment • vCenter for additional management (optional) • vMotion for dynamic VM migration • Snapshot • Suspend not supported • Flexible deployment on dedicated ESXi hosts or co-residing with other VMs

  14. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Virtualization - Differences • OVA image rather than ISO image • From DVD or support.avaya.com • Does not upgrade images for other devices • License key (System ID) derived from different attributes: • IP Address (LAN1 & LAN2) + Hostname + Time Zone • VM Host (ESXi server), except when using vMotion • Modification of any of those parameters will change system ID, new licenses will need to be requested from Avaya • USB for upgrade or Music on Hold is not supported • Server Edition virtualisation license has different order code to standard Server Edition

  15. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Virtualization – Resource Settings • Resource guidelines will be provided based on: • Ignition type (Primary, Secondary, Expansion) • User range (20, 50, 100, 200, 500, …) • Usage model (no one-X, heavy SCN usage, etc.) • Example guidance (extensions, one-X users, VM Pro)

  16. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Highlights • Server Edition Enhancements • Virtualization • Web Management • Branch • Core Features • Mobility

  17. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Management – Web Management • The R8.1 server management portal (Web Control) has been enhanced and extended into Web Management • Avaya’s Web Management technology was introduced in R8.0 for Basic Edition • R9.0 Features: • Secure, web-based solution management • Solution wide backup/restore and upgrade • User management, including import/export • One time credential entry for all management aspects • ‘Single URL’ management; no need to point to separate servers • Includes stand-alone Application (one-X Portal) Server • Supported Browsers: Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft IE

  18. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Web Management – Solution View ‘User Management’ to manage all users of the whole solution in same window ‘Solution’ to return to this view ‘Platform’ opens platform management for the selected server ‘Tools’ gives access to: SSLVPN, preferences, Admin user management, About Access to the help system ‘Actions’ to perform backup/ restore, upgrade etc. on selected systems ‘Solution Settings’ to create schedules and add servers Icon to expand or collapses the selection Use filter area to select the devices visible in right hand frame Per-system Actions: manage, backup, upgrade, SSA, on-board, etc.

  19. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Server Edition Web Management – Platform View ‘Solution’ to return to home screen Tabs and content for Linux servers similar to R8.1 Web Control ‘Launch in new tab’ allows full use of browser screen and helps browser compatibility Access to the help system Use ‘Control Units’ area to select the devices visible in right hand frame

  20. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Highlights • Server Edition Enhancements • Virtualization • Web Management • Branch • Core Features • Mobility

  21. Overview IP Office 9.0 deployed as a Branch Solution • IP Office 9.0 Standard Mode • Essential • Preferred • Advanced • Installed / deployed as • Independent, standalone branch • Distributed branch with IP Office users • Centralized branch with Centralized users • Mixed branch with a combination of IP Office user and Centralized users • Distributed branch with IP Office users • Aura CM/SM and CS 1000/SM • Centralized and Mixed • Aura CM/SM only • Consolidation of B5800 and IP Office into a single product

  22. IP Office 9.0 Branch Deployment Options Centralized Standalone Distributed • WAN is VOIP ready • May have call center agents at the branch • Want to leverage a core solution for user experience during sunny and rainy day • Example company: • Branch Bank • Need local apps and local presence • Few changes once installed, so central management is not that important • Example customer: Retail stores • WAN is not VOIP ready so can’t rely on centralized architecture • Want to leverage cost savings with centralized apps and management • May have legacy endpoints • Example customer: Rental Car Company

  23. Possible Evolution Phases: Phase 1: standalone Phase 2: centralized management and licensing Phase 3: Distributed with an Avaya Aura® core Phase 4: Mixed branch with Centralized users Phase 5: All Centralized users Note: Enterprises that choose to evolve their branch solution do not have to follow the evolution phases in order. Complete freedom to start and stop at any phase as driven by Business requirements. Branch Evolution

  24. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Highlights • Server Edition Enhancements • Virtualization • Web Management • Branch • Core Features • Mobility

  25. Overview Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features • Park and Page • Park across SCN • Park to other Extension across SCN • Follow Me feature in SCN • Remotely Dialled Short Codes • Locations • Emergency Services Access (ESA) • Call Admission Control (CAC) • Media Connection Preservation • 96x1 Release 6.3 (H323) Enhancements • Differentiated Ringtones • DS16B / DS30B Expansion Module • User Password Restrictions • RTP Filter

  26. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features Park and Page • A simplified UI option to Park and UnPark Calls • Extremely popular in retail • Call answered by reception, Parked, Pages “Parts, pickup 101” • A Parts rep goes to any phone, dials 101 to UnPark the call • Option presented to user to make a Page immediately after they have Parked the call • An occupied Park label becomes part of system dialing plan • E.g. User simply dials 101 from a Call Appearance button to UnPark the call • No need for UnPark buttons, short codes or feature codes to UnPark • Can still use traditional UnPark buttons or short codes if required • Central Park slots are created from admin defined range in Manager

  27. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features Park across SCN • All nodes distribute information about their Parked calls across the SCN (to other 9.0+ nodes). Every node stores Park information for every other node • SCN-wide Park slot conflict avoidance • Cannot Park a call in Park slot 101 on Node B if that slot was already in use • No admin required. Optionally combine with Central Park Range on 1 or more/all nodes • Perform direct dial of UnPark across SCN User Parks call in slot 101 SCN Trunk Node B Node A Node A distributes Park info to SCN

  28. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features Location configuration for Systems, Phones and IP Lines • The Location page allows you to define a physical location and associate a network address with that location. • Locations can then be allocated to extensions. Linking an extension to a location enables the physical location of a phone to be identified when an emergency call is made. • The Location record is also used for setting the Call Admission Control limits.

