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DO NOW. Get out paper to take notes on your first project on Naturalistic Observation. Naturalistic Observation. AP Psychology Ms. Desgrosellier 5.17.2010. Naturalistic Observation.

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do now
  • Get out paper to take notes on your first project on Naturalistic Observation.
naturalistic observation

Naturalistic Observation

AP Psychology Ms. Desgrosellier


naturalistic observation1
Naturalistic Observation
  • observing and recording behavior in naturally occurring situations without trying to manipulate and control the situation.
your project
Your Project
  • Who shows anger more, males or females?
  • Who shows happiness more, males or females?
your sample
Your Sample
  • High school students (14 – 18 years old) at Uplift Community High School during their lunch period.
  • Systematic sampling: choose a number and observe every nth person you see.
your sample1
Your Sample
  • You must observe at least 50 people.
you need to
You need to:
  • Choose a group (no more than 4 people). I suggest picking people with the same lunch period as you.
  • Decide which people you will be observing (e.g. every 3rd person, every 8th person, etc.)
you need to1
You need to:
  • Create a hypothesis about what you think you will see during your observations.
you need to2
You need to:
  • Create operation definitions for “anger” and “happiness”.
  • These need to be SPECIFIC and OBSERVABLE.
  • So, “mad” or “joyful” won’t cut it.
operational definitions
Operational Definitions
  • Right now, create your personal operational definitions for “anger” and “happiness” INDEPENDENTLY.
  • Now, share out with your group.
  • As a group, create your operational definitions that you will observe.
collecting your data
Collecting your data:
  • On paper, simply note the gender of the person you are observing.
  • Watch them for one minute. Then note if they show ‘anger’ or ‘happiness’.
  • Watch the following clip and decide whether you see anger or happiness BASED ON YOUR OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS!
operational definitions1
Operational Definitions
  • Decide whether you need to change anything in your definitions after trying them out with a video.
  • Share out your definitions with the group.
  • Edit again if necessary.
final product
Final Product
  • APA-style paper
  • Any data you collect
  • MONDAY: Go over expectations
  • TUESDAY: Collect data and go over paper outline.
  • WEDNESDAY: Talk about results so far and start working on paper.
  • THURSDAY: analyze data and work on paper.
  • FRIDAY: finalize paper.