  29. Location configuration (continued) The location field of IP Phones default to Automatic. Phones registering from a subnet matching that of a Location will be treated as within that Location, otherwise are assumed to be in the same Location as the System.

  30. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features Emergency Services Access (ESA) • Emergency Services Access (ESA) is a new feature replacing the legacy E911 feature to handle the routing and notification of emergency calls • Each Location record contains one ESA setting: • Emergency ARS: Set to None, or references the ARS record that will be used to route calls from extensions or lines that match this location • Dial Emergency Call Routing: • On matching a Dial Emergency short code the system will try to find the best matching Location which contains an ARS in order to determine which line to use. • Either Location exactly matching Extension’s location, or the system Location. • If neither Locations resolve an ARS record then the fall-back is the line group ID of the Dial Emergency Short Code • Generates a new system event: Emergency Call Alarm indicating success/failure of call, Location, extension etc. • NOTE: Existing E911 configuration will be lost on upgrade.

  31. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features Call Admission Control (CAC) • For clusters of IP phones which are registered on an IP Office system but physically located elsewhere there is an issue of bandwidth management • Call Admission Control (CAC) is a way of controlling the maximum number of concurrent calls to/from a defined Location • Each location record contains three CAC settings: • Internal Maximum Calls: Calls that pass from the Location to another configured Location (on-net) • External Maximum Calls: Calls that pass from the Location to an unmanaged location (off-net / Cloud) • Total Maximum Calls: The total on-net and off-net calls permitted

  32. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features 96x1 Release 6.3 (H323) Enhancements IP Office Release 9.0 packages the 96x1 H323 Release 6.3 Phone Firmware. The following major functionality is supported with IP Office: • Direct Media Call Preservation • Maintaining an existing Direct Media Call even when the connection to the Call Server has been lost. • Call preservation is only supported on 96X1 sets. • Virtual Private Network (VPN) • Supports secure telephony when used with a VPN enabled router • Automatic SBM24 Button module detection and support • Both BM12 and SBM24 button modules are now supported.

  33. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Core Features DS16B / DS30B Expansion Module • A new digital expansion module supporting two separate operations. • DS mode for 1400/2400/4400/5400/9500/T3 series phones • BST mode for T7000/M7000 series phones • 16 and 30 ports versions with RJ45 ports • Factory defaults to DS mode (Avaya Phones) • Mode switching is done using Manager • SSA will display current operating mode

  34. Avaya IP Office Release 9.0 Highlights • Server Edition Enhancements • Virtualization • Web Management • Branch • Core Features • Mobility

  35. Built-in VoIP client • One-X Mobile Preferred now has a built-in VoIP client that registers against the user’s extension • It can be used to make and receive calls • When registered, all calls made to the user’s extension will ring both the desk phone and the mobile client using VoIP • Supports G.711a/mu, G.722 and G.729A with or without silence suppression • G.722 needs to be enabled on IP Office • Codec list and order configurable based on data connection type (Wi-Fi vs. cell data network) • VoIP feature will be available on the application if: • User license is ‘Power user’ • App is connected to IPO 9.0 or better • Device is running Android 4.0 or better • VoIP is enabled for the user in IPO Manager

  36. User Call Monitoring – Call information • Feature can be enabled or disabled by setting the ‘Call Monitoring Mode’ from the in-app settings • Setting is located under Menu->Settings->Call Monitoring Mode • Calls made or received by deskphone, softphone or flare • Calls established using the mobile app or One-X portal • Calls answered on mobile via ‘mobile twinning’ Call state Far-end’s display name Far-end’s extension Far-end’s avatar Near-end device used (Home, Mobile, Work or custom) Transfer Call End Call

  37. Mobile Twinning Control (cont’d) • Pressing call facility button reveals a pop-up that can be used to control the mobile twinning feature: • If ‘Mobility Features’ are disabled for a power user, the portion of the popup controlling the mobile twinning will not be visible in the app Controls how the app places calls. Does not affect mobile twinning Disables Mobile Twinning Twins incoming calls to mobile Controls how incoming calls are received. This effectively controls mobile twinning Twins incoming calls to home Twins incoming calls to custom number

  38. Built-in VoIP client – Supported devices • One-X Mobile Preferred mobility client will support the VoIP mode on both iOS and Android devices. • For Android, the VoIP feature is certified to work and provide acceptable acoustic performance for these devices: • Samsung Galaxy S3 • HTC One-S • While in handset mode, the proximity detector is used to turn off the screen while phone is against the user’s ear to prevent accidental touch events • Incoming call screen will presented even when phone is asleep and/or locked • App can be configured to automatically use Bluetooth headset for VoIP calls when available. Setting found under Menu->Settings->Voice Over IP->Auto connect Bluetooth • IPO limits the number of VoIP registrations from the Avaya One-X Mobile Preferred app to 1. If a user has 2 or more devices (any mix of Android and iOS), only one will be allowed to connect at any given time. • Does not apply to Flare client. Flare and Avaya One-X Mobile Preferred can register simultaneously

  39. Avaya Flare Experience for IP Office-Windows • Features added in this release are: • Meet-Me Conference • Adhoc Conference • Authorization Code and Account Code Support • Hold Timeout Reminder • Interoperability with Session Border Controller

  40. Meet-Me Conference- Moderator Moderator Badge Contact Cards Moderator Controls Conference Fan

  41. Meet-Me Conference – Moderator Controls • The Moderator will have the following "Moderator" controls available in the spotlight:

  42. IPO R9.0 Content Plus over 100 GRIP requests addressed in R9.0

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